Spring Ozark Rendezvous 2020 - North Fork of the White

Considering our weather forecast is more rain, freezing rain and snow I thought it might be a good time to start thinking about warmer weather paddling. Spring Ozark Rendezvous!! Last year we went to the Buffalo River but there was talk of returning to the North Fork of the White this year, but if there is more interest in the Buffalo we’ll go there. The group has been shrinking and hoping others will join this spring and new comers are always welcome. Official dates would be Wednesday, April 29 to Sunday, May 3, as always some people come early and some stay later. Looking forward to hearing from folks!

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I would prefer going to the North Fork for a couple of reasons.

First, Mary might possibly go if we stay at Twin Bridges since there are cabins available there. If the venue Ozark Campground on the Buffalo, she definitely will not attend. We tried a cabin at Dogwood Springs campground last spring, but it did not work out as well as I had hoped for a variety of reasons and don’t care to try that again.

Second, the drive to the Buffalo is just that much farther and becomes especially tedious when driving alone, as I would be. The river is beautiful, but water levels are always an unknown factor. Because of weather issues, water levels, and car troubles, the Rendezvous last spring on the Buffalo was a long run for a very short slide.

If you go to the North Fork, where would the camping be? Would the river be class 2 or less? Deb and I would love to join in again, if I can swing the time off.

We would stay at Twin Bridges. North Fork is class 1, so you wouldn’t have any issues there. Hope this helps. Hopefully some more folks will post their opinion on location.
Thanks, Pam

I hope you can make it. If you can, and we are on the North Fork this spring, here is the website for Twin Bridges campground:


As you can see, the campground is basically at the eastern junction of Missouri Routes 14 and 181. The nearest “town” (term used loosely) is Dora, Missouri. If you look at the campground map, those of us who tent camp will be down in the area called “Deer Meadow” along the river at the south end of the campground. They do have RV hookups (which I have never used) but the full hookup sites are located at the east end of the campground, across the Spring Creek bridge. There is a restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner at the campground.

I’m up for either location. The Buffalo is beautiful but it’s always hard to plan ahead for that river since the levels are darn near impossible to predict in advance. The North Fork has practical advantages for a group of our size and for those who travel as far as some of us do.
Thanks for putting the word out, Pam.

I prefer the Buffalo; my better half prefers the North Fork.
That being said; we are prepared to go along with the majority’s river selection.
And if I’m truthful, I especially love the fact that the campsite we typically use on the North Fork has a mini restaurant. I love having breakfast when someone else prepares the food.
I’d starve if I had to make my own coffee or God forbid, cook my own breakfast…


I just wish the restaurant would cater our lunches on the river, and our supper after we got back to the campground. :wink:

And maybe, someone, who would load, and unload our canoes and river gear for us.
That would be nice…:smiling_imp: Seriously! I ain’t kiddin’!!

I am planning/hoping to make it. I would prefer the North Fork but will go along with whatever is decided.


I hope you are able to make it, Peter. It would be good to paddle with you again. If you come do you plan to bring the Vermont tandem?

Another thing to keep in mind if the Rendezvous is at the North Fork is that Twin Bridges is reasonably close to the upper Jacks Fork which might well be running well in late April and early May.

I will be attending again this spring - just need to know where, hopefully before I hit the road to head southeast from almost 60 degrees north latitude. I do like the idea expressed by some last spring of alternating between North Fork and the Buffalo.

Would love to come but will be coming back from a trip to Death Valley and hence no boat. I forget if they have beater rentals at the Twin Bridges

If you want to come I can bring a boat for you. Send me a PM if you are interested.

We can’t really commit because we will be trailering over 10 000 miles and if we have to delay for whatever reason and can’t make it we don’t want you dragging and holding the boat so to speak. But thank you!

We are planing a trip to the Buffalo and White River area in July, so I do not think we would make and April trip also. But I would love some paddling area recommendations

So have we settled on Twin Bridges?

jakedog, I don’t think the decision is final yet, but my guess is that its better than 80% certain to be Twin Bridges. The prime consideration for any spring trip in the Ozarks is water levels - in fact, we used to do the Current R. in spring and fall but moved to the North Fork (Twin Bridges) for spring because we had been flooded off the Current so often. The Buffalo is also nearby, is a bit more remote, has spectacular bluffs and some pretty sporty sections, so if levels are appropriate its a really good alternative. Problem is, we never know what the levels on the Buffalo will be until just prior to the event. The North Fork is less volatile and so is the most likely choice.

Personally, I don’t make reservations or put money down on anything till I get to wherever the event is finally settled upon. I’ve never seen any campground down there fill up this early in the season, so there’s not much worry about getting aced out of any campsite. Even if that happened most of us don’t fill the maximum occupancy of the sites we take, so you could always split a site with any of us. Splitting sites saves money, too. Most of us are pretty easy to get along with, though a bit odd.

So welcome to the board and here’s hoping to see you in the Ozarks!

I would say the choice of venue is not yet set in stone, but unless a fair number of people weigh in on this thread in the next couple of weeks in favor of a site other than Twin Bridges, the decision will have been made.

Hope you can come. As Pat said, if you plan to come and tent camp at Twin Bridges, there is no need to make reservations in advance. For those wanting to bring an RV who need hookups, I would suggest calling the campsite. I posted a link to their website earlier in this thread.

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I’ll vote for the North Fork this spring

I stayed in the RV section on our last visit to Twin Bridges (2018) - and had the whole place to myself. Just had to shuttle back and forth for breakfast & dinner (nice cafe) and nightly campfire. If the “road” into the camping area hasn’t improved I’ll stay in the RV piece again.

Kim, I could bring my We-No-Nah Prospector 15 (Royalex tandem) if there is ANY possibility you could be joining us this year - just bring your own paddles and PFDs.


Twin Bridges has boats for rent, yes they have the campground but they are also an outfitter.