River Camping Thesis

I am an Industrial Designer at the University of Cincinnati. I am trying to build my thesis project around River-side camping trips. If anyone with river camping experience would be willing to take this survey it would greatly help me with my research.


Also any comments or advice on this message board would be appreciated.


An interesting thesis!
Sounds like a great thesis - I hope it works out for you. After taking the survey I’m confused as to what exactly you are trying to do, but that’s ok. It’s normal for me…

Good luck!

Yea, same here
A lot of the questions didn’t seem like they were written by river folk.

Universal Survey
Since this is for a Thesis I need to make sure that the end result encompass all users from the inexperienced but eager user, to the experienced professional river traveler.

I would rather just get feedback from the experienced skilled river travelers, but my professor would never allow it.

OK, done

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But the survey seemed a little vague to me too. Good luck on your thesis!

Limited info
I tried to answer as best I could, but I think your survey will provide limited info. Kind of like asking a golfer what club he uses - it depends on the situation. For day trips/overnighters on small class I-II streams a yak is my preferred craft. For 3 night - 2 week trips on the same stream I take my canoe. For the same trips on class III-V, my raft becomes my primary craft.

Done, but I still don’t understand what exactly your thesis is on…? what are you trying to explain or prove?

Thank you for replying, and yes the survey is a little too vague at this point, because it’s current purpose is to identify where I should focus my in depth research to come. Unfortunately, I myself have only been on 3 river trips, and all of the information I am gathering should be very useful as I plan the next phase of my research…

Thanks again

what’s "survival camping"
shouldn’t you aim to survive on EVERY campout!

Survival camping is
when your A/C breaks in your RV and you have to roll down the windows. :wink:


As an academic, you may be interested
As an academic, you may be interested in a certain arcane form of literature known as the “trip report”. Google that along with words like camping and Boundary Waters abd sea-kayak, and you should find a veritable flood of raw (albeit unorganized) data in your thesis area.

Survival Camping
Survival camping refers to going out into the wilderness with as few supplies as possible and staying out there for as long as possible.

Ivory Tower Syndrome
I had a boss who loved an academic magazine about facilties and maintenance. The articles were full of theories generalizations and poorly applied studies. Not once did I find any usefull information in the articles I was asked to read.

I’m guessing after taking your survey that you are headed down that same road.

If you want to do more than that I’d suggest you get out and spend some time paddling. Idealy with folks who have been doing it for a good long while. It would do you good.


I agree, it does not work or makes sense

Large paddling group in your backyard
Over 1,200 members and a good deal of camping:


Publish or perish
After all it’s not about the usefulness of the study, it’s about whether or not it can get published and further this poor guy’s career. All you respondents are to be thanked for helping him along.

I hold a Masters degree for which a written thesis was required. I realize that there are THESIS and thesis depending on one’s major professor, but if this is a legit research paper I find the survey to be lacking the depth required for a true study and the use of the online “survey monkey” as a questionable vehicle. This looks very much like a marketing survey to me. If I am wrong then please do some study on the subject of designing questionnaires and surveys before proceeding further. Hope this helps.


Like Bear Grys and his cameraperson?


I have been canoeing for several years and know a lot about basic canoeing. But I have only done overnight river trips a few times, I have organized a 5-day trip in mid march with 5 other people 3 of which have been on several such trips before.

Hopefully that, combined with the survey, and my in person interviews with experienced individuals, I can gather the amount of knowledge I need.

Thanks again.