Show off your boat ... let's see pics!

streamr - You’ll get spoiled by the trailer, but I’m surprised that Malone mounts the crossbars so high up. They could easily drop everything down for even easier loading.

Wolf, I’m spoiled already! The angle the photo was taken at might be a little deceiving, but I agree that the crossbars could be a little lower. I did notice some of their other options were slightly lower but I wanted the 12" wheels. I did add a small storage trunk so the kayaks are at a doable height.

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This week, in the backchannels where there is rarely any ice…I built a running light platform that sits on the combing, behind the seat.


Nice, I use something similar i fashioned out of an old swiffer as it collapses like tent poles and stores easily

Brand new West Side Boat Shop Delta kayak. A little speed demon.


darkstar, Nice! I need something like that for my Tsunami - to avoid drilling into the hull!

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Finally got a new boat for my parter! Just before Christmas I realized that the Eddyline RIO is perfect for her and, they had one at REI about 5 minutes away! So, we did a Christmas Day paddle on Ladybird (aka Town) Lake here in Austin. She absolutely loves it - her previous was a Dagger Baja, which I picked up before I knew any better (just based on her size). I also much prefer loading this little cutie onto the truck. Now she needs a new paddle…you all know this is how it goes :wink:

A two mile trip to REI was slight compensation for my 1900 mile round trip to pick up my CD Prana back in September :slight_smile: And it’s a lovely little boat, light, fast, agile and fits her like a glove.


Mickp it is a good looking boat. Getting a new paddle? The double bladed pizza peel going back to the kitchen?

The Rio is a sweet boat. Its 35# weight is pretty sweet as well.

:slight_smile: Yep - that old thing - I actually use it to hold my floppy tailgate up on the Xterra.

Time to make it a wall hanger. Visitors say, “is that your favorite paddle?” No, but it’ll flip a 16 inch pizza if you’re quick. Nice to have multi-purpose tools.

Or dig a hole and split firewood.
I started with one like it. Worked OK on a rec boat. Got a sea kayak and it hurt me. That was before I learned to push the paddle , not pull it.

Looking pretty good for a mid range kayak that’s old enough to vote!

Starting the year in an appropriate manner, 1/1/22


The kayak or the kayaker? That isn’t bad for a boat and it still looks good.

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It was made in Oct 2003, about a half century after me. I guess we’re a good match, both holding up well if a little frayed around the edges.

I get “that’s not an Eddyline…???” a lot at the local lake. My usual answer is “nope, it’s not”. I hadn’t realized how much fun it can be to own a kayak that no one recognizes. I think I’m going to take off the “Sonoma” stickers to maximize the effect.

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My Tsunami is still a baby, born in 2007. It isn’t far behind, but it doesn’t look that good. Mine looks more like an old backpack than a kayak.

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I took another look. I meant old hiking boot.


It looks lovingly used and a bunch of great memories.

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I agree. Almost bought a fast boat, but I’ve seen so much in it, I wouldn’t feel right leaving it home. I have a 175, but never grew to like it. Olde Blue is home on the water. Gonna try to set new speed records in it, or failing that, just take longer to see more.

Thanks string. You do take care of your canoes, and I’m sure they’re used in hard places…

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