shoulder help needed

Hurt rotator cuff last year. Healing slowly, but now need good exercises to help strengthen shoulder for kayaking come spring.

Guidance to good info would be most appreciated.

Ann in Alexandria

We must live close! You are welcome

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to come on over, see, and try what has helped eradicate the shoulder pain I experienced most of my life. I stumbled onto it accidently. Then ran it past trainers and therapists. Most thought it did similar to the equipment they had, but worked better as the weight is dropped part way through the movement and thus does not stress the joint during the stopping motion.

I found pain relief was almost immediate each time. I did the exercises a couple times a day and built muscle supporting the shoulder joint that is normally not developed enough in our modern life style.

Hope you also find the correct exercise for your shoulder.



Contents changed after suggestion to do so by suiram below. Sure saves me a lot of time. Thanks!!! See ya!

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Hope you find the relief you seek.



rotator cuff exercises
Would you mind trying to explain these exercises on this board - since I and others are nowhere close for a visit!

As I’ve posted here, I’m currently dealing with the bumm shoulder. Maybe post some photos of your contraption in use Mick. I get to see the doc tomorrow about it and am actively searching for rehab excercises to implement in my recovery. Anybody know of any good sights showing/detailing such excercises?

shoulders …

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having damaged and ignored, and redamaged and ignored and ... and ... both shoulders finally gave up the battle and i was forced to have major surgury last june on the right and two months ago on the left.

trust me on this ... get thee to a GOOD therapist and strengthen those shoulders peoperly while you can. ignoring them and/or rehabing them on your own based on someones drawings of an exersize will cost you alot of pain and anguish in the long run. i've been rehabing my right shoulder for 8 months now and still cannot paddle worth a damn. my left shoulder was not as severe and will be fine in another few months.

had i not ignored the pain and spent some time strengthening my shoulders properly way back when, i'd be paddling right now instead of sitting here watching the world paddle by while i sulk and feel sorry for myself.

Please share!! NM

Here’s one

but searching the internet will find you more. I did rehab exercises for a long time but my shoulder never came back all the way from a rotator cuff injury. I got a shot of cortisone in my shoulder a few weeks ago and it helped a lot in a few days. I still do strengthening exercises to try and prevent future injuries.

These are exactly some of the exercises

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doctors and therapist had me on during my years of pain. They helped, but not as much as ...



Info removed upon suggestion of suiram below.

You might have …
very good suggestions, but do you really have to sound like a telemarketer?

Would you give 25% more advice if we call you in 10 mintues?

You know suiram, you may have something

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there. Why on earth should I share the knowledge I have gained just to be harrassed when I post it on the board and called a telemarketer if I offer the info free by e-mail.

I will adjust posts accordingly. It sure will save me a lot of time and hassles!!!

Thanks! Take it easy.



Not a contraption, just two items, and

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no moving parts. No intention on posting anymore info or fotos. See changes to my posts this thread for quick explaination.

Will answer those e-mails recieved and then I am done. I'll keep my exercise and stop wasting my time telling others of it. Others need to go find what works as I have.




hey mick -
Now’s the time to start that 2nd career. You could make thousands! You could start your infomercial by saying “I’m not a physical therapist but I’ve played one online” or “I stayed in a Holiday Inn last night!”

Seriously, sometimes it’s the simplist things that work the best. You can email it to me anytime.



Thanks for the laugh cyberiankhatru!!!
Needed that!

Yes, the simplest are often the most effective! :^)

I was just down your way picking up a few hulls last week. Nice weather!



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no offence intended

I recently read an article about
external rotators - infraspinatus and teres minor. They gave two exercises to strengthen these tiny muscles.

On page 14 in Kayak Touring (canoe and Kayak) these may help get you going again.


Shoulder help needed
I have been having physiotherapy for several months now for a torn rotator cuff from a fall, and also some tendon injuries in both shoulders (probably age related) that have retarded the healing somewhat. I am much improved and want to restart paddling in the spring or early summer. I’d like some comments on my thoughts here - I have a hardshell and a Feathercraft Java. If I use the Java, I can sit up higher and so keep a lower stroke (using good torso rotation of course). I can also get out of the boat easily without having to lift against the cockpit rim with my arms behind my back to get out. I also have a downwind sail I can use on this boat.

My question is, would there be less paddling strain on my shoulders if I added a rudder to the Java? It is easily done, although I have been happy with the Java skeg so far and don’t use either a skeg or rudder on my hardshell. My idea is that it would make paddling with a side wind easier and enable me to evenly distribute the strokes either side. This year I am not planning on a lot of mileage and I am willing to give up some speed rather than not paddle at all. My (non-paddling) spouse says that the rudder would a lot of drag. Comments please?

Seek real-world advice
I really believe that it is worth it to see a physiotherapist or athletic therapist. It won’t take long, it won’t cost too much, and you will get the right exercises, learn to execute them with perfect technique, and forge ahead with confidence that you are helping, rather than hurting your recovery.

Following this visit, you may just have a personal trainer or knowledgable friend check your form once in a while, to make sure you have not developed any bad habits.

No diagram, description, or “other person’s perscription” will do that for you.

Good luck.

Liv2Paddle hit the nail on the head
Seriously…especially for those of us who incurred damage (football, cycling injuries, etc.)in years gone by and are now at that age where things start to show up…big time.

I really think that; along with the push to learn a good brace or good fwd. stroke or good roll, folks should be strongly advised to build up those muscles with the right exercises BEFORE engaging in those long paddles and vigorous paddling workouts.

My Ortho docs looked at the Dye MRI and saw the two half torn tendons and the third partially impinged and all the ‘junk’ in there and basiclly told me to live with doing what I could.

Oddly, I had no problems with shoulder pain untill…two years ago when I was out paddling almost every day may-nov. and paddling long sets.