So... whos going to the BWCA in 2005

We got our permit confirmation for a Sawbill Lake entry in early August. Only 6 more months. It’s been 4 years since we last visited, waaaaay to long.


No Plans Yet…
…but last year was the first in 20 years that I DIDN’T go. Thinking about going to a different area where I’ve never been, Crooked lake area. WW

I’m headed back to Quetico . . .
does that count ?


Snowbank Lake
We head in later June to loop around to Lake one via Adams, boulder, Alice, etc. We are gradually working our way west to east.

twice at least
I am going up June 9th to South Lake with friends from work. Late July or early Aug my uncle and I will go into Jackfish. Today my Dad started talking about a third trip for just he an I to explore new lakes. Hell, I may as well just move to Ely for a few months. Anybody got space for one man and a dog?

BWCA trips for 2005
We have been figuring out where we want to do our trips this summer and fall.

We have decided on the Crab Lake area with the granddaughters. Maybe Snowbank for the “Ladies Trip”. John & I want to do another Quetico trip, maybe to Poohbah this time. A springtime to the Isabella River would be nice too.

lac la croix, and… and…
Planning a kayak trip to either the US side of Lac La Croix (via Crane Lake with the help of Zups Resort) for 1 week in August or a kayak trip within Voyageurs National Park (with the help of Voyageurs Adventures). First trip in a kayak, so I have some planning and self-educating to do. The waters of Voyageurs just look huge, and I am leaning towards the intimacy of the US side of Lac La Croix. I have canoed all the major lake systems in the Quetico and the Western B-Dub, and I love the smaller water. Anyone have any thoughts?

Also doing a two night “canoe” trip with myself and 11 year old son on either Low-Dry-Bass-High, or Grassy-Tee-Fenske, or maybe Hegman (none of these are in BWCA, but near ELY and no permits required :)) All nice, small, kid friendly lakes, you can do on a spur of the moment because no permit is required.

Doing a one nighter on a little island a 1/4 mile from our cabin on Cedar Lake in Ely with my three year old. Pop tarts never tasted so good.

Planning next spring’s ('06) “mens” fishing trip to Poobah region again–have some unfinished business with some smallies in a special lake up there. We all have preferences, but if anyone wants nice access to the Western part of the Quetico, Zups Resort on Lac La Croix is great to work with! They towed me to the bottle portage 20 years ago for my first trip into Argo, and I have used them about 10 times since.

Quetico counts
The U.S. almost included most of the Quetico. The border of Canada and US was determined by the “Route of the Voyageurs”. Often the Voyageurs would use the Northern route, (from Saganaga up to Kawnipi, Russell, Sturgeon, and down the Maligne to Lac La Croix) rather than the southern route (Saganaga to Knife Lake, Basswood, Crooked to Lac La Croix.) It could have easily been interpreted that the Northern route was the “route of the Voyageurs”, and all of Hunters Island would be US soil, not Canadian soil.

So the Quetico counts.

No Permit for Hegman Lakes?
I thought I recalled getting a day-use permit the couple of times I’ve been there? Those are some really nice pictographs, huh? WW

2005 Trip
Going in at Entry Point 16 at Nina Moose North and going to either Iron or Lac La Croix… for 5 days.


Yep - Need a permit
Yep, you do need a permit for the Hegman Lakes. I believe they were added in 1978. My 14-year-old son and I are going there this summer.

The other areas mentioned are indeed outside the BWCA. They are great places to take kids for their first trip. No pemits. No can ban (Spaghetti-Os for dinner one night).

Sea Gull Lake
I’ll be going in at Seagull in August, South Hegman in July, and TBD in October. Probably no BWCA in June or May. However, I will get canoe camping those months (and April, too). St. Croix River? Root River? Kickapoo River? Upper Iowa? Any number of posibilities.

We have our anual trip planned
We’re hitting Lake Mudro for 5 days during Labor Day. This will be the third year in a row. We usually go Memorial Day but can’t make that weekend. I’m not to happy about having to wait all summer for this trip but oh well…

abbr Frost River loop
for the fishing opener i’ll be going in thru cross bay down to long island. from there we’ll catch the frost over toward mora and back out thru tuscarora. prolly drag some crankbaits and spoons for lakers. any advice appreciated but i digress…

also plan to get up in june for some smallies on the fly rod and hopefully once more. luckily i’m a minneapolis bum so its a lil easier to get away. can’t wait!


hegman lake permit
sorry, you are all right, permit is needed for hegman. I’ve only x-c skied in there the last few years on 1/2 day trips. Just don’t think of it as BWCA.

Quetico in June…
we are putting in at the Beaverhouse Lake entry and plan on spending most of the week fishing Cirrus lake area.

I joined a group of regulars last year for my first Quetico trip (Nym Lake), even with the long ride from the east coast, it’s worth going back.


hope twice
Hope to make two trips. Wife wants to be on a trip on her 50th birthday at the end of July. Might go in a few lakes and base. Maybe out of Cross Bay or just off of Brule. My wife and I hope to get up the last week of May for a 10 or so trip. Would like to go outbof Sawbill, wind over to Brule, north and around to Cherokee. That will depend on my knee and doctor meeting on Feb 22 and whatever needs to be done. If just a little scope I hope for the end of May. If more of a problem we’ll base camp Kelso or a couple of lakes in from Baker (easier portages).

Might go up a third time if my college son wants to. If my knee is ok he talks like he wants to do the Frost River. It will depend on his schedule. Although, I have been considering Sea Gull to Round in honor of my first trip 36 years ago.

So, so exciting.

Moose river N to Oyster to Pocket to
Eugene, North/South, down to Loon and out Little Sioux River is a nice route, smaller lakes. You could access that route from Zup’s via North/South, head east down to Oyster, head west via Shell and head north either through Loon and Slim back to North or Loon to Lac la Croix.

Nice idea for a thread
Some of these planned trips bring back waves of memories going back 30 years with many friends and family, and some nag at me cause I haven’t visited yet! Keep them coming.

Moose to Beaverhouse
Today I found out all permits and crews are in place for one way trips across the Quetico this July for 2 groups. My group will travel from Moose Lake landing to Beaverhouse and shuttle vehicles back to Moose. The other group will do the reverse of the same route. I also expect to do several day trips spring / summer /fall.