Sandal advice, pray tell...

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims!

Ah's be a'lookin' fer a pair of water sandals wit some sort of a toe protector an' a heel strap. Last time ah' wore sandals ah' ended up wit de entire Joisey Pine Barrens stuck under me toenails. Any of ye folks got recoomendations? Gon'na stop by CampMor next week an' see wat they gots. Thanky kindly.

Fat Elmo

Keen H2O . Hands down the best
sandals I have ever had. Great toe guard,ergonomic footbed,very secure on your foot.They aren’t cheap,but they are worth it.

Try Eastern Mountain Sports and Zappo’s. Sometimes they are on sale.

from a late adopter of everything
If you’re not doing anthing too strenuous, don’t rule out a pair of Crocs. I got a pair this year and really like them. It’s nice having dry feet all the time (unless you’ve just stepped out of the water). Plus, you can shake any stones out of the toe (unlike most keens, etc). They don’t absorb water so they don’t reek.

Crocs sure exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t wear them for WW or extensive hiking over rugged terrain, but for going in and out of water, they are supurb.

Agree with Clarion on Crocks

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Have been wearing them extensively for almost three seasons, and the only drawback I find is that they are difficult to clear of small gravel. Otherwise they are quite comfy.

I tried Keenes, but my foot is straight and Keenes are curved so No Go.

Merrill has some Keenish - looking footwear, but I have been saving my pennies for a new tent.


Oh Yeah - one other drawback. When your feet are wet, they make a "unique" squeeking sound inside the Crocs.

i say both
I have several pair of crocs and a pair of keen H2O’s, the crocs would be good for just getting in and out of the boat, plus they ought to float if they come off. Personally I think the keens are better made and more comfortable for hiking. If you are only going to be in the water, crocs are they way, if you plan to camp on the water, may need to scour the woods, buy the keens.

"they ought to float if they come off"
Oh crocs will float allright. In fact, you’d better watch out if they come off. They’ll come flying up and out of the water so hard and fast, they’ll take your head off!

vitamin d is good
wow clarion are you that fragile?? drink some milk, get some sun dude!

Mions - What Martin Keen did after Keen
I wear Mion Current Sandals. Now, you’re going to hear a lot about the way they look. They’re different. Very different. But I’ve worn Keen Newport H2’s, Chaco’s, Teva’s, and Merrell’s. For me, the Mion’s blow all the others out of the water. They’re light (lighter than my flip flops), and extremely comfortable. They don’t absorb any water. They don’t stink like my Keens did. They’re very stable and provide great support.

The cons: Depending on you point of view, they’re fugly. After wearing them for awhile, you won’t care. The color on mine kinda scuffed off in high wear areas against Kevlar hull. Mine are dark gray colored so it’s not too noticeable.

I wear them all over the place. The more I wear them the more I like them.

have you ever seen video footage of
… a Trident missile coming up out of the water?

AIUI Ur WTB a GR8 set of sandals.

IAWTC that CROCS are GR8.

IONO why PPL think they are POS.

From my POV ICB that POTS is a POS too!





It should be IOTTMCO that YKWIM 'cause IYKWIM.



The other side.
I found some OP sandals for $10 and wore them until they blew up.

Still Have My OPs
I have been thru about 4 pairs of Tevas in the time I have had my Ocean Pacifics

didn’t fit right for me. My foot was too narrow. Plus had a gift certificate for Keen’s so I bought the Newports. Comfortable. But the rocks that won’t wash out are annoying. They are washable which helps with “The Stench”.

Have three pairs of Crocs, ditto on the comments above. Bought 'em for three friends as well, and they hands down love 'em as their most comfortable shoe. I should have Croc stock.

Just got the Mions and honestly, not loving them. Gave me hot spots and blisters on one foot big time. Maybe I just need to give them time? Built up callouses where the ‘ribs’ contact by the big toe; now both my hands and feet have 'em. :wink: The footbeds work their way out the back on me and compared to Crocs, they’re anchors. 'Hoping they’ll grow on me-they are funky, unique looking. Lots of people want to know what they are.

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Had one once, Andy

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Andy :slight_smile:

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