Signs of Fall

I’m starting to see a few leaves in the water, the greens are fading, and some trees on the edge of the river are showing a little color.

If you are going to tease us like this, at least tell us where you took the picture :slightly_smiling_face:

A few flashes of brilliance here in the north woods, but the most noticeable sign is the 9 p.m. darkness. Not that long ago twilight was around 9:30 p.m.

This is Mogadore Reservoir in Ohio, Sept. 10, 2021, along with my new-to-me 2000 Eddyline Falcon 18.

We have had several warm, as opposed to blistering, days with nights that are good for open windows and snuggling.

Nothing yet in southern New England. I took this picture yesterday.

Hartford Avenue Bridge

Another month and it will look like this.

Hartford Avenue Bridge

Things are probably starting up north - they are a couple of weeks ahead of us.,

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Some maples just starting to show dull orange portions in the Capital District area NY state. I am also seeing early yellows just starting. 10 day forecast shows overnights just warm enough to slow it down for another few days, then I think the trees will start falling in line behind the geraniums out front. They decided their flowering time was done a few nights ago.

But the rain of this summer continues. The local paddle group lost an evening paddle last week on what is normally a location safe from high water and trees limbs flowing down the rivers, because a set of storm cells was going to hit right on top of this glorified pond at paddle time. It did, and turned a nothing little body of water into a seething cauldron of white caps and lightening.

I am going to have to contemplate a small urban yard scale snowblower for this winter if this keeps up.

I’m curious, could you tell mw where that bridge is located?



9 pm? Sunset here is just before 7 pm

Forty six degrees this morning in Nevada. I would like to bottle the air and sell it.

On July 1 twilight ended at 10:06:22 pm Sunset was 9:30 pm.

Pics were taken on the Paw Paw River in SW Michigan yesterday.

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Dec 21sunset before 4 pm
Thats what happens when you should be in another time zone( Atlantic)
Sunrise in June is just after 4 and sunset shortly after 8
N 46 lat but way east

All my maples have red in them…some of them started turning in August.

Hartford Avenue in Uxbridge, MA,+ma’/@42.0978257,-71.6232947,167m/data=!3m1!1e3

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Monarchs have been migrating.

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Aspens were half yellow today near Lake Tahoe at 7,000 feet.
Slept out in the trailer last night at home and it was in the 40s and it felt cold.

We already have a lot of leaves coming down, and the winds are picking up. My SUP fin was clogged with leaves this weekend, and it’s nice that soon most paddlers around here will start to hibernate. I’m going to have to stick to trail running for a bit so I can rest my stupid shoulder again, though. My dog is very happy with this arrangement.

Yep that’s what I thought. I’ve been over and under that bridge a lot. Used to play in those rapids as well. Some good paddling both upstream and down from that bridge.

Quick story… Many years ago I was actually hired for a day by a Japanese film crew who were working on a program which I believe was called “Bridges of the World.” That bridge was one of several they were filming in New England. I had a 12 ft v-hull with a 10 hp outboard. A van shows up and out jumps 4 Japanese guys dressed in full length yellow rain jackets, white wide brimmed rain hats and black rubber boots. The guy I talked to on the phone wasn’t among them. None of them spoke English and I don’t speak Japanese but using different hand gestures we figured things out. We went back and forth under that bridge many, many times and walked over it on Hartford Ave just as many times. At the end of the day they took off in the van and I never found out if I made it on Japanese television.