shuttle by moped

Do any of you carry a moped in the canoe to shuttle back upstream?

Does anyone make a small or foldable moped that might work well for such a purpose?

Ever hear of a bike ?



a long time ago I rode shuttle on a Honda 90. got back to the boats and my beard was frozen stiff. winter ww run on the Lewis river, WA.


I have heard of a bike but I don’t want to ride uphill and maybe against a wind!

How about a folding electric bicycle?

get a good lock
I have used a bicycle many times to shuttle when I was paddling rivers by myself in the southeast US. I never took the bike in the boat.

You are going to have to leave the boat at the takeout anyway to ride back to the put-in, right? So get an excellent lock. Lock your moped up at the take-out. In a more remote area you can probably get it out of sight off of the road into the trees and lock it to one. When you get to the take-out, lock up your boat (out of sight, if possible) and ride back to the put-in.

How about one of those folding electric
scooters. Might fit in a large dry bag just in case. Just thoughts. R

And if you capsize?
If you capsize or swamp what happens to the gasoline in the moped tank?

Electric Bike
I have self shuttled using an electric bike. I load my van with boat, gear, and electric bike. Drive to put-in, leave canoe there. Proceed to take-out, leave van there, ride electric bike back to put-in. Load bike into canoe, float to take-out, load everything up and head home.

Do dem ‘lektric bikes gotta be…
registered wit a State’s Motor Vehikles as a moped or somethin’?


I shuttle with bike all the time.
But it’s an old truck bike nobody’d want to steal. Still, I lock it up nice and camoflaged by the take-out --Pedal back to the put-in after the paddle. I do this with a foldable inflatable kayak, mind you. BUT HEY, if you’re so butch as to carry a moped in a canoe, why not just ride with the canoe on yer back instead? More power to ya, bug guy! (:wink:

dont do it!
Not even slightly smart idea to put a motor where it could possibly end up getting ruined. You need to think of a new tactic.

Riding a bike uphill can’t be nearly …
…as difficult as paddling a boat with an extra 150 pounds on board, especially if that means the boat is poorly trimmed or you must paddle from a less-than-ideal location to achieve proper trim. Also, if you paddle the bike uphill, you’ll get to rest when going downhill. That moped onboard won’t offer such “rewards”.

I’ve done bicycle shuttles

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I've done a few bicycle shuttles for overnight river trips. I don't take the bike with me on the water though. I've seen comments over the years here that most people who use this method leave the bike at the take-out, but I leave my car at the take-out so at the end of the river trip, all the "hard work" has already been done. It's the same number of shuttle trips either way, just the order in which you do them is different.

There's a guy who lives near the Wisconsin River who does daytrips for the purpose of fishing. He tows his 17-foot Grumman to and from the river on a trailer with his bicycle. He carries his bicycle AND canoe trailer with him during his trip downriver, so there never is a true "shuttle".

“foldable moped”???

All you need is
the Billy Mays AWESOME AUGER and a power drill and you can motor your way back up stream!

Tired of paddling upstream? THE AWESOME AUGER!

Tired of riding your bike uphill? THE AWESOME AUGER!

Tired of folding up your moped? THE AWESOME AUGER!

Awesome Auger
that’s pretty funny…it is a joke right?

In our fair state they do nm


I use this

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doesn't pack too well, but get's me back to the put in pretty quick.
Actually, with the downturn in the economy, I may lose my overtime, in which case I'll be trading in my clunker for an AWESOME AUGER. Heard a hybrid's coming out.

Thanks for providing Aarons and my "P-Net laugh of the day."