R2AK link. A kayak is in third place overall

For those who like following the EC300 the R2AK is a fun one to follow. Zen Dog (Robert McCall) a kayaker in a Seaward Quest X3 is currently in third place overall. There are two row bots in the lead. this race is often won by sailboats. Some are over 30 feet long.


Love R2AK. The proving ground sure was interesting.

Good for the paddlers but once the wind picks up, the sailboats will charge.

Yes they will.

However, this does point out the dependence on wind speeds and direction. If it is a head wind the entire route or low wind speed the rowers and paddlers have a chance. I bet if a large enough team of rowers in something like a small galley or war canoe could give the sailing ships a run for their money.

Slow day?

Would love to see paddlers get that 10K nailed to a tree! Even the steak knives would be fun.

I like this stuff would love to participate. Not in the best of shape for it at my age, but working on that. The high 90s and low 100s sort of make it hard to get out.

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That’s a fact! We’ve been southern boys all our lives but these 100° days are a bit much.
95 has started to feel ok and anything below 90 is nice.

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Thanks for sharing that fellow is a good friend of mine. Raced in the YRQ and Devizes Westminster races with him. Great fellow and am eagerly following him

Looks like Zen Dog is ahead of the rowers and other kayakers. However, the 34’ custom trimaran Malolo has a very substantial lead over everyone else.

Yes, it seems that the sailboats have raced into the lead :grinning:

It looks like Pure and wild on the outside is giving Malolo on the inside competition now. The outside might have an advantage since it doesn’t have to time the currents of tide on the inside. Malolo is a 34.8’ trimaran with a crew of 4.

Pure and wild is a 44’ sailboat maned by a crew of 3. Here is a link about the boat.

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Pure and Wild is on a stretch of coast that I have paddled. They may be able to make really good time out there or…


From what I’ve read, the outside may also have the advantage of not having a minefield of logs. Malolo hit one and has stopped to check the damage.

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Yeah. There is that. Heavy rain sends lots of stuff down the rivers and into the sea.

Looks like Zen Dog didn’t get back on the water today, but hasn’t pulled out. You have any info on why.

He left 5 hrs ago and is back underway

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Pure and Wild will cross into Alaskan waters today

Looks like they are very close to finishing.

Pure and Wild about 13 nm from the finish:
Mega-View (cam 6) – KPU Ketchikan Webcam

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Pure and Wild wins.