Show photos of boats you have built or restored

Here are some photos of the Shearwater Merganser stitch and glue kit I bought that the owner never put together for only $400. I added some wood burnings and cabinet trim as accents.

first coastal camping trip

fun at the beach


hull and deck ready to join

looking like a kayak


underside of strapless hatch covers

doing the end pours

making adventure’s


Outstanding! Congrats to your very patient supervisor too.

Beautiful work! That supervisor looks pretty tough, though.

I’ve already posted these photos, so this is kind of cheating, but in the early COVID era, I bought an extremely neglected Tempest 170 Pro and cleaned it up and replaced all the deck hardware, fittings and seat parts. I too had a supervisor to assist.



Bought for $200.

Sawyer Summersong - Google Photos


Restored Sawyer Summersong - Google Photos


They’re being shy in this pic.


Arctic Tern 14
I had this one for 10 years and refinished it just before selling it.


I finished an old Arctic Tern…


Here’s a couple of my projects over the last few years. The canoe is based on a Sawyer Shockwave, but of course I couldn’t leave it alone so I stretched and tweaked it some. The paddleboard was for my wife (I’ll have to dig up some pictures of it totally finished). The last picture is a mid-restoration shot of a Mad River Explorer in kevlar that was oxidized probably as bad as any boat I’ve seen.

The first pics have the temporary seat set-up, and this one shows what I ended up putting in.


Chesapeake Light Craft


A photog using one of my Tern 14s for a Florida State Park photo shoot.



I was looking forward to seeing the boats that would show up on this thread. I am not disappointed! The knowledge and talent here, and how it is so freely shared has always impressed me! Great place to spend some time when I can’t get out on the water.


Well sometimes the best thing to build is the work float…

This one was made from a dock that came by in a storm. I was trimmed down and secured. It was later covered with carpet.

This is the first float of my Cheseapeake 17, a CLC boat.

It was rushed to finished on the hottest most humid days to be finished for the wedding where we left the reception…in the kayaks.

The dog bought a raffle ticket at a charity event. He won an air-cooled 2.5hp outboard motor. It didn’t fit any of our boats that had the paperwork to be registered. And CLC then announced they had changed the Jimmy Smith I to a II that was designed for a 2.5hp air-cooled out board engine. … So I had to build the dog the boat.

Riker , the big dog, gets Qruiser to take him out.


Here’s a thing that I didn’t know was really possible. The bottom of the Tempest I posted earlier in this thread was structurally good, but a rough looking array of patches, all slightly different shades of white. Some of the patches were well done and smooth to the touch, and others looked like someone used spackle and a putty knife to finish the work.

I got connected with a local boat yard, and one of the guys there took on my boat as a little side project. He sanded down the bottom, sprayed new gel coat, and wet sanded everything to perfection. And then apologized for the work costing $260!


Wow! he did a great job.

I arranged for the sale of Sting’s Tempest 17 Pro to my Bother-in-law. Paddled it some before he visited and picked it up at my house. Nice sea kayaks.

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If I decide to add a small outboard to my Wayfarer 16 sailboat that’s the one I’ll put on it. I understand they are a little noisier than a 4 stroke. being air cooled eliminates the need to periodically change the water pump impeller.

I have one of those too… :grinning:

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LOL he’s a best friend, but would be laughing right now too!


This is and aircooled 4 stroke. You won’t be having a conversation at “cruise”. Its noisy. Even with exhause under water.

The Jimmy Smith II is a sailboat. It squats under power .

On the right my CD Extreme I paid $300 for and replaced **everything ** except the hull and rudder assembly. I put 600 in parts and paint in it. The worst deal I ever got considering the time and effort. I paid 900 for my Extreme HV and buffed it out. I did learn many things on how to work on a kayak. Trying to reach in and installing new cables. Painted it with 2 part Interlux Yacht Paint Fighting Lady Yellow roll and tip method. Actually painted it two probably three times. I’d paint it then gnats landed and pollen came with the wind. It faded slightly after 10 years but it is still very shiny and very durable. I put a wide base CD seat in it and moved it back as far as possible. I cut the combing legs off. Then glassed them back wider a further back. I have done that in my Solstice GT and Extreme HV also. My Libra XT came with wide base 17” seats as they all do.

I’ll find a before picture tomorrow.

Before picture

Google Photos