speed enhancements

I saw an article recently where olympic swimmers are experimenting with a new suit that uses ridges placed in a certain pattern, to funnel water more efficiently along the body.

I wonder if the same theory can be used on hulls.

For years, the preferred treatment for fiberglass hulls, sail and otherwise, has been to wetsand with 600 grit, in the direction of flow. This was to reduce the effects of friction between gelcoat and the water. I haven’t heard of any new technology, however, that is moving to some kind of patterned grooves. Has anyone else?

Seems to me, if you did go to grooves, the pattern would be specific to each hull shape, and how the water flows along it at speed. This could only be identified in a lab.

With the swimming technology, I bet it won’t be long before someone comes up with something for boats.

here we go again
wax, no wax. sand, no sand. cover entire hull in goop, cover nothing ever in goop.

how about: paddle more, lose some weight, and maybe get a faster boat?

But all things being = if this was a cheaper way to make a boat faster. Anyway I am still waiting for somebody to make an outrigger type boat powered by a peddled powered prop. BTW the water bike still holds the record for speed on water. I am thinking a touring version would be cool, like a floating recumbent bike

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I’m interested in this “goop”.

How much of a speed increase can I expect?

Is it best to use “goop” with a rudder or a skeg?

Bent shaft or straight?

Will it interfere with using my Tilley?

Can I coat my dog, so he can keep up?

I heard “goop” was made by an Islamic-based company; it this true?

Do I have to sand my hull before using “goop”?

Will it work on my canoe, or is it just for kayaks?

Is there a cheaper version?

Will it take the place of spon**ns?



best applied on sponsons,
ideally directly from a tilley hat. this marvelous goop is both kosher and hallal, as well as low-carb, but still tasty. rumors have it to also be effective in increasing penis size. plus, as an additional bonus, the nigerian manufacturer of this marvelous product is in need of someone to help him move well over 20 million in funds…

Where to buy "goop"
Can I save money at the big box stores or is it only at those expensive kayak shops… Maybe I could try it at a shop and then buy it on the internet… Anyone know how much shipping would be…

Does it have a UV filter?? :-?

Smooth hull
There’s a nice thread at the KayakDesign board on

Surface Friction:


Some of the experienced designers give their view on how smooth a hull should be(conclusion - no one really knows).

Here’s a thought. While minimizing hydrodynamic drag is important, paddling a boat that helps one more effectively apply ones muscles is even more so.

were a hot topic for hull drag reduction a few years ago. Worked in the lab but not so well in the real world – One of the America’s Cup teams experimented with them and decided they weren’t worth the trouble.

As for goop, there are ablative polymer coatings that supposedly help, but most racing organizations have banned them. If I were racing I’d just stick with the 600-grit wet-sanding, or whatever the consistant winners do.

Hard Training and light boat!
At least in a Kayak/Surf Ski, the gain is so little that does not worth the trouble.

Get the lighter boat the money can buy…

Train as mush as your wife, girlfriend, or boss allows…

so you will be fast



Ah - so the scratches on the hull from dragging my poly boat are making me faster!

Holy Crap
I sorry I brought it up now.

Guess I’ll have to resort to paddling harder, or installing foils!

I can understand
the sanding making a boat go faster. Sand off enough and ya lose lots orf boat weight.lol

Navy has researched this stuff a lot.
Surface effects such as tiny riblets, or squidgy dolphin-like soft surfaces, tend not to work at speeds humans are capable of sustaining.

Fear is the greatest speed enhancement I know of. One time years ago I was fishing some back water in the woods when suddenly things felt differant. I looked up to the northeast and the sky was black. I paddled back to my campsite about a mile away with the black threatening sky and wind over my shoulder. Didn’t have a GPS but the hull was planing and I was leaving a rooster tail behind the boat.

Is Fear available in
paddling shops or can you get some in a hardware store?

you haven’t been really afraid…

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...until you've been chased (and repeatedly attacked) for two miles by a pair of pit bulls in a shallow river (less than one foot deep). Now thats a speed inhancement!

Goop is made from recycled
Orange Peels found partially decomposed on the Edisto River.

alka seltzer tablets
shoved into the scupper holes of my sot give be a lot of speed but its hard to control direction and prone to spinning in circles if not equally distributed

you need venturis
good venturi ports are vented on one side- you easily control the flow of the bubbles this way. you could also direct a laminar flow of goop.

speed inscentives
take laxitive and start paddling increased speed due to fear & embarasment, side affects are cramping and cleaning out draws not getting there intime :slight_smile: