really want to demo a Prijon

I really want to demo a Prijon Motion, but it seems I’d have to drive a few hundred miles to do it. We have dealers around here, but they will only special order boats for you; they usually carry no stock at all.

Sometimes I want to start my own freaking Prijon dealership so I can get some boats and allow people to try them. I know others in the area who are also potential serious buyers, but we all run into the same problem - you can’t demo them!

Those of you who own Prijons - did you just study the specs and place the order, hoping for the best? How did that work out for you? I’d like to hear others’ experiences.

End of rant.

SP :slight_smile:

no Prijon
but your kind of missery is exacly how I got to start a canoe dealership years ago…

Maybe, you hopp on a cheap last minute flight to

Germany and try them there…

ShermPeabody, check it out.

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I bought not one but two kayaks from this online retailer. Very nice guy, very super shipping by Old Dominion Freight, right to your door at home. Old Dominion basically calls you when it is at their local hub, and asks when you will be home or where they cn drop it off, and bada bing, you get a new boat right in your yard. No Ohio sales tax because he is out of your state. His feedback is 99.9% (mine is on there somewhere)

This retailer alpha19airborne usually puts pictures of the boats right online dircetly... check his other items for more deals on other boats. But, unless otherwise specified, these are new boats. Mine was a Prijon Barracuda and a Valley AvocetRM, and they were totally unblemished when they arrived. Brand new, well packed.

As an aside, the Prijon Motion in this ad is RED, and red is the best Prijon color... least likely to show water lines/marks, and very pretty deep red. It is my favorite.

Doesn't help you with the demo idea, but it's a thought. This seller cut the shipping for me by $50 when I told him I was in IL for one of my boat purchases, he is un upstate NY. For the other boat he did not cut the shipping so I paid a flat $150.

To answer your question though, yes, I basically just read about them, and decided whick one I wanted, and ordered it. I think the Motion looks to be a very good all around boat.

Just a thought. :)

Sherm- how long of a drive is it from
you to Madison WI? Prijon will be at Canoecopia and at least you can sit in one and speak with a sales representative.

BTW- I never demoed any of the boats I have purchased. I just research them, sit in them and, if all feels right, buy them.

Does Fluid Fun still carry Prijon?

Fluid Fun carries them. I have spoke with them several time. They seem like they are very easy to deal with and were very helpful when I called.

Hi Sherm. Long time no see

Hey, it’s the IL gang!
Hi guys, nice to “see” you again! Cooldoc, bruce, dwaugh (ice9)… where’s bohemia today?

I have talked to Matt at Fluid Fun - yes, he is a Prijon dealer but it’s the same thing… he doesn’t stock them. He will order anything you want but he says your average person doesn’t understand how the Prijon is so much better when there are a ton of cheaper rotomolded kayaks out there. I’m sure he’s right.

When I get home I will mapquest the Canoecopia thing and consider that. Cooldoc, I have seen that Alpha Airborne guy on e-bay and he does usually have some good boats reasonably priced. Nice to hear of your positive experience with him. I will consider him when I’m ready to drop the dollars.

I really do wish I could support the local Prijon dealer(s) but when they don’t have a boat for me to demo, are charging me full price, plus half of shipping, plus tax, there’s no reason for me to favor them. (sigh)

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Thanks, Cooldoc
Now maybe we can get back to the relevant topic here: Prijons!

I foresee a Motion in my future… perhaps distant future, though.

I do love Gloria Gaynor

Where are you?
California Canoe and Kayak has them… and a greatdemo program…

They are in the Sacramento area.

I am in Ohio
but thanks for posting. Maybe somebody out your way will see this and get hooked on Prijons like some of us out here in the midwest.

What if you sell a couple other boats?
Then you might have the Motion by the tikme of the Lake MI Rendezvous, yah?

I’ll work on that
I might be able to generate the dollars before mid-June. That would be awesome if I could join the infamous IL gang in June. Woo hoo!!!

Motion in motion
I did get to paddle a Motion at one of CCK’s demos and at last years’ Bay Area Paddlefest. I switched back and forth between a Capri Tour and the Motion for comparison. Overall, I found it to be a fun boat to play around in. Supposed to be for smaller paddlers but I was able to fit in it well. Manueverable; edges and rolls well. However, without the rudder, it didn’t track as well as the smaller Capri Tour. Not bad, but it took a little more effort to keep on course when the wind came up.