Rig a Pintail (no donkey)

The rigging on our Pintail is getting shabby. Yesterday the handle rope broke, so I decided to strip the whole boat and shop for lines and bungees. I also wanted to solicit information on how YOU would rig the boat. I’m hoping to pick up good ideas in the process. The person who paddles this boat uses a Greenland stick - and the rigging should somehow consider a spare stick on board.

If you have any pictures of your outfitting then please share them.

Here links to the images of the kayak after I removed the grab line. After I took the pictures I removed the bungees as well.






Fluorescent Green
The person who paddles this kayak expressed interest in having bright green deck lines and bungees. Does anyone know where I could get both in this color?

Look in my Webshots albums

All of my boats are rigged for use with Greenland paddles.

The Deck Rigging album is the first one you should check, but there are also useful pics in the SOF albums and a couple of pics near the end of the Gelcoat Repair and Restoration album. Speaking of which, while you have the deck rigging off, you have the opportunity to spruce up the gelcoat, add protective material, etc.

what a beautie…

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mine is yellow white..i have some pretty cool black/fluorecent lines on my tempest...I too use GP.
i took a rubber neoprene tube from some exersice equipment,around the line at certain places.. makes it easy to stick the paddle in , and keeps it quite secure...early version PINTAIL?

Early version Pintail. I can barely fit one butcheek in but it sure is a pretty boat.


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I have never done a gel coat spruce up. How is it done? I mean I understand some basic facts like:

1. sand the area you want to refinish
2. paint some stuff on it
3. sand it again with smoother sandpaper
4. paint more stuff on it
5. sand it again with smooooother sandpaper
6. paint final protective coat on it ...

but what material brand names and in what order ?

Two Colors
One theory goes that there is an advantage to using one color for bungie and another for the decklines. At times you want to grab a deckline, and don’t want to come up with a bungie instead.

That said, The lines on my boats are not much different - black Grip-rite bungie and Sta-set decklines that are black with red and white strands in them. If you subscribe to the theory above, you’d want to have colors that really contrast…


Looked at your album
and as usual there is a lot of good info. One thing I would be interested in is a little education on why things are rigged the way they are. I understand the bungees in the front where we put our map and perhaps a paddle float and a water pump but the rigging on the bow and stern… I am not completely sure why the triangles are set the way they are. These secgtions for example:




Personally, I make a Vee with bungee on the bow and stern, instead of a triangle. That way you can put the shafts of a split paddle under each side securely, or slide a GP under one side, and it doesn’t slide around.

On my pintail, I used line-stopper balls (available at a sailing store, or use wooden balls from a craft store) to raise the bungies at the bow, so that I can slide a GP under the bungee from the cockpit. Behind the cockpit, next to the day hatch, I’ve made an X with the bungees and I rarely stick something under there - a helmet maybe, or something I just need to stick out of the way for a minute. Other than that, I just like bungees in front of the cockpit, for holding a chart and the end of a paddle. And that’s about it.

I do like having my decklines and bungees different colors. That way you can tell a swimmer “Grab this green line here”, so they don’t end up hanging off your bungee.

looked at other albums too
and found one where you worked on the gelcoat of a red Anas Acuta. Is this what you had in mind? Sanding and buffing - no additional gelcoat or clear coat applied?

The white Pintail would sure look nice if it was buffed again. It also has gelcoat spider cracks pretty much everywhere. Is there any way to deal with those? I don’t think they present any structural problems. I think it’s just a cosmetic issue.

how old?
My “old version” pintail is a 1995, but it’s got 4 fewer RDFs than the boat you picture. I’d love if if my deck layout looked like yours instead.

I’ll find out.
I’ll have to take a look. Is it that the last 2 digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture?

ah crap
Don’t you hate how clean and simple the boat looks once you pull off all that deck line and bungee? Made me want to leave it all off!

The Bow

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I'm wondering whether I should rig the bow with a loose bungee like this:


To accomodate for the spare Greenland Paddle.

and perhaps utilize the top of the triangle for a bungee that hooks to the grab handles to keep them from dangling around. Like this:


What do you think ?

decklines and bungees different colors
I am seconding Nate and will also cite Steve Maynard as support.

When all my rigging was the same color I (or other swimmers) would often grab bungee rather than static line in rescues. This is not good particularly in lumpy water.

year of manufacture
The last 2 numbers of the HIN are usually the year of manufacture. However, a friend with a vintage Anas was told that some years ago the HIN would not be inscribed until shipping and might not accurately reflect the year of manufacture - his Anas is apparently a bit older than the HIN would indicate.

Your Pintail is an early one based on the location of the compass recess.

To the best of my knowledge the first Pintails appeared in 1992, though this has not been confirmed by Frank Goodman.

Red it is

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The lines will be red. I came back with some today and did a dry run of just stringing it up and checking whether I have enough footage:


I am questioning one decision and that is stringing lines alongside the cockpit. I'm not sure it is necessary. Should I leave out the area left and right of the cockpit?


edit addition:
Here is the rigging from Valley's web site. The left and right of the cockpit are not rigged with deckline. I will do the same:


different colors
I discovered this by accident at a rescue clinic a few years ago. It was much easier to tell someone in the water to grab any of the red lines (my bungees are black).

First Draft
Here is my idea of the setup so far:


Grab Handles: Monkey Fist Knot

Bungee Secures grabhandle to the deck

Spare Stick Loop - double bungee with a two wooden risers

Cockpit/Map Space - two wooden spacers

Why restrain the monkey fists?
I’m wondering why you chose to tether your monkey fists?