Show me some pretty color schemes

I’m not saying I’m already upgrading my kayak, but show me some pretty color schemes to consider, in case I am upgrading my kayak.

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We thought long and hard about the color for our new kayaks, a few years ago. We wanted easily visible colors, yet didn’t want them to drive us crazy looking at them. And we tend to like simpler combinations, rather than choosing lots of different colors for various parts of the boat. It was interesting how, when offered many choices, I tended to choose many different colors at first.

Luckily, Marshall at The River Connection was both patient and helpful, getting us photos of actual color samples. Here is what we ended up with, and we are very happy with them:

Photo courtesy of Marshall. The blue and yellow show up well on the water, and are quite pleasing to look at.


If you go to the Current Designs website pick a kayak and then scroll down to the Colors & Options section you can pick from their standard colors for the Deck, Hull, Seam and Coaming. The website will show you what your choices look like. I think that it is pretty neat.

I like tandems so:

It is not shown on a Libra unfortunately.

Current Designs :: Libra XT (


P&H has a kayak colorizer that is a very good way to eat up some time!

Here are some of my past and present composite kayaks, and a few friends’ kayaks as well.



That’s pretty.

Yeah I have played with P&H’s color tool, but nothing beats seeing photos of actual boats. I just love those mint green kayaks!

Can anyone tell me if a kevlar/carbon hull with a clear coat will yellow over time the way one of my carbon fiber paddles has?

Perception only made their composite layup Avatar for one year and in 3 deck color choices over a white hull: solid cherry red, cherry red to golden yellow ombre fade and cobalt blue to golden yellow fade, with metal flake sparkles in the blue. I have the latter:


Seaward kayaks has an color program too.

Never had a green boat. Just yellows, reds and blue. But, here is a neon green one coming hopefully just after the new year.



Love my bright green Venture Easky (named “Snow Pea” for obvious reasons). Actually was attracted to it in the store due to the color and it accidentally turned out to be a terrific boat for me.

But one warning about green decked boats (I have two): dragonflies seem to consider them the floating equivalent of the bridal suite at the Hilton and I often have amorous passengers, the likes of which have never appeared on the other colored boats I have owned (blue, yellow, red, raspberry pink, orange.)


Not intentional but this a 200 cm AquaBound Whisky will be coming around the same time:

Almost feels like i’m trying to be “fashionable…” :hot_face:


No dragonflies usually in the ocean. Just hope the greenheads won’t be attracted. Those are literally a pain in the neck (my usual exposed area when seakayaking).


I love the green kayaks. I am considering green. Or turquoise. Or…

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My Illusion was that color. I really liked it. If I had my choice my Progression would have been that color, too.

Oh goodie, another chance to post a pic of my new-to-me Prana! :slight_smile:
With the supply issues right now I was just lucky to find one where the color was agreeable. I avoided the indecision of trying to choose. However, I really like the color scheme on @Wormdevil boat. The grey upper deck looks very classy!


Wormdevil’s, with previous owner (hope he’s OK with me reposting his pic)

@Rookie has another one the same as Wormdevils, but with a white underside instead of yellow. Very sophisticated! I referred to it as “James Bond’s kayak” - should come with a martini.


I really like your turquoise with green trim. What a beautiful boat.

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I created this last night and now after seeing your kayak again, I think this color scheme is the front runner. At least for right now. If, that is, some things work out and I am actually going to upgrade my kayak.


@Pru - this color scheme is at the top of my list too! (and I love @mickp 's CD!). The only reason that I didn’t use those colors on my Tiderace was that their turquoise and light green shades weren’t as bright as the ones that CD and P&H use, and were both non-standard colors so would have added $400 to the cost of the already expensive kayak. So I went with the blue and yellow (which I love). But if I ever order a P&H down the road, turquoise and lime green is what I will probably do!


Looks like my CD, minus the trim


Well I think y’all are cinching this for me. The picture I posted has metal flake, but I am hearing that is a very spendy option. And I’m not sure the universe is going to cooperate at all on this, but I should know by the weekend.