Sawyer Canoe

Does anyone still paddle a Sawyer? What model do you have and how do you like it?


1982 DY Special
Daily until the water gets hard.

From 1989.

Fast for a 15’10 " boat… demands good canoemanship. These days people would call it tippy and not buy it.

DY Special

With all the canoes you could paddle why the DY Special?


kevlar DY Special
Use it when the water is not too short. Like it a lot.

Exercise, fish, photography, Kenduskeag race/ mixed water…find it quite stable and fast even with my hulk. Invisible to the wind. Installed a wenonah slider.

I own
7 boats. 3 of which are solo’s. The DY Special, a J200 and a older Mohawk. I like the DY as a workout boat and as a general go out and explore boat. Maybe when my youngest gets out of ( Oh I am going do this on my own) Grad school I will invest in a Grasse River Classic XL and that may become the boat of choice. Who Knows.

Oh yea
Put a Wenonah slider in mine also. Works much better for me.

Miss my Autumn Mist
Sold it last year and wish I hadn’t. Sold it because I mostly paddle twisty Ozark streams and that’s just not that boats forte. BUT, it with a lean, it handled everything I ever asked it to do, even some class II one time. Don’t know what I was thinking, hoping to replace it one day with a Clipper Soltitude; that’s a boat that certainly appears to be a similar hull. Here’s my Autumn Mist. Hope the guy that I sold it to appreciates it as much as I! WW

I paddle a Shockwave on area lakes and love its presence on the water. It is fast, stable, and holds its course into a wind. And people look at it admiringly. My other four soloes are a Merrimack Baboosic, Merlin II, Wildfire RX, and Blackhawk Zephyr. Each has its purpose, but for making time over an open stretch I’d take the Shockwave.

I like it just fine. I don’t paddle it much though. When I get paddle time, I like to spend where tracking ability is pretty far down the list of priorities.

You can get a brand new Atumn Mist
at Superior Canoe

Give Scott a call.

There is a Summersong on ebay as we speak. Looks well used. In Vt.


I have been watching that one. If it stays cheap I would bid but how would I get it from Vt to Pa.? It seems like every good deal I find is far away. The local Sawyer dealer went out of business in 1977 so I am finding tandem Sawyers but no solos local. With 4 kids living at home and 3 in college I can only afford cheap ones and then restore them.


Autumn Mist…great boat!

My Sawyers
I have 2 DY specials. One golden glass and one kevlar ultra light. Both are excellent boats and like new. I recently bought a Wenonah Kevlar Prism. It gives me a little more room to move around in than the DY’s and it too is a fine boat. I don’t think the prism is quite as fast as the DY’s when going from point A to B. However, both the Sawyers and Wenonah are great solo canoes.

I also have a Sawyer Cruiser in Kevlar that I have paddled many plesant miles. The Sawyers were great boats.

Fiberglass Cruiser
It’s heavy to get to the water, but on those rare occasions where my wife and I paddle tandem rather than our solos, it’s our favorite boat to paddle.

DY Special
Hi Ed,

I live in western Pa. also. Would you be interested in getting together to let me paddle your DY Special? I have 3 Sawyers that you could try. I tried to email you but it was returned. email me if interested.


I have a Sawyer kayak, made in Oscoda in 1977. A touring kayak and I still enjoy paddling it. It is still in excellent shape.

I also have a couple of old brochures from Sawyer. It appears they made many fine craft.

Couldn’t this company and trade name be brought back somehow? It’s one of those things that shouldn’t have died you know?

Sawyers are being made by
Superior Canoes

Sawyer kayak
So they do exist! It does appear though that the ones currently being made are not really like the old ones that had sharp entry lines, and other racing styles. Am I wrong?