Spring Ozark Rendezvous 2020 - North Fork of the White

Ok, I think we call it that Ozark Spring Rendezvous will be at the North Fork this year with camping at Twin Bridges. Official dates will be Wednesday 4/29 to Sunday 5/3. As we all know some people will come early and some stay late. Rob and I will be there sometime on Tuesday and ready to paddle on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing everyone, hopefully we’ll have some new folks join us as well.

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Yep, North Fork it is!

I hope to be there, barring unforseens. I am not sure if Mary will come or not at this stage. Arrival date indeterminate, but if anyone expects to arrive early in the week and wants someone to shuttle and paddle with, please indicate such in this thread.

Barring unforseen circumstances; JoAnne and I will be in attendance on the North Fork.
Looking forward to it.


We hope to make it and run something suitable for old tubs. We will rent one… the other old tubs are us.

Assuming I can get through the next few months without breaking any bones (my recent record hasn’t been that good in March and April), I’ll be seeing you at Twin Bridges. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

My plan, as usual, is to arrive on Monday, ready to paddle on Tuesday and stay through Sunday night. Really looking forward to seeing LOTS of folks this spring.

Brad, If you are planning to arrive on Monday, I will make an effort to arrive at Twin Bridges late Monday afternoon. I can’t promise to do that yet, as it will depend on what my wife plans to do, but I will try to let you know one way or the other before the event. Let me know if your plans change.

Hello Pam and Pete and others. I hope to catch up with you guys this year. North Fork is a great choice. I have two other trips in April, one in the Ozarks. I should be able to swing it though.

I guess somebody has to be the first to throw cold water on this parade. I am probably going to cancel because of the covid-19 virus. It is not that I think there will be great danger in the Ozarks, but I will be coming from the East coast and the rest of you may be a bit nervous about that. And then when I leave the Ozarks I was going to drive to Oregon and fly home. I am a bit nervous about those two segments. Hoping for a miracle here, but not really expecting it.


Things are looking real iffy: the southern US/Canada border is closed as of this morning (3/16), so I am having to re-think any plans to travel south. I will keep watching. Once upon a time I considered leaving a boat in MO and flying back-and-forth … maybe I should have?

I’m sure a lot will happen over the next 5 weeks or so, for better or worse, so stay tuned to this thread.

Brad, assuming the Spring Ozark Rendezvous does happen and you are unable to drive, but want to fly, it might be possible to arrange a boat for you to use. This would obviously depend on the state of commercial air travel at the time.

The real sticky wicket is that rest areas and campgrounds enroute are closing. We aren’t able to travel as we would have to get across PA and they closed everything.

Having been forced back early from my African trip, I’m planning on going to the Spring Rendezvous. Also baring any things to change, like floods, that kept me back the last 2 times. Vicky

I know we are still a month away but I think we all know that Spring Rendezvous could be cancelled due to Covid-19. As much as the next person I would like this to end sooner rather than later but if we look at other countries timing and length of the outbreak then the US is just getting started. Let’s all stay in touch, stay safe and healthy!

Checking in.

Not dead yet.

All paid time off has been cancelled at the hospital where I work through May 23. I guess we won’t be making it this year.
I truly hope the incredible amount of work preparing will not be needed, or if it is, that it is sufficient.

Can’t come. We are still home and our first priority is our children and grandchildren and spouses. Two are working front line in NYC and one is in NYC at the Covid command center. The other is running all Covid cardiac arrest responses at Yale New Haven. The teenage grandkids are living alone going to school distance learning. A close friend is checking in.
Sounds drastic but if all come through we are going to have one hell of a lobster bake here instead.

My personal thanks to your kids for their work, as well as to @tjalmy and all other members of our paddling community on those front lines or doing resupply work.

And so friends, is it time to start deciding whether to officially call off the spring 'vous? Any thoughts on possible substitutes? Where to from here?