Scorpio LV

Just returned from an awesome event at the NOC - and gearing up to head to California. Trying to keep up with our travels.

scorpio LV’s are in - and heading out -

quite a bit narrower and lower than the standard Scorpio.

River connection, Sea kayak carolina and Sea Cliffe are getting some demos in - check’m out. Graham and Pez finishing up the Cetus LV soon - can’t wait to get that one out too.

PH Asheville -

Cetus LV - WHEN?
been waiting along time for this boat.

Patience… it will be rewarded!

I too am waiting on the Cetus LV but am looking forward to the Scorpio LV in the meantime.


suz i think your boat (cetus LV) will be the first over here - you are patient - More than I! hope you and JC enjoy the new toy (Scorpio LV) - let me know…i think the boys are dropping it with sam and carl at osprey in RI.

jim PH ashevile

technically Osprey Kayak

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is in Westport, Mass not RI.

"Close, but no cigar!" ;-)

Patience wilsoj2
Or you can be the first kid on your block to own the new super duper spiffy Cetus LV. Want dibs on the one coming in to The River Connection? Till then, as Suz says, “Patience!”

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

some numbers
The grapevine coughed up these numbers:

~16’8’’ length, ~21’’ width, ~12.5’’ depth

Capella 167
Has dimensions very close to these, and as I understand it they are of the same hull lineage. I wonder how the two will differentiate (other than the 4th hatch I mean).


Hull form…
The Cetus has a more defined chine than any Capella I’ve seen. It is also more markedly Swede form than Capellas with which I am familiar.

I’m just going by
what I read here:

The Cetus looks quite swede-form from plan view but a lot of that seems to be above the waterline, when I was looking at one in Marshall’s store. The deck width behind the cockpit is one of the first things you notice, it’s really broad. The Capella (which I have) has that same design feature, though to a bit lesser degree.


I’d forgotten that thread.

Since that thread I’ve paddled a Cetus and acquired a Nordkapp LV.

I was impressed with the Cetus but found it awfully big. Already owning an Aquanaut, I didn’t need another SUV.

Last year I was looking for a Jaguar to fill the space between my Triumph (Romany) and my Land Rover (Aquanaut). I was hoping to demo a Cetus LV, but failing that I ended up buying an Nordkapp LV.

The Cetus looks really big. Partly because of the broad rear deck and partly the large bow when viewed from the side. When I sat in one though it seemed more normally-sized from that vantage point, the foredeck was not unusually big-looking.

While I really like most things about the Capella 167 I got this year (to replace a Force 4 which ended up not being a good fit, literally and otherwise), it can be a little wallowy and pitchy in bigger chop, presumably due to not much waterline and volume at the ends. And it certainly isn’t going to win any races. That’s why I’m curious how the Cetus LV, at apparently about the same overall length and width, would differ in hull design.


I paddled a P&H Scorpio (standard not LV) at a kayak demo day sponsored by a local outfitter recently. I was really impressed. I paddled a number of other kayaks that day – including a P&H Capella 166 RM, Necky Manitou 14, Hurricane Santee Expedition and Hurricane Tracer – and the Scorpio was faster and easier to turn than all of them. Stability was surprisingly good, especially the secondary. I particularly liked the extra day hatch in front of the cockpit. It fit me great, but I’m 5’11" tall and weigh about 190 lbs. Might be large for a smaller person.

next you need a Morris Minor
a Rockhopper!

scorpio vs. cetus
scorpios are based on cetus - but not exact same.

to begin with - the scoprios are about 12" shorter than cetus - and the “swede” isn’t as pronounced in the scorpio. Same Genus - different specie. I think you’ll find similarities and differences - other than plastic and composite -

Hoping to hear specs on the finished Cetus LV here in the fall (right around the corner).

also demoed the std. Scorpio
at The River Connection, Hyde Park, NY (Marshall & Dorothy’s place) early this year.

I really like this boat’s handling characteristics. It has decent forward speed and glide, but is also very nimble. It is ‘possibly’ the nicest plastic boat I have paddled; comparing it to: Avocet RM (which I own), Aquanaut LV RM, Necky Chatham 16, Tempest 165 and several others.

The standard Scorpio is just too large and roomy for me (5’ 9" and 150), so I am looking forward to giving the LV version a spin.


More Scorpio News
Just unwrapped the first of the Scorpio LVs to come into the Showroom. Haven’t put it on the water yet but is definitely looks like a closer fitting sleek version of the standard Scorpio.

I’m 6’ 34 waist, 33 inseam, 11 shoe, and found when I sat in the boat it had a much closer glove like fit than the standard Scorpio. Great contact with the sides of the seat, back, thigh braces and foot pegs.

Brought a tape measure with me to confirm some things. Length 16’5", Width 21", Cockpit Opening 16"x30" inside opening made it easy to raise and lower my knees in/out. Lastly what made for a great close fit was the 11" front height from hull to the underside of the deck.

Now I’m itching to get it on the water. :wink:

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Just great
I can already feel the suction on my wallet!

What is the weight of the Scorpio LV?

How does that Scorpio LV fit compare
to the two following boats?

Impex Force 3

Tempest 165

I just sat in both of these and liked the snug fit at 6’2" x 185lbs.