rear view mirrors?...

…I do a lot of my lake paddling on a very busy

lake with LOTS of boat traffic. (In truth,

the bass fisherman are far worse than the jet

skiiers; the hand launch area is the same for

jet skiiers and kayakers and the regular jet

skiiers know us.)

Anyway, I’ve been tempted to figure out a way to

temporarily mount a car rearview mirror to the

deck rigging.

Anyone else ever try this?

A friend of mine
(yes I have at least one) uses a bicycler’s clip on mirror that clips to the bill of his cap. Seems to work.

I know nothing…
…about bicycling, but how big a field of view

do you get with one like that?

My brother gave me a rear view mirror for my mountain bike one Christmas. It was VERY useful when out on the roads. It looped around and mounted to the handle bar…no help for a kayak.

If you can find a 2 piece system in an Auto Zone type store, mount the base with “JB Weld”, a 2 part epoxy glue that can be found at any hardware store. It’s only about $5.00 but WILL NOT be removed from any surface. You could mount the base of the mirror with JB and attach the top when needed.

Not bad

Bike mirrors that clip on sunglasses are

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helpful as well.

Go brouse your local bike shop and you should find useful things.



sunglasses rear mirror
Google for; sunglasses rear mirror or sunglasses rear view.

Eyeglass Mount
Eyeglass mount is the way to go. You can turn your head and look at whatever you want. Most any bike shop will sell you one.

pretty good
Because a mirror is attached to your sunglasses or visor, even though it is small, which places it very close to your eyes, the field of vision is actually pretty good.

my favourite one for eyeglasses
I bought this one after learning about it on a rowing message board. It is more robust and stays adjusted better than the plastic one the bike shop sold.

an extra benefit to rear view mirrors…
…is that you can see snakes coming from behind!

Well, really not so much of a warning as it is a heads-up. You may have to experiment with a bicyclist’s rear-view mirror in that some people have a dominant eye. Try both eyes to see which one gives the best view. This was always an issue when road riding, as you needed to wear the mirror on the left. I knew several folks who were never able to effectively use a mirror.


Sadly, I’m in Ohio…
…and haven’t had the chance to paddle in a

swamp in several years.

I never met a swamp I didn’t like.

it’s an option…
…on the kayak kickstand.

attach them…
…to the sponsons?

to the gun

Lots of laughs from fellow paddlers when you’re looking in the mirror


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Guess I can abandon my patent application for the mirrored drip rings. Not sure about the status of the other patent for the mirrored paddle blades...

Didn’t Annie Oakley
have a trick shot that involved a mirror?


Bass fishermen.

from my blog…
…I feel so close and bonded to the people whom I can see in my

kayak’s rear view mirror. It’s such a strong sense of “oneness”

that I have with those I can establish eye-contact with as we

mentally, psychically communicate our shared loved for the out


My heart and soul swell and soar above the minions who can’t share

our experience and i cannot help but feel sorry for all those lower

life forms who will never be able to partake in this shared “oneness.”

Sometimes “twoness,” and once there was a “threeness,” but I was

drunk and it was just experimentation.