Securing Pump inside Kayak???

I hate carrying a pump, but think it is important to do so. I really don’t like it on my deck. I have tried carrying in the space between the side of my seat and the hull, but it rubs on my leg.

I want to secure some bunji cords inside of my boat to secure the pump either to the inside of the deck where a knee tube might be placed, or in between my legs on the hull of the boat where you sometimes see boats having a bunji to secure a water bottle.

I think that both locations would be a good place to carry the pump, keeping it readily accessible where it cannot be washed away by a wave and where it is out of the way and won’t interfere with entry/exit of the boat.

Any other better ideas?

If not, then what is the best way to secure the bunji? I would like to use some sort of adhesive / epoxy or something of the sort and glue it in place. What would be the best compound to use on a fiberglass boat? Will it hold?



entrapment concern
I would be a bit concerned with any additional lines/bungee cords/ties inside the cockpit, just in case of a spill and then a possible entrapment issue.

Have you consider placing it under your aft deck bungees? Maybe…out of sight - out of mind?

Good luck

You could epoxy some…
… nylon eye straps under your deck and tie the bungee to those.

Or you could install an under deck bag and store the pump between that and the deck…

Underdeck bag?
Are you referring to something commercially available? If so where could I look for one?


Everyone I know that has one loves it.

I bought extra sets of mounting pads so that I could switch it to different boats. They advertise here on

Easy under-deck mounting
Check out my Kayak Outfitting album on Webshots at:

Very nice… I have a couple of ?'s
What type of foam do you use for the seat, hip and thigh padding, and where do you get it?

What type of adhesive for this stuff do you find most effective on plastic/rotomolded kayaks?

I love my sirocco… but I’m swimming a bit in the cockpit and the seat needs some help for longer paddles…


I agree with Grayhawk
If you don’t need or want an underdeck bag, 2 D-rings with a few inches of bungee will not interfere with paddling or exiting or entering your kayak. I tried Gorilla Glue for this purpose on my new boat and am not sure I’ll be able to get the stuff off if I ever decide to.

Just make sure you put it far enough back so the pump is held in the center. The foam that makes it float can be moved to have it held there by the highest point.


Velcro heavy duty
We used the heavy duty 2" sticky back velcro in both of kayaks. Glued the velcro to the under side and to the foam of the pump. Never came loose the last three years. Cheap and easy to do.

I like the Velcro idea. What kind of glue did you use to secure it? I would not want the velcro to come off when pulling off the pump. Is your boat glass?

I also like the idea of the D-rings, but I can’t really picture the type you are referring to and how to secure them to the boat.


The foam is Minicel
I typically have lots of it around, since I run outfitting workshops for my club. I buy it from a local foam supplier, but I have to buy $500 worth at a whack. Any kayak shop can get it and there are many online sources. The downside to ordering it is that although it’s light, it’s very bulky and is therefore expensive to ship.

My favorite adhesive for use with Minicell and any type of boat is Weldwood Gel Contact Cement. It bonds well and the gel stays where you put it, unlike liquid cements that can be runny.

I’ve tried Industrial Strength Velcro…
…and I no longer use it for any application where it would be under tension, such as holding a pump to the underside of a deck. The adhesive doesn’t last and the Velcro often doesn’t hold the pump in rough conditions. If you paddle in cold weather, the adhesive can lose its grip completely. Overall, I’m not impressed with it.

Check out for underdeck bags, minicell foam, tools for working with foam, and more.

Bilge Pumps…let THEM do the work…

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Check out the Bilge Pumps..( I love the LithiumIon model in my ww_canoe, just flip a switch, although several fellows have rigged up some float-bubbles for an automated process(very cool). Outfitting process is described in the website.


I’ve always been leery of bungie inside
my cockpit. I secure my pump to the underside of my deck with a mag-light clip. I put it right next to the knee tube that I use to carry a paddle float.

Mag light clip???
Can you clarify any more? I am not sure what you are referring to.




Mount on a small blocks of wood (1/2" deep) and then glass and epoxy under foredeck.


I like it!!!
Great idea. I wonder if it will work pretty universally for all pumps since they do vary slightly in diameter.


Bungies under the deck…

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work fine for me. I followed the bnystrom "school of outfitting" and it works great. I used a large dollup of JB Weld to hold a folded piece of nylon webbing on each side and run the bungie through that. Also shaped minicell to hold the pump in place, which then doubles as a knee brace. see Brian's website.

Mount a footpump…
to a properly positioned bulkhead. That’s ‘underdeck’, isn’t it? …and hands free.