short fast kayaks?

I lost my storage facility and need to store my kayak on my condo patio. It is too long at 16’ and I only have room for max 14’6 boat…

What kayak out there is well designed and can handle at least a 3 night trip load that can keep up with kayaks in the 17’ range?

14.5’ squared plus 8’ squared, all square-rooted = 16.5’from floor to opposite ceiling. How about angle it or stick it over the edge of the balcony?

Jack up the bed, move the couch away from the wall, stuff kayak under or behind? Lower it from the balcony to ground level from your balcony, using 2 good ropes (one as safety. Builds strong arms and great grip.

I stored my 15’ canoe for 1 year under the outside stairwell at an apt complex, locked to the structural steel. No one complained, manager was fine with that. Possibly store it on roof racks and drive everywhere with it. Make it look like it is locked on with a cable.

No chance that a loaded 14.5’ production boat goes like a 17 footer. If lots of money, there are folding types. Good luck.

short rocket
I love my West Side Boat “Delta”. At only 13’10" it’s amazing & just plain fun to go fast in a short kayak. I got it to race on the Yellowstone River in Montana & have found it to be a great little trainer. A kind of mini downriver boat. (I’ve passed a few DR’s in it). The little guy is a full 7’ shorter than my “Thunderbolt”, but only 5.5 mins slower per hour. As the above poster stated, it’s pretty hard for a 14’6" or under to run with 17 footers, but not all that far off. The full size version is the “Seafarer Sprint”, at approx. 17’, (no bruisewater). It’s hard to beat a Bushnell boat!

Get a folding or sectional kayak.


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The Mariner Coaster serves as a good, short touring kayak. It is a 13.5ft, 90 gallon boat. The boat can handle a 300 lb total displacement with minimal problems, and up to 400 lbs max. If your friends are paddling over four knots, then you might have trouble keeping up.

I think you can only buy used Coasters now, as Mariner has ceased taking any more orders.

Check out this Epic…
Very fast for it’s size.

sort of like a Sonoma 13.5
The Sonoma by Perception is a fairly fast boat for it’s size but I don’t think either of these boats would work as the poster was looking for something that could handle a 3 day camping trip. I think at a minimum he would need front and rear bulkheads.

Max length limit
Should be determined by the length of your longest wall! I keep an 18’ and 17’ inside a 400 sq ft efficiency. I can bring the 21’ surf ski in too during a hurricane. My largest room (really only have one) is only 13’ x 15’, but the one wall extends back into a small “kitchen” area and is 22-23’.

Of course, my apartment is really more of a personal livery than an apartment. Gear, clothes, shower inside and boat wash outside, TV for watching paddling videos, and Internet connection for paddling sites and gear research. What else do I need? Priorities.

he didn’t say how big he is… A heavy loaded 14 would have a hard time keeping up with a loaded 17 anyway…

I should really consider these priorties
and live like you! Anyway, I am 5’6 and weigh 160 I pack really lightweight on my trips as I am also a backpacker. Do take water as trips are in florida glades mainly no freshwater around.

I can’t afford those take apart hulls and the folders would be torn to shreds on our oyster reefs.

What was the epic boat greyhawk? Could not open the site.

Recreational GP
It’s 12’8"x25… 27 or 33lbs depending on the layup… I paddled with one a month ago and he kept up fine. He also has an Epic 18 and a Coho and thinks a lot of the little one…

You might also look at the Pygmy Arctic Tern14 at your size it would have enough volume.

Swift Saranac 14
Swift has a new boat designed by David Yost. We have one and it’s a nice ride, but a little small for my 195lbs. It lacks perimeter deck lines which is my only disappointment. It may be equiped with rubber hatches in 2005. Also, there are two seat options, one is a higher backed version which I would not recommend.

The Saranac 14.6 was also new in 2004. It is higher volume and for larger paddlers - I haven’t paddled this one.

Search here for ‘Swift Saranac’ and you will find some short reviews/impressions:


Necky Manitou
Given your specs, I think the Manitou might be a good fit.

WS Tchaika

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is a little speedster, but with a 21" beam, your weight plus gear might be close to it's upper limit. No front bulkhead, but that means lots of room for floatation and gear bags. I made a non-sealed bulkhead attached to an extra set of footpegs to keep everything in place.

If I hadn’t met the woman I married
when I was so young, I expect that’s about how I’d’ve turned out. I love my family and am quite comfortable with who I am, but some days I long for a river shack or an oceanside efficiency that’s more boat locker than home.

Tear it up and keep posting. I’ve got to live vicariously through you.

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The best option
Lincoln - Quoddy Lite 12’-6" 30 lbs Kevlar / Glass

Second the Coaster
It is a fun boat to paddle. Also, a relatively large paddler can fit in the coaster (I am 218 lbs), depending on how proportioned, without feeling too cramped once you are in.

The speed is very reasonable at cruising speeds. I have used it for day tripping, when speed is less an issue, quite a few times and not felt slow.

Also, it can carry a lot of gear, depending on the combined weight of the paddler and gear.

Another vote for the Coaster
Of the boats mentioned the Coaster comes closest to what you describe. But nothing but nothing loaded with 300# AND under 14’ is going to move like a 17.5’ boat. The Tchaika is a great (short and fast) boat too but it’s designed for 200# and less, I believe.

To get speed you need to increase the waterline and reduce the wetted surface area. The math just doesn’t add up to having much of anything left for gear. On the other hand you could slice a 17’6" boat @ the rear bulkhead, glass up new bulkheads and easily fit the two peices on a 14’ balcony. It’s cheaper than taking a loss on one boat to buy another that won’t work as well and it will still run like a full length boat.

cheers and good luck,


WS Shaman
I regularly outpace people in much longer boats while in my 12.5 foot Shaman.

I suspect that this has more to do with the people in the other boats than with me or my boat however.

If I hadn’t met the woman I married…
… and divorced, I’d have enough money for a house on the water and a fleet of kayaks instead of an efficiency on a little mud canal!

Price for freedom has always been high - and always worth it.

Next wife will either paddle and/or be VERY understanding. One of the two kayaks I keep inside is my Girlfriend’s boat - she paddles a little and is also very understanding. Maybe even enough to understand not getting married…