Racing Kayak Zzzzzzzzoooooommmmmmmmmmmmm

Ok …paddling as fast as you can and going over big waves …and spashing and getting soaked…ROCKS!!! Da…like we all ready know this (forgive me …i is a newbie =)

Bought a Cape Horn…15…love it.

However…I am already wanting a sports car…errrr…sports kayak.

Opinions needed please…

Say you wanted a PLASTIC kayak 15 - 19 long…and you wanted something that would kick but in speed while riding light chop in the chesapeake bay…you would go for a ______ kayak?

Would appreciate ideas/kayaks that are from the big suppliers (wilderness, perception etc…)

Ideas greatly appreciated…hhhhmmmmm…midlife crises at 30 …buying a racing kayak…what a rebel =)


You think you want plastic…

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...but you really want a kevlar Current Designs Extreme.

Plastic??? Really???

Maybe VCP Aquanaut or Prijon Kodiak.

Or Necky Looksha II
or QCC Q700 or Seda Glider or KyajakSport Vivianne or…but none of 'em are plastic.

Either to dream about
Plastic: Prijon Kodiak or Yukon

Kevlar: QCC 600X or 700X (per your size)

Have you ever paddled the Chesapeake Bay???


The question was about the Chesapeake Bay and I’m telling you the boat to have is the CD Extreme.

Racing Plastic Kayak = Oxymoron

Many times
and I think your boat choice was just fine, wish I had one myself. My only desire was to give the man some options.

It all depends
on the motor!

Futura 15

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you say you want speed but I don't think so. You want light, efficient and fast. You really don't want plastic except for the price.

Sea Kayak or Racing Kayak
None of the boats mentioned above are racing kayaks, only Sea Kayaks.

If you want a racing kayak for the ocean: you need a surfski.

If you want a racing kayak for the flats: you need an Olympic K1.

Plastic racing kayak: no-way-no-how.


LookshaII is so 90’s

Get with the times
Extreme is a great kayak - but there are other options now.

Yes you’ve paddled the bay, but in what else?

I am just curious, what sort of speed do you all get out of the kayaks you suggest? The Extreme and Looksha II for instance? I just got a GPS and saw i can do ~4.0-4.3 average touring speed and about 5.5 mph maintainable sprint-with top speed about 7 mph in my plastic Elaho. So really curious how much faster the boats MEANT to go fast really are.

And yes Surfski would be fast but going from a newbie friendly CH15 to a ski would probably be like stepping from a dock onto a log free floating in the water stability wise.

Racing kayak speed
In an ICF style racing kayak I maintain 10.5 km/h or 6.5 mph for hours and enjoy the ride. I think the effort pretty much matches the effort it takes to go 8 km/h(5 mph) in my Inuk seakayak. The Inuk is a so-called (old school) fast sea kayak.

I paddle +5 days a week.

Icemans Right,no such thing

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as a truly fast plastic sea kayak or even a race kayak for that matter.

From Sea Kayaking Frequently Asked Questions.

Paddling speed depends on many factors, including, but not limited to paddling technique, paddler strength and endurance, sea conditions, hull form, and hull load. As a general rule of thumb, an average kayaker of moderate experience and moderate strength, paddling in a calm sea in a standard plastic 17 foot long, 24 inch beam (wide) kayak without much cargo, can sustain a speed of 3 knots (roughly 3.5 miles per hour) for long stretches of time. This is a brisk, yet comfortable walking pace.

the speed record for a human powered watercraft is not a canoe or a kayak but a hydro foil at just under 20 mph.

Prijon Barracuda…
…but it is not a boat for the faint of heart.

Barracuda over Kodiak for speed.

Forget Sprint Speed

I figure my top speed to be the best I can average for 10 to 15 miles. Not in a sprint as you won’t find many 100 yard dashes in kayak racing.

fun in the bay

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the boat you want depends on your skill level and what you want to do.
For going fast in the bay nothing beats a surfski (long skinny sit on top with rudder). If capsize you just climb back on the boat cannot get water logged. There are open water sit in racing boats but by their very nature are tippy and require a solid roll. If you miss you are screwed getting back in with rentry roll is option but then your boat is full of water and pumping out without recapsing is very unlikley.
Down side of ski is not great for winter as you are exposed however it gives a good sense of water temp and what it takes to be safe.
Unfortunatley there is quite a learning curve with tippy boats. The hi end boats may be to tippy and if you get too stable a boat you may out grow it.
A good boat would be the mako xt (see or )
It would be a good idea to try or see these boats before buying often times you can get one used. Unfortunatley major kayak manufacutres do not make them. Also could look at cobra eliminator .
Would recomend that you got to a local race to check out different boats. There are series of races in Hampton roads are as well as maryland area that have lots of boats to see and try. Most racers are trying to grow the sport and are more than happy to you let you try to get another convert. I live in Va off of the bay. Feel free to email if any of this appeals to you (open invite to all)

more links

– Last Updated: Jun-22-06 9:41 AM EST – see vampire under kayakpro boat or nelo boats but they are sit ins which have the whole water log deal lots of boats here to but again the whole water log if you miss a roll but again lots of people race these boats the eliminator may be a fun boat but if you are serious you will out grow it but you have too find out how serious you are about paddling fast. There is one at the york town kayak store