Requiem for a Tilley

I bought my old green Tilley over 20 years ago. You own a fine instrument like “Hat” you need to follow precise rules and procedures. First, whenever you pack a bag toss Hat on top so you always have it with you. Second, when the sweat line on the brim of Hat reaches the edge toss it in with a load of clothing and wash it. It was during one of these semi-annual washings that Hat died. The crown ripped away from the brim and Hat was no more. The untimely loss of Hat made me think about where it had been these last two decades. It had fly fished in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Maine, as well as South Australia, New South Wales, West Australia, Tasmania, and Belize. It had climbed mountains in the Coastal range, Cascades, Rockies, and Adirondacks, as well colored mountains around the world – the Black hills of South Dakota, Green Mountains of Vermont, White Mountains of New Hampshire, Blue Mountains in Australia, and the Yellow Mountains in China. It hiked deserts in eastern Washington and Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, the Australian outback, and western China. It paddled, sailed, and even occasionally motorboated the Atlantic, Pacific, North Sea, South Ocean, and the Tasman Sea.

So I sent Hat back to Tilley and for $7.50 shipping they sent me Hat 2. Now my worry is that at 60 I may not have another 20 years to break it in.


I love my Tilley, and have had mine for 15 years. I bought in West Glacier, MT. Within minutes it was on my head on Going to the Sun Highway. Has been my head protector ever since. Jeeping, hiking, fishing, boating, and now kayaking. Would I buy another one absolutely, but I don’t have to. As it says “…it will be replaced free if it wears out. (Yes put it in your Will)”

Sorry for your loss of an old friend, but cheers for your new family member.

Most of the Tilley talk happens on the
Paddlers Place Discussion Forum.

Allow a little leniency G2D. Have you no respect for the deceased?

Right now I can’t find MY Tilley, and
I’m not feeling one bit compassionate.

all your whining belongs on B&B
put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I love my Tilley too.

Who’s whining? You feeling irritable?


Well, I’m outa here for a while. Don’t
expect to do much paddling, 'cause the east coast is pretty dry. I hope everyone finds some paddling excitement somewhere.

Hartwell and Jocassee are full.

That has more to do with management
than with rainfall. Check the colored dots:

Our Decatur property has been especially dry, and we have some trees dying. Every time a wave of thunderstorms approaches Atlanta, it seems like a dry gap opens and nothing comes of it.

me too
for the MR 340

Sometime you gotta find a way to share
your racing experience. (I assume you mean marathon.) I’ve been watching marathon racers, now and then, for decades, but don’t know a thing about it.

have my most sincere condolences. At only 20, your tilley died a premature death

Your mistake was…
You washed it!!! Mine is in the 20 year range, too; ugly, but still going strong.

it’s a hat
At that price I think you got taken.

And a Cadillac
Is just a car. I have learned that you never have to make excuses for quality. I got a rock bounce off my head with the Tilly on. The foam pad helped. What the foam pad missed, the hat soaked up the blood. Washed right out too.

I have had mine for a few months. I do not regret the purchase a bit. We sell them at the livery shop now.

sorry. I drive an acura

You get what you pay for.