I am sitting up a race in Knoxville, TN. I have talked to one marina which would love us to use them as a check point. I have spoke to a local outfitter that wants this as well. I am running into a wall when it comes to people that want to race. I know it takes time. The MR340 only had 15 boats its first year and now is up to 380 boats in it now. This will be 80 miles on rivers and lakes. Starting in Knoxville and ending at Chilhowee Dam in the smokies. Any help with how to organize will help greatly. Thanks Charles

once you get the details figured out
for checkpoints, start, finish, accomodations, shuttle, etc, etc, set a start date and post it on the MR 340 forum. The South Dakota Kayak Challenge had its first run last year, and got nearly a hundred contestants. I only recall seeing it advertised on the MR 340 forum. If you make a race, and post it there, they will come. Probably more of them than you can handle.

If I were you, I would make a list of questions, and talk to the organizers of some other races, like the MR 340, and the SD Kayak Challenge. They would probably be able to help you out quite a bit.

Marathon canoe and kayak racing is getting pretty popular now. I don’t think getting racers will be a problem.

Ft. Loudon is the perfect lake for a race. I paddle it three times a week. I’ve always assumed you would have to get tva and the coast guard on board. There is plenty of tva parks for check points. I would maybe suggest just doing a city to dam race. That way you could start at Calhouns and end at Calhouns and not cross to tellico. Possible sponsor. Plus it is really close to 50 miles. Which on not moving water ends up being a 12-14 hour race. One obstacle will be boat traffic. The race would have to be early in the spring but after the time change to avoid the boats.

If you need help I’d be willing and I’m in the area.

Ryan L.

Advertise the hell out of it
From experience up here in Michigan

-promote the hell of it it anywhere you can find

If you do a good job the first year

-you’ll get word of mouth going the second year, third, etc.

sounds like fun!
I have done 70 miles in 8 and 1/2 hours, to 12 hours. I also have taken 12 hours (12 long painful hours) to do the same course. A race that long will draw the serious paddlers if you can give a little more spirit to the advertisments.

Current down river, up river , flat water, etc.

one day race or stage race?

Shore runners allowed, required?

Shuttle bunnies needed , supplied?

Is it conflicting with any other marathons?

i was thinking.
Downtown to the dam. Louisville point park is giant and about exactly halfway. It is a blount county park and surely they would close it to motor boats for a few hours. I’ve paddled downtown to Louisville in four and and half hours not quite at race pace . Perfect one checkpoint race.

Ryan L.

Racn in K’ville
I want the #1 bib since I’m the first to enter.

I live in Oak Ridge TN

Post on the boards
Here are two off the top of my head - there are others



I suggest you contact the American Canoe Association or the United States Canoe Association. These organizations are excellent sources of information and you obtain your event insurance through them.

Plan your event and don’t worry about the numbers of participants. If five boats show up, that’s cool. Start small and build things up. It’s rare that an event is a huge success as quickly as the MR340 was, so don’t compare to that race. Find something to assocate your race with, such as a river clean up organization or a city celebration. Make your event part of something larger so you have spectators at the start or finish and that will want to join the fun next year.

If you have specific questions, it might be easier to address them.

Good luck,

Dan Grubbs


Canoe & Kayak Racing

Thanks guys! This is a lot of help. You guys that are local I’m on face book under Charles m. Goodson II I’ll give more details if you want them. I’ll be speaking to Ed at River Sports this week. I made it to Ft. Louden and back this weekend. I was the only Kayak on the Lake.

Get sponsors to donate prizes. Some for winners and some randomly draw, so all entrants have a chance to win something.

just an FYI:

sometimes sponsors take a long time with prizes, so if you are thinking of it, get the ball rolling now.

Small, locally owned companies, not much of a problem, large nationwide ones are a problem. The sponsorship usually has to be approved all the way up the chain of command, which takes time. That being said, I have found many companies to be pretty willing to pony up prize goods. They are usually a lot more willing to give shirts, hats, etc, than money too, so keep that in mind if you are asking.

Okay, I have printed the feed back and will be conducting some leg work. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Update: I joined the USCA under race sponsor! I spoke with them through email and they stated once I get every thing complete they will promote the race in ther Magazine. I have spoke with two harbor masters and they are on board as well. I also have two local Restaurants on board! I think around Sep or Oct for the race! I just started the talks with CHOTA Canoe and Kayak club in Knoxville as well.

other races
Since there arent that many races I would check and make sure that you dont pick a date that would conflict with other regional races

ut football.
Sept or October will be limited by ut football games and off weeks and away games are excruciatingly busy with boaters. Just a thought.


I am checking around events in the fall right now.

wh2ofox I’ll give you first pick on the #1 bib

I have alot of support on this as of right now and can not wait for the race to take place. Thank you all for the help. I should have a web site up after July! My work keeps me away from home alot. I am also training for the MR340 will keep updating info on the Volunteer 80 Race to the Smokies! There are at least 20 racers that want to enter at this time. This race will happen!

Hey there radiomix, Hope to see you on the lake. Look for a big blue tsunami 175 with the number 1996 on the side and thats me.