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We are searching for the name of a small RV.

A kayaker posting three to five years back discussed a trip in the southern U.S. in which the writer talked about his cool new RV. He posted a link to the photos of the trip with several showing his really neat small RV. We think that perhaps he was a physician or had a “doc” in his moniker but we cannot remember his Paddling.net name. As we recall, the gentleman was quite active in the discussion boards. If anyone can recall the name of the small RV, the posts, the link or the moniker it would be most helpful. Thank You!

MarkinNC popsts here and has
one he tows with a VW.

It’s not an RV if you tow it… that would be a “Camper” or travel trailer and or “Pop-UP”

Is it this it?

Tear drop trailers.

au contraire

A little bird told me that wiki definitions are as good as any other.

beg to differ
Not that it makes any difference to the “RV or not” discussion, but Wikipedia is not a definitive source.

Example, from Wiki…

“Dynamic braking alone is insufficient to stop a locomotive, as its braking effect rapidly diminishes below about 10–12 mph (16–19 km/h) Therefore it is always used in conjunction with the regular Air Brake. This combined system is called blended braking.”

This passage is false on more than one account. I use Wikipedia sometimes, but it can’t be relied on for accuracy.

Back to the original discussion…

yeah, I know
Inside joke, sorry about that. I agree completely and my link is evidence.

maybe this one?

more than likely. He had a small rv that was built in SC. I can’t for the life of me remember the name but I will.

He has dropped off the boards somewhat.

I think he may be on webshots or flicker as ripshinpaddler


Steve are you an engineer by chance?

Just waite tell you PRICE one of those tear drop ones!!

For that price I would get an Airstream!!


this is a cool looking one.

My Pop Up
I can only tell you what I have, and it’s a Rockwood pop up. It has everything except a bathroom, but I have a port-a-potty. It has heat, but no air conditioning, but we don’t need it where we camp.

The positives about a pop up are that it does fold down, less wind drag and it’s small, so easier to pull, but they do come in bigger and smaller sizes.

The negatives, when you pop it up, the soft sides velco down, so anyone can enter your camper if it’s a concern. For me, I can’t secure my dog in it when I kayak, so she comes with me.

I have heard there are some campgrounds that will not allow a pop up camper, I believe it’s because of bears, could be in places like Montana and possibly other states; I’m not really sure.

My husband & I never really researched campers. We talked about it, then his friend saw a sweet deal on this pop up, so we went to look at it (2 hours from home). I thought, hey, if we buy it, why not go to the campground 10 minutes from there and camp. We bargained the guy down $1,000, he accepted, then we went to one of my favorite campgrounds near where we purchased it.

I love it. It gets us camping earlier in the season, because it has heat (for my asthma) and keeps us camping later into the fall. I have a Subaru Forester mini SUV that easily pulls it and have the kayaks on the roof rack of the vehicle.


We got the camper from Craig’s list.


Several doc-type handles
Cooldoctor1 (cd1 now, I think), waterdoc, drxko, kayamedic (but this is a female poster).

In the past, the Airstream Basecamp trailer and the small Scamp trailer have been mentioned several times, as has the Roadtrek line of motorhomes. There is also an off-road type of popup trailer that was the subject of a long thread years ago.

There are hard sided popup trailers. I have looked at the Aliner ones in the past (http://www.aliner.com/design/). The Alite looks interesting in that it weighs 450 lbs and can be pulled by a subcompact. Pretty utilitarian - sort of a tent on wheels. So far, however, I stick to a tent.


Time out…
I had one of these and pulled it with a split window VW bus a few years ago. Made for a motorcycle, but folded out to be quite large ( queen size air mattress ) and with the ad a room ( garage for bikes ) was huge for the weight and money…I wish I still had it.



Here’s what I’d like to have…


Lucky guess. :wink:

If this isn’t it, it should be

VW Rialta - I’ve been in one…okay, it was at the mall but this is very nice for the size

VW Eurovan
I’ve been using a VW Eurovan since 1997. Sleeps 4, stove, fridge, easy to drive, gets 18-20mpg on freeway with 3-4 kayaks on top. Took it to Newfoundland kayaking a few years back–was terrific. Usually stop at places with showers though sometimes use a gas camp shower. Big advantage is that it can be used like a car as it is only slightly larger than a minivan. The Rialta is the next step up–you get more comfort, space and a bathroom. Likely will go this route someday.