Sea Kayak Surfing Video

Short video of Skookumchuck Rapids in a Sea Kayak at about 8 kts.



Very nice!

stayed in one place
I noticed the background-and they weren’t moving much-even when paddling-so just sort of playing in the water there?


that is what surfing is
you sliding down the water/wave face…Skook where the film was is a tidal river…there is a slight bump of a wave that the boat is sliding down-BUT the current of the river is pushing the boat back up the wave at the same time…a constant surf…works on what is called a standing wave…

some giant cruise ship has a manmade version on the stern of the ship for people to surf on while on a big ole boat at sea…nothing like being in the water wen you are out to sea???

Also called “rodeo”

Surfing a Standing Wave
Really move of a whitewater thing than a surfing thing

thanks for sharing Chris!


Chris, I want to see video of you when
Skooks is doing 15+ knots!

but better than nothing. Given a choice, I take a moving wave anytime.


At about 10 kts a foam pile appears. Great for play boats, painful for sea kayaks.


Luke Hopkins…
…who used to paddle for Pyranna and Wave Sport

swears he stern squirted a 16’ touring boat at


very cool- what boat is he surfing?
anybody able to ID the boat?

That is harder than it looks, especially in a sea kayak.

Speaking of surfing standing waves, there is a small river in a mucnicipal park in Munich that has a standing wave, and surfers come out and take turns riding it. It is neat seeing a short board in the middle of a big city hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean break.

I should know
it’s MINE.

It’s a Dagger Meridian.

good job Falcon!


Staying on
It does’t take much of an edge to build enough pressure to kick you you off the wave. The key to staying on is to make subtle corrections.


Music and credits added
Just trying to keep up with Wade’s cool video.


u go steve

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that looks like a ton o fun, i get to try the boat wake thang often here on the icw but i never get THAT long of a ride : )

CWS needs to put in production again!

Now Confluence will have to put the Meridian back in production - everyone will want to have one! WS is building those nice composites, so you’ll have to re-brand as a Wildy! :slight_smile:


happy to influence …
looks good!