Sea Eagle Fasttrack deck.

Has anyone found or developed a spray deck for the SE 365 FT? SE sells a “waterproof” blanket for use during cold weather but I have typically used decks and spray skirts with my other kayaks. Thanks

Inflatables don’t have a “lip” or coaming to secure the skirt/deck. Judging from this older review, you’ll have to MacGyver one:

All of the current Pakboat kayak models (which are sort of skin-on-frame folder/inflatable hybrids) have removable decks which attach with wide Velcro. In a similar manner you could use vinyl glue to attach the pile half to the perimeter on the gunwale tubes and have the hook half of the Velcro sewed or glued to a custom made spray deck. Pakboat also includes a rigid coaming hoop sewed into the decks so that you can use a spray skirt with their boats.

If you wanted to experiment. Pakboat has had some old stock decks for their 12’ Puffin kayaks on sale for $39 for a while (on their website under “closeouts”) . They come with the coaming in the middle. Would not fit a Sea Eagle as is since the SE is far wider, but if you are good at “mcGuyvering” you might be able to cut the fitted ends off and adapt one to the 365, at least for use as a solo. I bought one of those decks myself and modified it to fit an older Puffin I had a few years ago.

Another option would be to glue rows of d-rings onto the sides of the gunwale tubes (you can get d-rings with vinyl tabs already attached) and make a spray deck with either more d-rings or grommets so that you could lace on a deck with bungees.

Best tool for making spray decks and the like is an old Singer treadle sewing machine – most families have some relative who has one in the basement or you can get them for a song on Craigslist. Can still get parts, like bobbins, presser feet and leather drive belts for them.

Lacking a sewing machine (or the courage to learn to use one) you can use vinyl glue like HH-66 and either PVC fabric or vinyl coated nylon or polyester. DIYpackrafts sells all sorts of material and accessories for making your own boats and waterproof gear.