Skills/day second boat

I am eyeing the following used boats for sale in various classified to supplement my 17-1 Aquanaut LV composite fiberglass. The primary goals for a second boat would be short day/evening paddles, winter pool sessions, instructional skills classes, etc. The following used boats, assumed different enough from my Naut LV to not be redundant, are being considered.

NDK Romany/rope skeg

Valley Avocet composite/skeg

Chatham 16 composite/skeg

Consider the possibility they would be redundant.

The lyrics may be different, but the songs are similar.

X-cite S
If you want something a bit shorter, more rocker, way playful skill building think along these lines. Yes not used yet : > )

eel may have something here, but unless mistaken, the LV is basically a tourer, and with your stature has such ample boat volume and secondary there is room for a second boat that would be different.

I agree that the Avocet and Chatham are not different enough possibly. Romany might just be the ticket. But in my view, there are starting to be some boats more evolved that the Romany Maybe a used Rockpool. Although hard to find I bet.

totally different

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perhaps non-commercial should be considered . . .SOF Greenland boat just for fun.

oh yeah, there is also a Meridian SKS.

To bad the WS Zephyr 15.5 has such a huge cockpit. That would be different.

SKS was cool, but imo much has happened since it was made. and more to point, you might wish smaller volume boat.

yes a greenland boat might really be fun. Basically that is pretty much what the Xcite S is.

Fun video–america–youtube

the Excite S

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Since the LV was a brand new purchase just a short time ago, my spouse will not be tolerating another new boat purchase. The reality is whatever boat is purchased will be considered from the used and affordable market with a possible OI sale forthcoming. This leaves out new models with no used in the marketplace. My only hope for an Excite S would be if one falls off the truck and I get a deal if I repair it.

If you have to pick just one
Romany - two reasons. It is the ultimate schooling boat, and it is the boat that you have the best shot of putting your spouse in and having her feel comfortable if you can ever make that happen.

None of these boats are “fast”, so I don’t see that being an issue with the Romany.

If you have sat in an Explorer I am not sure that you’ll feel a huge diff, but if we manage a paddle together I’ll definately bring the Romany so we can both try something that might be helpful to a decision.

yep Celia rules. Romany is a blast no bout a doubt it. Point it and go. You will just love following seas on it. Total Blast. Not the only boat, for sure. But for your stature, it will actually be pretty speedy too I bet. It is too small for me, hence the Xcite for me instead. And the Romany S just a bit unproven as yet.

yeah I got the price drift, just wanted to have a bit of fun with ya.


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I spent quite a bit of time in the Romany one day at AKT last October, in calm conditions. I was happy with the cockpit fit and how it handled, especially loved having it over on it's side. When side by side with a Valley boat however on the dock, both new, the Valley fiberglass quality looked far superior. That was new boat shopping. For used now, I am not as picky so it will not be an issue.

I've got a lead on a Romany with a rope skeg, not too far away. Hopefully the OI potential sale works out.

To complement
you Aquanaut LV, the Romany seems the best choice. Haven’t been in the Naut LV, but should also be a good day boat as well. The Romany will turn well, and handle a wide range of conditions. A lot of people I paddle with I(from 4* to small females) do really well in those in all conditions.

Another direction would be a hard chined hull like the AA or greenland.

Both the Q boat (greenland) and Nord LV are incredible kayaks.

be selective
yes NDK is “variable” That said, a good one is quite good, i.e., tough, well made, durable, holds up to allot of abuse, etc. Have WilsoJ go with you since he is the mother of all inspectors! : > )

oh yeah
test paddle… I would check out the Avocet as well…

I really like Valley’s in high winds, beam seas, rough conditions, and they are efficient…

assuming the New York Romany seller e-mailing me is real and not a scammer,he says he also has an Anas he is pondering selling.

Another vote for the Romany
I believe that the Romany is unsurpassed as a schooling/skills/etc… boat. It is also a blast!

I got my Romany after my Elaho DS and Aquanaut (and before my Nordkapp LV) and have come to think that everyone (who fits in one) who wishes to play and/or develop skills in a sea kayak should start with a Romany. If not start with one, then have one early in their skills development.

It is also a great guest boat. Of our 6 sea kayaks, the Romany is the one in which the greatest array of paddlers feel comfortable.

I have a boat for sale

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New, never paddled Chatahm 16 composite (new epoxy construction).

I'm not going to get into the this or that boat or use phrases like best or ultimate, but it is an outstanding playboat that "I" gave my Romany away for. And, as tough as NDK's are, they aint as tough as this CH!! I already have a CH 16, so don't need the extra. Contact me off-line if interested. And no, the boat I'm selling did not get hit by any hammers.

Hey, I'll even put a Brit logo on it AND get you a personal autograph from the designers, one of which paddled for England's National team, and coached the Canadian Olympic slalom team! How cool would that be?

If interested email off line.

Chatham 16 from the MIKCo site

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Here is the description of the Chatham 16 from the MIKCo site. As you may know Tom Bergh (MIKCo) is Brit boat and very much an NDK paddler so this is indeed high praise.

"Necky’s own high performance, Greenland style boat is designed by the excellent duo of Spike and Murray with two VCP ovals and VCP day hatch, VCP RDFs, an unkinkable skeg, and compass recess for a 70P. It has super rough water handling and arguable surfs better than the Romany and Avocet, it’s definitely cleaner on the inside edge. Its deeper cockpit allows for more knee height which increases power and comfort. Paddler needs to be medium in the hips for entry. Its gorgeous and reasonable and represents Necky’s version of the new ‘shaped ski’ of sea kayaks."

Be satisfied
I hear so many paddlers who think they need something different than the boat they already have. Some of them have valid complaints, they have a boat that is not good for some things, or it’s just a bad boat.

In your case, I’ve got to tell you that you already have a great all-round boat, which is also beautiful. If you can’t appreciate the gem you own now, maybe you need a different sport.

gotta wait to get home to view the Utube links since my darn work firewall blocks us!

I know that AKT that I do business with is very high on the Chatham series. Not sure what definition of medium hips is but mine might be the reason I can not even squeeze into a Force 3 or Explorer LV.

Hey could be addition to our fleet
Hey, if he gets separated from his boat on a rough day it could be an addition to our pod fleet!

on the fun side, check out “Affluenza” a cool short on how we want more stuff, and test yourself on it.

or, check out a friend’s film called The Story of Stuff about how we came to our programmed to want so much. Watched by over 5 million folks Story in New York Times yesterday!

you should be fine in the Aquanaut LV in instructions… no one cares what boat you have, they want to see you j lean, and start learning new technique… it should respond well to rudders and draws…

all soft chine boats aren’t that responsive to edging anyway… and a bow rudder is the perfect solution…