Songs to paddle by

I find it natural to hum, or sing a song while kayaking. Help keep up the rythym hour after hour.

Just finished a 3 day trip, and it became apparent that my selection is quite limited:

ONE MORE RIVER TO CROSS (And that one river is Jordon)




What are your favorites?

me too!
I thought I was the only one. I’m always singing while paddling (alone at least). I get funny stares from boaters as they pass me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in a kayak, I’m singing loudly, or both. I generally sing whatever is on my current listening rotation. I think I was singing some Queen songs last time I was out on the water!

Hamms Beer theme
I like the old (60’s?) commercial jingle we used to hear for Hamms (Hamm’s?) Beer - the mascot was this cartoon bear who would get into various misadventures - often involving a canoe, as I recall! There was this cliche “Indian” (like, American Indian) song that went with it - you know, with that BOOM-boom-boom-boom BOOM-boom-boom-boom drumming that we all were told all Indian music useed - and I sing this to myself as I paddle:

FROM the land of sky-blue WAH-ters

COMES the beer re-FRE-esh-ing…

HAMMS, the beer re-FRESH-ing…

HAMMS, the beer re-FRESH-ing…

And I don’t even drink beer! :slight_smile:

  • rob

While paddling on Lake Superior…
I kept hearing the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, by Gordon Lightfoot.

Depends on the weather…
…in wind and waves, I’ve been known to hum Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries; mellower times will find me singing “Shenandoah”…

Paddling songs
If you will accept the suggestion of a canoehead. I find the Volga Boatmen’s song as interpreted by the old Red Army chorus to be very good for laying out the beats when you are on big water, paddling against a strong head win with waves getting ready to white cap and you are starting to get worried. I just go on auto pilot with it and I am here to tell you about it.

On one trip up to Temagami we also amused ourselves with old Jeanette McDonald/Nelson Eddy tunes like Indian Love Call. Corny? You bet, but it helps you do what you gotta do on a long trip -pick it up, put it down and get on down the lake.


Mine is
the weather started getting rough

the tiny ship was tossed

if not for the courage of the fearless crew

Nighttime in the switching yard
fron warren Zevon. Not for distance paddling for working a heavy standing wave. When surfing I just get my pants scared off by the roar. When paddling along I just paddle along.

sea cruise
sea cruise baby

sea cruise

sea cruise baby

sea cruise

sea cruise baby

wont you let me take you on a

sea cruise?

Well you asked for it

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River by Bill Staines

On a Rolling Sea Jesus Speaks to Me ( I save this one for really big swells)

A Pirate Looks at 40 (Jimmy Buffet /Jack Johnson version) Usually while upside down .

jimmy buffet
in the words of the good and revered mr james buffay -

lovely cruise -

Drink it up this one’s for you

It’s been a love cruise

Sorry it;s ending yah it’s sad but it’s true

It’s been a lovely cruise

These moments were left with

May you always remember

These moments are shared by few

There’s wind in our hairAnd there’s water in my shoes

It’s been a lovely cruise

These moments were left with

May you always remember

These moments are shared by few

Those harbor lights

They’re coming into view

We’ll bid our farewell much too soon

So Drink it up

This one’s for you

It’s been a lovely cruise

Ah honey it’s been a lovely cruise

Ah sugar it’s been a lovely cruise

Ballad of Easy Rider
The River flows

Flows to the sea

Where ever that river flows

That’s where I want to be

Flow, river, flow

Let your waters wash down

Take me from this road

To some other town.

Flow, river, flow

Past the shady tree

Flow, river, flow

Down to the sea

The most famous of all.
Row,Row,Row Your Boat

A necessity when you have a 4 and 5 year old in the canoe.

Local fare
A song by my friend Lennie Gallant:

The Pull of the Fundy Tide

We went walking on a Fundy shore

To shake off the troubles from the night before

Dark clouds were gathering, I thought for sure

It was the calm before the storm

You threw the stick, the dog did his part

The stone I threw skipped like a restless heart

Every ripple ran into another like

Thoughts that won’t take form

At the moment of the turning tide

Thought I felt something shift inside

And I saw the both of us trapped in time

At the edge of a brand new morning


And the rain started falling

But it felt so good

When I kissed your shoulder

I felt the pull of the Fundy tide

I felt the pull of the Fundy tide

I felt the pull of the Fundy tide on my heart

Then something wonderful caught your eye

An eagle watching from a rock so high

Like some kind of sentinel in the sky

A guardian of the soul

We let the rain wash the doubts away

The tide delivered them far beyond the bay

And what really happened then I can’t say

But it’s something to try to hold


Spin me a cartwheel where swallows fly

While the famous painter and his wife sail by

And the sun is hidden by a beautiful sky

Over the Fundy shore

Cuban National Anthem of course … ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT

JB’s Margaritaville

JB’s Reasoning with hurricane season

JB’s Last Mango in paris

JB’s Changes in Latitudes, changes in attitudes

and so many more


Way down upon
“Way down upon the suwannee river”

How about JB’s
Mademoiselle Voulez-vous, written by my friend Lennie?

Whatever is stuck
in my head from my band’s last gig or rehearsal. Sometimes Giovani Gabrieli, occasionally Handel or even Glenn Miller, or maybe a little something from the Crescent City. Sousa’s Washington Post March makes for an enthusiastic cadence.


I frequently get “Rock the Kasbah” stuck in my head while paddling… probably cause “the sound of freedom keeps interrupting my solitude”

My aunt and uncle
own a lodge in Tamagami, where did you stay there?