Quicklace vs. Mukluk Light-warmth only

Which boot is warmer? About the same?

Here is another question: What is the warmest paddling boot you own (has to withstand walking on rocks and sticks, etc).

I have Xmas money burning a hole in my pocket for winter paddling boots.

I have access to both
but the Lite is my husbands size so its too big and ergo too cold.

The Mukluk has a thicker sole and can be snugged up. The less large dead air space the better the insulation. They seem to be the same thickness.

Not written in stone. Both pairs of boots are about ten years old.

Have a pair of tall neoprene Chotas
and love 'em on and off the water. Light, comfortable, haven’t leaked, plenty of room for socks and hydroskins under, and seal well over the neoprene bottoms of my drysuit. Medium weight sole flexible, grips well and ok on general creekside muck and debris. Could probably add a heavy insole for rocky shores. R

When they fit correctly and with the same socks I think they are equally warm. For most walking around I prefer the quicklace mukluks, for staying quiet while say hunting, a well broken in pair of the mukluk lights is the best.

Buy whichever…
the key is buy a size larger than you need, then layer the socks, a silkweight pair of polypro’s then a thick pair of Thorlo wool ones…

I have the light’s…I use a strip of Get-A-Grip around the ankles to tighten them up…works great.

Own both

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And would not have acquired a pair of Mukluk Lites, except for the Quicklace's not fitting well inside cockpit of my QCC 700 kayak (shoe size 11 EE).

As for paddling an open canoe in early and late season, my vote would be for the Quicklace.

And while it's "easier" to walk in the Quicklace; that said, Quicklace would still not be my first choice of footwear for a long portage over rough terrain.

I mail-ordered my Lites
and found that they were large for the marked size. I slid a good pair of stiff footbeds into them which took up space (warmer) and made them much more suitable for walking.

As for warmth, I would guess that Lites vs Quicklace is a wash.


Same experience,
I mail ordered a pair of lites 1/2 size above my normal shoe size and they feel a bit large. Can you tell me more about the ‘footbeds’ you put in yours? Are these liners or just under the sole?

check out neosport explorer boot
5mm instead of 3, much tougher sole than my chota lites and has a great velcro tightener around the top of the foot so the shoes don’t slip.

excellent value as well


two layers is good(as above)
more is not and may actually make your feet colder.

If I ski in thick wool socks my feet are cold. If I go with a liner sock only they are fine. Barefoot is better but I cant stand the feeling of gritty lodge floors on bare feet.

I am a fan of these
A bit pricey, but they can be heat molded (using your oven at home) for a custom fit. They are fairly stiff, and greatly reduce the discomfort of walking on uneven and rocky surfaces.



Neos Overshoes
Does anyone use those? A friend just got a pair. Seems like they would be good for days when it’s cold to start and then warms up.

for the link Jim

I don’t use them if there’s a chance of
overtopping the overshoe. I used to use them often when paddling before or after work and I didn’t want to change shoes. Of course, overshoes work best when you’ve got plenty of foot room. A couple pair of mine have developed small leaks, but my Chota Quicklace Mukluks also have a small leak in one foot.

They definately help keep your feet warmer than if you’re not wearing them.

have been considering these Neos …

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Have not actually checked them out in person yet but have intention to do that , and then decide .

I once came across a low Neos over boot (7" I think they were) , no insulation or anything , but was kinda impressed at how light and durable they seemed ... plus they pack up into almost nothingness . Seemed like a good thing to have along for those mucky shorelines just to keep your regular shoes clean .

I just ordered these

I think they’ll work well for canoeing but even if they don’t, they’ll be nice to have in the summer when our afternoon thunderstorms leave ankle deep water in parking lots.

Well, now I have to decide
between the Quicklace & this boot. It sounds better for all practical purposes. How is the flex? I kneel with my butt on the seat, so just curious?

Thanks for all the super comments on the boots. I hate to shop & I am forcing myself to order something this week, so I stop putting it off.

We have flooding here, which could mean some great paddling soon! :slight_smile:

Chota lites with laces $30.00

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MEC sells a chota like boot with laces that seems to be a cross with the Chota lights and the quick laces....


Choata Lite soles
I like my Choata Lites because the sole is low profile. I like that because I kneel and there is less chance that the heel will hang up when I’m exiting the boat.

It also means that they provide minimal protection to your feet. I would not recomend them for long or rough portages.

Has anyone done a wet exit with Chota’s?
For kayaking: I own a pair (awesome except I wish they were available in half-sizes) but am really curious as to what would happen in a wet exit when they fill up with water?

I meant to test them this past summer when the water was warm but the thought of putting them on in 90 degree weather made me procrsstinate.

Mine are a bit loose and I would think they would slip off when filled with water. I didn’t choose the lace-up for concern of the laces catching on something during an exit.

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC