So who's still fishing?

Even as the water and air temps cool, I’m still in the Yak every chance I get chasing smallmouths on the Shenandoah. Right now is some of the best fishing you’ll find all year. And as the weather permits (I may be obcessed, but I ain’t crazy!) I’ll be out there all through the winter. Anybody else as crazy?

Still fishing
Went out last week-end with a friend in my canoe. had some pretty stiff winds. had to anchor into the wind in order to fish. finally found a cove on lee side of island, my friend hooked into a good sized chain pickerel. I didn’t hook anything, just along for the ride. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Still fishing
Well with the shorter days I’m down to weekends only. Still working on my outside projects before winter comes but usually make it out at least once a week. This is usually a good time of year for walleye and sauger but this year has been a little different. Fish are not hitting as they usually do but maybe i’m just not there the days that they are feeding. The flooding from hurricane Ivan made some drastic changes in the area that I usually fish this time of year so I don’t know if that has to do anything with it. Anyhow it’s still enjoyable to just get out and paddle. I usually fish until the water actually freezes over.

Like I always say, “If its flowin’, Ole Ed’s a goin”. Our local water here in the Buckeye state has been pretty high lately, so I’ve been doing a lot of floats without bringing a rod. I’m off work for a week and levels are looking good again, so I’ll be chasing smallies. I might even make a run over to WV or KY to wet a line too.


Still fishing
Most every weekend. The largemouths are hitting good this time of year as the water cools down.

As much as I can…
Warm weather smallmouth fishing is great, lots of fish and plenty of action…but I’m getting to where I like cool and cold weather fishing almost as well. We’re in the middle of a remodel of our house, so the fishing time is a little short, but I got out last Monday on a local river and did very well, including a 21 inch smallie, my biggest of the year so far. Even caught a few fish on surface lures!

Sportsman’s Paradise checkin in…
11/ 6 & 7th - fished both mornings and boated seven redfish within 1/2 mile of my roadside launch in Venice, La. Had two reds break the hooks on1/8 oz. Johnson spoons so the smallest I’ll use from now on is 1/4 oz. All four that I caught Sunday morning were picked from a school of reds that were chasing shrimp on the surface. I picked up three and the school broke up. Got diverted for a while and the school reformed. Picked up one more and that shut the school down for the day. That was the first time I’d ever found redfish under feeding birds. Usually we find trout under feeding flocks.

11/12, 13 & 14th - Caught a total of thirty five redfish (only kept limits) and nine speckled trout. High winds put the damper on the trout action and I caught most of them one night fishing under some lights.

All of the reds measured between 18" - 26 " and the trout ranged from 12" - 18".

Guess what we grilled for dinner tonight…

Yak, it’s supposed to be a secret!

He’s just kidding folks…

lobsterboat engine siezed, will have to
use kayak, now how do I mount the trap puller?

Still fishing
Mid October, Bought a used Encounter while I had a cast on my broken leg.

Paddled it for the first time this afternoon. Nice boat, caught 14/15 inch Rainbows, trolling Rapalas.

Supposed to snow tonight.

Went out with some friends 3 weeks ago…

I almost caught a sunburn in my tank top…

And almost had a mngo, and a cuda, and something jerked my rod around before giving up…

And I went back and had a drink and cigar on the dock in my sandals and shorts & T-shirt…

So what’s with all this ‘you still fishin’ stuff, anyway?

I’ll fish through the winter, and of course, I’ll also

Paddle On!

Frank in Miami

frank, the only ice we see on the water
is if someone spills thier drink.

Glad I’m not the only whacko
Ed and Al…I KNEW you guys would still be hard at it…afterall we’re part of the same ‘bunch’. I was just curious about the rest of P-net crowd.

Bassman2…fishing has been tough all up and down the mid-Atlantic area and ranging out to the Alleganeys. Many theories and opinions as to why, but the biologists I know say it’s a combo of bad spawns and low oxygen levels. Spawns were fantastic this year according to the same people in all areas, so hopefully in a couple of years we’ll see some banner years again.

Frank…you and Yak-o-Lou don’t count…aint no such thing as ‘no paddling’ weather down there were you 2 are…unless a Hurricane’s blown through or something. (Must be nice BTW…:wink:

floods keeping me down
We got 7 inches of rain last week, and another 7 inches this week. My rivers are toasted til spring for fishing. But if you dig log jumping whitewater, you are in luck in TX.

OK -so LeeG and the rest of the SoFla contingent don’t count. and maybe neither does Yak-A-Lou-EZ-Anna either -but then again, it sure CAN get COLD up there in the panhandle & along the Gulf Coast in winter…

But WACKO? PULL-LEEZE! You’re an ANGLER! It comes with the territory! Any non-angler’ll tell you THAT…!

All I’m going to say is good for you, may you have great good luck all winter long. As for me, I wouldn’t freeze my tush off unless I’d be gar-an-damn-teed a big’un… Heck -I grew up in Noo Yawk, and went to skool in I-O-Way, and THAT’S why I live in Miami, LOL!

I’m VERY thankful -appropriate sentiment, starting around this time of year, of course -to live -and yakfish -here on Sunny South Florida and the Fabulous Florida Keys -where I pretty regularly happily and comfortably, pretty much year-round

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Some people get pretty touchy around here don’t they? :wink:

Frank, my child-bride (of 30 years) says I am absolutely certifiable because I have been out in mid-40s weather in the Kayak, in the rain, fishing my chilly butt off. Them smallmouths get mighty chilly to the touch (and mighty hungry!) below 50 degrees let me tell ya.

But I have found I prefer to be a tad chilly vs a tad warm. As a friend told me at a gathering on the New River back in Sept.: “I’m like you, I’d rather be a little chilly than a little warm…because I can always put on a jacket, but I can can only get ‘so’ nekkid!”

I hope to NEVER see him ‘too warm’!!

(Confidential to Al_A and Dirty Ed: you know him… his intials were A.P. :wink:

No rod again
when the fishing was hot, tarpon and snook were busting baits last monday under the fort lauderdale bridges. Damned creatures scared me half to death.


I was thinkin’ of you TK when they said San Antonio was floating away. Hope you and your bride are staying dry

Scary Thought
A.P. in the buff ? 30 degree air temps couldn’t give me bigger chills than just thinking about that!

Latest report…
Friday afternoon - put my nephew on his first ever kayak caught redfish. He may be hooked. We each caught five but I had to release three and he only had to release one. Four that we kept were 17-18’ (perfect eating size). He caught a 26" beast that made him grin a LOT from the lil T-100 he was fishing from. I finished the day with a 281/2" rouge rogue that gave my drag a workout.

Saturday = thunbderstorms in the AM and 25-30 mph winds = watched ball games all day.

Sunday AM = uh… er… fished from the stinkpot (21’ Century Bay Boat and caught four trout and one redfish between three of us.

Kingfish, you did well to stay home. Hope the wife’s recovery is progressing well.