Reserve now for 2023 kayaks!

Looking at a few websites it’s getting insane if you want a new kayak. :scream: Was thinking of a skeg hull for variety don’t see much used in what I may like. I just can’t order and wait months for anything.

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Oddly, there is a variety of interesting kayaks on Craigslist in Spokane, WA - mostly due to a single seller who gathers used kayaks and sells them e.g. a Caribou with skeg etc.

12 month lead time now for special order P&H composite kayaks. I have a number of Cetus HV’s already on order for 2022 if that’s what strikes your fancy. Stellar Intrepid might be a candidate or the new S18EXP but with a skeg instead of rudder - they’ll do that by request.

See you on the water,
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I have a Cetus LV on order that I hope doesn’t take too long. When are your first orders getting in, do you know? I hope mine is on the same ship.

Depends on when you ordered. My first shipments arrive in January.


Nice! All I know is that mine started in the build process last month. I suppose I should ask.

Was looking at Cetus HV. I like to sit in one.
Was starting to warm to a Prana a little.

If it has the deck pod in front of the cockpit, make sure you have sufficient foot clearance.

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I’ve got one at the Store that is sold but the owner won’t mind if someone tries it on for sizing.


How long is it there for? You’re nearly the only real sea kayak dealership around me and your good bit away. Nobody stocks or orders them anymore. Good work!

The Cetus HV is about till the 20th.

I planned for shortages so I have a range of P&H as well as Stellars arriving monthly beginning January.

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I really need to get my Cetus designed


You should still be able to find a range of incoming Current Designs composite boats available at their dealers (we’ve got a good number of Karlas and Sisus still available from our winter/spring 2022 orders).

If you wanted to wait a few months and try something different, we’ll be bringing in a container of Melker Kayaks into Offshore in Chicago this spring. A very different design philosophy and aesthetic from British boats, and built using bio-composite technology, which is a growing trend in Scandinavian boat and motorsports industries.

Just something to think about if you’re still looking come March. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m doubting I’d fit in the Cetus HV :sob:. After someone 2" taller and 25 lb. lighter was tight. What is the seat maximum seat width? I think deck height at combing was 12.5"?

I’ll get seat specs for you tomorrow. What is your thigh circumstance? That’d be a helpful dimension.

If I measure from end of seat on side to thigh brace they are 6-1/4" to 6-1/2". Where do you measure your thigh mid point? Seats are all 17" wide some under a 16" combing. The combing legs flair out wider to give a 17" seat. I have to find a cloth tape stick ruler seems to be problematic. :joy:

Stick ruler will be a tad uncomfortable. Use a piece of cord. I’ll get some measurements when I get to the Store in a bit.

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Cetus HV thigh brace clearances

With foot relaxed of foot peg I have just shy of 1” of clearance writ the thigh brace which sits flush on my leg (23” mid-thigh circumference) when raised into the thigh brace. The thigh brace vertical clearance is 6.5” to the forward cushioned lip of the seat pan.

Probably tight for me. I’ll measure my thigh later. :laughing: Seat width is between combings?