Romany S RM

I am looking at getting a NDK Romany S RM. Any one out there have any feed back on how it handles vs other kayaks in it’s class. Boat will be used for paddling lakes,large rivers, sound and intercoastal waterways around the NC area. Any issue with the single layer boats. NDK is putting out a single and three layer boat according to the NDK site. Hope to sit in one for fit testing soon.Not really asking about the fit.I will evaluate that with a demo paddle before buying. Thanks

I’d go for the three layer boat
I’ve had better luch with multilayer plastic over the years. If the weigh is easy for you to lift I’d get the thicker one. It will take longer to wear through and it will be harder to crack it.

Demo actual boat.
Many love the Romany S. There have been some issues with the poly version. It is best to test paddle the actual boat you might buy.

It has a lot
of volume. Does well in the surf and rolls well.

The only issue is the cheap foot pegs, although not a deal breaker.

The fiberglass version is a good all around kayak for one of our local paddlers.

Interest in speed?
How interested are you in go-straight-fast? If that’s a priority, a boat that emphasizes maneuverability may not be your prime choice.

That said, there is a reason that so many Roamnys stay in the hands of their owners. They are a great boat for messing around in nasty stuff while remaining very kind to newbies and guests.

Looking for a boat to play and learn in
I like the Romany S RM due to the lower rear deck. I want a boat to play in and learn. I want to develop a solid role in a boat that will be a good trainer without costing an arm and leg. having a short torso without a lot of flexabilty my choices are a bit slim. I have also looked at the Valley RM’s but am unaware of a dealer in my area. Never having option to sit in a Valley, I do not know how it would compare.I paddle a Scorpio now, but the kayak lacks the “it” factor for me. Thanks.

You are in Eastern NC
Lots of folks in the Carolina Kayak Club buy and paddle Valley boats so if you want to paddle one give me an eamil and I’ll try to connect you with someone.

If you are talking to Lamar at BIK about boats I expect you are getting really good advice. Also GOPC carries Vally boats I think in Greenville and in Raleigh.

Valley boat’s
I was at GOPC in Raleigh today,on the way homefrom the REI garage sale. GOPC had a couple of P&H ,C.Designs,WS, Hurricaine’s, Ocean’s etc. I did not see a Valley Kayak. Maybe due to the current time of the year. I do not remember seeing one in Greenville at all, but I will check in to it. I am no hurry. I have a couple of kayaks.I have spoken to Lamar a couple times and have been to his shop. I plan to demo a Romney RM after it warms up a bit. I am also hoping to make the CKC demo day when you guys schedule another one.Hope to paddle some with you guys to the west in the spring. Stay warm.

Made by Valley

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I think Valley makes the Rotomolded Romany for NDK. I have a Valley 3 layer boat and I like it. It may be less abrasion resistant because the outer hard plastic is thinner than on a single layer roto kayak. But I like the stiffness and weight of the 3 layer. Your mileage may vary.

RM Plastics
I love the triple later plastics. Much tougher than WS or other plastic boats that I’ve paddled. I think valley makesthe RM boats for NDK and P&H as well. I have been doing research on the NDK’s. Valley’s web site is under going construction at this time. It should go live again before long.

“It should go live again before long.”

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Don't hold your breath. Valley's website has been undergoing construction for months and missed its stated completion date quite some time ago.

One of the issues with the RM Romany S is the coaming attachment. Nigel insisted on a composite coaming on his poly boat and the rivet attachment system has been an issue.

There are many used Romanys around. Even if you need the higher volume of an S, you might find a used composite boat for close to the price of a plastic one. The Poseidon and HV are nearly identical to the S.

it’s way too
wide for me… that’s why I said it was a HV…

the ECCKF is in April… that’s another place to test out all the kayaks…

The RM Valley’s are geared more for what you have mentioned… the Aquanaut RM would be a much better kayak IMO if it fits…

"…that’s why I said it was a HV."
Very true. The Romany S replaced the Romany HV/Poseidon. It is the high volume Romany. Unless one needs all that volume a standard Romany would be fine and likely preferable for most of your use.

it’s huge
the S is for “surf” so it has the flat bottom and hard chines…

NC is kind of of between Valley dealers… there is SKG on tybee and I think one in Virgina… kind of a long way to go to sit in one…

Nigel’s cockpit ring design
dictates that he use a seperate ring installed later, as it’s got too much undercut in the thigh area for rotational molding. Nice design in composite, but too much draft to mold. I don’t know if Valley melts them, or if the roto company that subs to Valley also melts Nigel’s? I’m not certain that Valley melts in-house??

SKUK still have the RM?
Last fall as the season at the shop wrapped up, I understood that Nigel had given up on the RM and would no longer sell it. Anyone have an update on that?



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I paddle a romany standard in scotland, open sea, lochs, rivers and in a lot of diverse weather conditions as you can imagine. It is one sweet boat, it dose a lot of things well and for 16f is quite fast, excellent rough water handling have always felt confident in almost all conditions, surfs great too, it also tracks pretty good to.The romany improves your paddling skills and gives you the confidence to Improve your skill level all in all a very good choice also I upgraded the seat and back band to a p&h cappella 161 seat total comfort as ndk seat and back bands suck thought that might be of interest to romany oweners regs.

“Nice design in composite”

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Aside from having to sand back the coaming on my Elite Romany to get enough clearance so a sprayskirt would go on, I like the Romany coaming a lot. I can understand why Nigel wanted to keep it for the RM boat. However, word I've heard from outfitters has been that the system adopted to attach the composite coamings to the RM boats has often leaked.

I too have heard that Nigel has decided to end production of poly boats.

Ruf, if you have a choice between the Romany S and a regular volume composite Romany, you should strongly consider the regular Romany, as it is a more well-rounded kayak.

There’s a reason you hardly EVER hear anyone complaining about any major characteristic of their Romany if it fits and used as intended, beyond some relatively minor quality issues. Especially once the outfitting is customized to suit.

My opinion, which may be worth exactly what it cost.

Have a good day, sir!

strongly consider the regular Romany
I concur. I am among a legion of paddlers who cannot envision ever wanting to give up their Romanys except possibly for a new one in better shape or layup.

Try a regular Romany before committing to a Romany S. If the regular fits, you may find it the most flexible, supportive, and enjoyable boat you’ve paddled.

I know folks across an astounding range of sizes who count a regular Romany among their favorite boats to paddle.