Show off your boat ... let's see pics!

My go to boats are plastic kayaks. THE boat is a WS Tarpon 160. It too has been many places like your boat has and it shows. Rocks, oyster beds, swamps ,a little white water and some really rough ramps.
And on we go.
I’ve had several kevlar/carbon boats but they tend to move on.

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Sing, the shot of your boat coming out of the top of that wave is epic.

Crossing the finish line at the Youghness Monster Race 2021 in my West Side Boast Shop Thunderbolt-X. My all-time favorite kayak (so far!)


DaveThe Kayaker, what feature make that a favorite

15’ Caleb Chase design, Adirondack Guideboat. 2021 Adirondack Canoe Classic, 90 miler. Day 1, Fourth Lake channel, Inlet NY


rough water boat

DY Special


grasse river solo


Looks familiar!!

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The design is absolutely stunning and it is incredibly stable for a 21’ long, 18" wide kayak that is blisteringly fast. Still competitive as a racing boat yet stable enough on flat water to paddle through winter and stay warm and dry with the deck and ability to snap on a skirt.


CLC 17 at Eggemoggin Reach, Maine


Not the fastest, best looking or most expensive on here. Not the fastest, best looking or most expensive that I own. However, it’s the one I spend the most time in. (Because this one is almost invisible on the water, I don’t use it where I might encounter motorboats.)


I dunno, looks pretty good to me. I don’t think fastest or best looking or most expensive really matters. You are getting on the water, that’s what matters.



I got a 133 love it as well

As a hillbilly, those are my people! That’s what we were doing while all the rich people were having a civil war.

Kayakbasser, it’s not ultimate speed, but relative speed, otherwise I’d use a faster boat. I can get my 125 going as fast as my 145. I just can’t go as far in the same amount of time using the same effort.

You have a nice kit. I know it’s a WS, but I don’t recognize the color. That’s a stealh boat with a stealth Werner. The Pungo series is a fast and exceptionally stable boat for its class. The only reason I upgraded from my 140 Pungo was for better control in open waters.

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NOT the Beverly Hillbillies…


Sunset margarita cruise from a few years back:. ScupperFrank, Sally, Nanci & JackL -photo by Greyhawk. Key Largo, Fall, 2027?


Welcome back Frank! I’d really like to get down your way, long before 2027.

I believe the red and yellow one is a Perception Eclipse? But what is the orange one?