Small adult/youth sit inside kayak

I have not - I’ll look into it. I want a boat just like my Rockpool Alaw Bach but that fits me.

Only reason I mention it is that the Cetus may be heavier than you’d like. It’s a great kayak but around here many people have traded their British boats (P&H, Valley etc) for Xceeds to save significant weight. I know P&H has a new infused carbon Kevlar construction that advertises 42 lb, but I have no first hand experience with that construction.

Might want to check out the Rebel line of kayaks too - the Husky (despite the name) is another excellent small persons boat - also a bit too small for me.

I wonder if a US seller could place a kayak on the Wolfe Isalnd ferry that crosses the Ste. Lawrence from St. Vincent, NY, to Kingston, ONT, to get it to a buyer?

I crossed Lake Michigan some years ago on the ferry to Milwaukee to meet the seller of a used kayak I wanted at the dock and then carried the boat onto the ferry and brought it back across. 1,000 miles round trip drive and $90 round trip ferry ticket (fortunately I have family in the town on the Michigan side so I combined the trip with some overnight visits.)

I have also crossed the Ste. Lawrence on that ferry with one of my folding kayaks in it’s duffel bag – my paddling buddy in Kingston met me on Wolfe island where I went through Canadian customs before joining him in his car for the drive to the second ferry. But I imagine I could have just left a boat there for him to claim and gone back to NY on the returning ferry.

In what part of ONT are you located? I keep waiting for a solid window of border openings so I can paddle with the Kingston friends again. I’m about 8 hours from there

Thank you!

I’m on Toronto ont

Just wondering what’s the raven you got going for?

I see it is out of stock at Frontenac Outfitters, but the 38 pound Delta 12s might be one to consider. Scaled for the more petite paddler (99 to 150 pounds) and fully outfitted with dual bulkheads and all the safety, performance and comfort features of a touring boat.

Made in British Columbia, by the way. Similar in many ways to Eddyline.

Another boat to consider is the Eddyline Sitka ST. It is a touring style kayak with a skeg and is relatively fast, especially for its size. It weighs about 43 lbs. My wife owns one and loves it.

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Thank you, I will definitely check it out!

For recreational lake paddling, Eddyline has some other good choices in the 32 - 38 lb range (Rio, Sandpiper, Sky 10). If cost isn’t a huge concern, check out the Swift Adirondack 12 LT, which comes in at about 24 lbs.

While you’re hunting check out Current Designs Vision and Hurricane Sojourn. Both composites but not as pricey as some others that were mentioned.:grinning:

If you’re looking for a more recreational or day trip kayak for flat water or slow moving rivers I would look into the Eddyline Rio. It’s 11’9” but still only 35 lbs. With the narrower cockpit it might get a little more difficult to get in and out of as you get older and a little less nimble but it would be perfect for your smaller frame. I’m 5’5 and 120lbs and I’ve been looking for a little canoe or kayak for a while so I know where you’re coming from. If the Rio was within my price range I would get it in a heartbeat. I’ve also looked at some models from dagger but they’re going to be much heavier than the Rio.

@Pru I know you’re a drive from Vermont, but this just may be worth it! That’s a heck of a deal for a Scorpio LV in my opinion. I bet you can find some other members to lend a hand. Don’t miss the entire season! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately a 16 hour drive each way is not something I’m willing to do. I’m sure I can find something closer. In the meantime, I’m content on my SUP. I suspect, though, that my tune will change when the Fall winds stir up.

The label says Scorpio LV. Good boat though and OK drive from me, wish I needed it.

What is this ‘need’ thing you speak of? :grin:

Well maybe should have said had a place to put it. A few more boats gotta go.

I hear ya. I saw a piccolo kayak and I think it’ll fit the bill. Any thoughts

sigh And I have two empty racks in my garage.

I have heard really good things about the Piccolo for smaller paddlers. There was a recent post here with a video of a little kid paddling one (although they are supposed to be great for small adults too):