Rolling 101

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I made a vidio for the beginners that come here.

it's of how to learn the standard Layback roll.

Thought it would be the correct time of the year to be working on this if anyone hasn't been yet

I'm on dial the vidio is not very big

Best Wishes

Nice video
Thanks for sharing it. After watching it, I kept surfing youtube and came across this pretty funny video (funny, since the guy was safe) showing why learning to roll is important. If not for the safety reasons, then to avoid looking like this to any bystanders.

nice job, now we just need some understated fake british accent narration!

My nephew videoed my slo mo ro yesterday. Maybe I can post it on youtube.

more good stuff

Thanks - one more idea to try…
… when learning to roll. I think the initial lay-back and coming-up as preparation for a full roll may be helpful as one is already in the “correct” position to just come out and is not as disoriented as in a full roll.

I have yet to do my first roll - been waiting for the water to warm-up. But had to do wet exits and re-entry on a few occasions as I could not brace well enough in the rough water. My re-entry was not as amusing to watch as this guy’s perhaps because my boat was more stable (Tsunamy 145) and even without apaddle float I could do it on the first try pretty much. But I can see how quickly this can turn into a serious trouble as the boat takes on water and if there are waves and it is cold and if one is tired or not in good shape for some reason…

thought about doing a naritive…can’t do the brit acent though…I just haven’t learned how to add the sound over dub yet…I need to play a little more with the program I’m using to edit with.

Just made the clip so I thought rather than wait until I figure out the sound thing I’ll just post it.

I’m sure I can add naritive…maybe by next year I’ll have enough time to learn how.

Fun to play with cool programs though

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Ah Figgered it Out
This is how easy it is to roll with an extended GP.

Wear a Skirt


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I call that, the Rotisserie a chicken on a rotisserie...don't burn the chicken...go slow and smooth

This roll breaks down on side off side for rolling and also teaches resetting underwater...excelent to practice for all kinds of boat control and spacial orientation issues.

Best Wishes


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For the Euro blade's the same except You don't extend and just reset in such a way so that it times with the roll of the kayak and apears to be one smooth slow roll from above.

but from is how it looks

Best wishes

can’t help but critique this…
for those who may not know… You should definitely practice your re entry but for goodness sakes don’t let go of your kayak when you wet exit. Any wind will take it from you faster than you can catch it swimming. If this guy were alone in some wind he’ d be in serious trouble-- you can hear how he was hyperventilating from cold at first, then his breathing calmed down but his dexterity and coordination rapidly went downhill in the couple of minutes it took to shhot the vid.

Get a paddle float with a buckle to go on the throat on the paddle, then it won’t slide off like this guys did. Bungies are not going to cut it for holding the paddle, hold it to the cockpit coaming with your hand or put it under hard straps or perimeter line that dont stretch. Keep you weight on the paddle side to prevent dumping over the other side.

Learning to roll is well within most folks grasp, and it is not black magic. Wet exiting just causes trouble. YOU can learn to roll, first time, every time, with solid technique and a cool head.

Nice video, fade. Very nice.

Not letting go…
I can’t view the video (no youtube at work)- but, I can attest to not letting go of the boat! We were doing some rescue practices and I didn’t want to fully dump my boat, so I just jumped out. I didn’t have the boat upside down and couldn’t get my leg up in it. As I was fiddling with my paddle float, I looked up to realize my boat was getting away from me.

I got to it AND I had 2 other people there with me, but it was one of those “aha” moments.

Cool D 1

Dubsides very good to watch

I made a series that I just got loaded onto Youtube doing several things with the Greenland paddle and some with the Euro Paddle…although not at all in the class of the profesionally produce trailor with music and sound an all. It was quite fun to make

no sound track…and no movie to come either…but here it is if you would like to see it

it shows that it’s not all just doable only with the Greenland Paddle

There is plenty of room in the rolling world for the Euro Blade rolling too…I tend to prefer the Greenland Paddle, but also feel that a person shouldn’t just change paddles because of the rolling aspects of either.

Best Wishes…Hope You enjoy it a wee bit


All I need to become a rolling legend is one big bad beard!!! Knew i was missing something!

Seriously freaking impressive all round, much appreciated!

Fade mades it look easy.

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This video shows that it is not:




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Actually, no ma'am.

hook an elbow in the cockpit…
while working the paddle float. Ride your paddle like a broomstick. You’ve got two hands to inflate and work buckles, your kayak is on your arm and the paddle blade is before you.