Shut up and paddle

that’s all I got to say to the nit pickers I see all over this site, but most recently on the paddle grip post by onno.Another good thread unraveling. This is advice, or perhaps a suggestion. Try it, it works.

I saw the bait, I coulda let it hang there, but I’m like a grouper that hasn’t eaten in a year. Hook line and sinker.


My favorite quote on the water

NE ww runs are pumping. Head plus swells tomorrow… What’s to say? JUST DO IT!


Cycled yesterday, Paddled today
I feel good.

just the opposite, Wayne

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Paddled today. Goodwin dam (farmington river) has been releasing 1250-2600 cfs all week, instead of the usual 250. Went today, it was good,huge holes, some great surfing, but Aaron and I are pretty much paddled out. Spoiled as heck, you might say. Shepaug every weekend the past month, sick wavetrains, back on the farmington before that at great levels. Canoes are still loaded but, unless it rains and soaks the trails, mountain biking is in the plans tomorrow.Those Treks are sure looking clean. Too clean ;-).If it rains, well, one more river run would have to do I guess....
Talking to our group today, we're planning on heading your way Friday to run the salmon, as long as it's got water. Let me know if you're interested.
Change in plans. Paddling Crystal rapids tomorrow morning, skipping Boateater, THEN going mountain biking....BRING IT ON YOU NIT PICKERS ;-0

Shut up and paddle…
I agree. This activity is (or was) about simplicity. Here we go! VF

shut up & paddle
I couldn’t have said it better! Bravo

there is 43-86 inches of snow in the woods…mud biking on the roads…

Would make a nice t-shirt
I have one for ice skating that says ‘Shut up and skate.’ Maybe in synthetic fabric? Brent … ?

Have to work friday, and then SWMBO has an errand for me after work. The Salmon would have been good for me, as I’m only an occasional ww paddler (VERY occasional of late, like once a year).

Looks like I’m headed to the gym this AM, and then to keg a batch of homebrewed Bock if it’s ready. I’d bike to the gym, but I hate riding in the rain.

I still feel good (And will feel better after a couple of pints this afternoon). Enjoy!

Aaron, let’s go

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was this mornings speech. Met up with an AMC kayak trip at the put-in today, unintentionally. Know most of the group. We all splashed, Aaron and I went and surfed some small waves...waited...waited...waited.8 kayakers looking like a flock of ducks.... Finally I said to Aaron ,"let's go". We headed down, caught some waves, surfed, looked upriver, wondered if there was some carnage going on..."Dad, let's go ;-)"
Well, time for some hiking or mountain biking....
Wayne, appreciate the response, enjoy the Bock...

what if you do not hear well?
I have a problem paddling with groups. I have chain saw ears and often do a fast tarining run by myself. Am not a big talker on the water. Winter is a good time for me to talk on the computer. In summer you will seldom see much of me.

There is irony to a post that says post less. It is like the bumper sticker that says to ban bumper stickers.

Paddled yesterday…Paddling manyana.
Did a trip yesterday with three other P-Netters.

All of us, complete strangers to one another, except by virtue of this website. The day was

a leisurely, easy Class I/II creek for seven miles. At a lull, we eddied out and chatted about our surroundings, etc. I said, “I like P-Net. But paddling anything sure beats sitting around in front of a screen discussing boats, gear or theory, any day.”

I thought I detected three very hearty and affirmative grunts, before we nodded and shoved off for the next small set of rapids.


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I don't mean that literally.It's not about the posting less, it's about the bickering, one upsmanship, I know more than you postings I see a lot of threads degrade to.
Gawd, hope this one doesn't go there now....
Paddlings a simple sport( I think Vaughn already mentioned that) and one I find very sociable. If you met me on the river you'd find I can babble with the best of 'em, at least at the put in.
Nobodies making a million dollars or curing cancer by paddling, so I find the "attitude" generated as some threads degrade, rather meaningless.There is nothing important enough about paddling that requires insults to be thrown, especially via internet.
My main reason for the title was that days I paddle, I get very relaxed and happy, and basically could care less what anybody thinks. I've been very relaxed and happy this winter.

Bingo Dave!
Especially on the bumper sticker/irony thing.

don’t mean literally
see my reply below.

Secret Is…
you can only control yourself, not anyone else in these forums.

Going paddling is a great way to exert your own control. :slight_smile:

There are reasons the old timers post less and less and eventually disappear. I’m on that trajectory. It’s a natural path.


Ditto, Sing.
There’s a plethora of polemicists and full-time

pusilanimous antagonists out there. People who

delight in going through life yanking crank.

If success is the best revenge, in this case,

paddling is the success. Everything else is

like a bad fart trying to linger. Ignore it,

turn away, get out to where the air is fresh,

and leave the decrepit-of-mind to their own



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still finding some fun on this site, sure I'll continue to do so, just got to hone the "snarldar," and keep paddling :-)