Spare paddle

What are you using for your spare paddle?

Because it’s light…

A Werner carbon Little Dipper.

Shuna bent shaft, my primary paddle is aGP made by Don Beale :slight_smile:

I am cheap
My first $60 rec paddle, because I am too cheap to buy a nice one to sit in the back bungees. I figure I will put my current paddle in the bungees when I “move up” again.


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Carbon Sting Ray. Sometimes a crappy Greenland paddle that I carved. My primary paddle is a Greenland paddle carved by Don Beale as well! :)

Rough Stuff
A Rough Stuff Black Magic Tour. I figured it would make an appropriate back up paddle. It’s got a titanium spine that runs down the back of the blade and into the shaft. Heavy at 31oz, but I believe that back-ups should emphasize strength.

Similar to primary
When I decided the 230 Werner Camano I bought was too long I bought a 210 with the thought I could mix them to get a 220, in case the 210 was too short. Turned out I like the 210 length most of the time, but occasionally find 220 better if it’s choppy, helps avoid air strokes.


Similar to primary paddle
In a race I will borrow a friends Zav as a back up. for most uses I have an old camp paddle cut down to match my zav.

I use a spare that can double as a…
surf paddle. I don’t go in for a cheap paddle for a spare because, I figure, there is a reason why I don’t have my primary paddle. Either rough conditions that helped me break my first paddle or rough conditions that made me not keep my first paddle. And if that never happens then at least I have a spare that will serve “double duty” and I don’t feel like I wasted money.

To the original question, I use a Lendal Power Fusion with a shorter shaft (194).

It all depends on your kayaking
A lot depends on the type of kayaking you do and the need for a quality paddle to get you back home if the primary breaks. I’m cheap and don’t go all that far in my kayak, which I use primarily for fishing. My spare is a $6 3ft wood paddle, single blade, from wal-mart. It’s real advantage is in positioning when fishing. Its a lot easier to make small moves with the little paddle than with the double bladed. Since I don’t do long distances, usually no more than a couple of miles from my launch, I’ll probably buy a real cheapy aluminum shaft paddle to get me back faster. Of course, that fits into my budget too, I’m disability retired and on social security. But, I can sure tell the difference between those and my carbon shaft paddle.

ZAV WW model as it is a little stronger

Can’t Decide
I carry two GP’s with me. One is a solid western red cedar carved by Don Beale, and the other is a Superior Carbon Fiber.

Can’t decide which is the spare and which is the primary, although I do lean more towards the Beale as my primary.

a bitheavy bending pranches wood
paddle. I can perform with it but it’s not the best. got it used with a boat.

I really should cut down the old lightning or lendal archipeligo

I’m not on the ocean…
and I carry a BB canoe paddle on my WS Tempest 165.

I also use this paddle sometimes when taking pictures from my kayaks. Easier to trun the boat slowly with one arm.

As an aside, its pretty easy to roll a T-165 with a canoe paddle.

Only drawback is the certain spectator that unfailingly points out my error in having the wrong kind of paddle on my boat.

Thank goodness for the landlocked mentality!


Previous primary paddle
a Mid-Swift.

Canoe=Sawyer Special

Kayak=Carlisle Magic RS

In the canoe my old Black Bart,and
in the kayak my old Werner.



Spare Paddle
I bought a set of WW paddles years ago at an REI Sale and use them exclusively as my spares.

Wally World Special
I only have my original Werner paddle that I use all the time and then I bought an inexpensive two-piece aluminum shafted backup paddle. Haven’t had to use it in an emergency but I have test paddled with it and BOY is it HEAVY and LESS efficient than my primary paddle. Makes me appreciate the Werner even more.