Spring Ozark Rendezvous 2020 - North Fork of the White

Good question, Pat. I have been thinking along the same lines.

For individuals such as yourself who would be traveling some distance and possibly need to stay overnight at a campground or some other facility, would the lack of such prevent your attendance?

Some people, I am thinking Pam and Rob, have already requested time off, although who will be working in late April/early May could become a question.

For myself, as of now I will still plan to attend assuming there will be at least a sufficient number of people to allowing shuttling. But that could change. I am pretty certain at this point that Mary will not attend, and it is possible that she might need to go to Chicago land to help with her father’s care, in which case I would have to look after my dog and I don’t believe Buddy is up to it at this point, having had some type of neurologic event at the end of February.

But I would also be up to postponing the event or a change of venue if that would work out for others. If we do wind up having some type of gathering but the group is small, another consideration might be a mulitple day downriver trip if anyone is concerned about potential risks of using and sharing public facilities.

It might be helpful if those who thought they might attend but now think they very likely will not, and conversely those who would still like to attend post their plans in this thread. I don’t want to be the only one to show up, and I’m sure nobody else does.

I won’t be attending this spring. I hope the fall will be
a better opportunity.

I hope you all are doing well.

Is there even any assurance that Twin Bridges will be open at month’s end? At least right now it looks like each state is setting its own policy regarding whether “non-essential” businesses can stay open and what businesses are non-essential. So even calling them and asking wouldn’t give any kind of definitive answer - its the state governor’s call, isn’t it? I know there are locals that use the restaurant there, and there isn’t anything else for quite a distance, but does that make Twin Bridges essential to the community?

I usually drive it straight through, so stopping places along the way aren’t much of an issue for me assuming there are no problems along the way. (Other than maybe rest areas - are they being kept open? Is that state by state?)

But I do have concerns about shuttles - I don’t see how we could maintain “social distancing” even if we did it as a downriver camping trip. ( And we probably should - none of us are spring chickens and we don’t know how seriously affected our home areas will be at the end of this month - it could be much different than it is now. ) No matter what we’ll need to shuttle at least once. And if we did do a downriver camping trip, isn’t the Northfork mostly private property along the banks? Could we count on finding legal campsites for a group our size?


At this point, I don’t think we can absolutely count on any campground, public or private being open or any outfitter being open.

Pretty much anything we did would require at least one shuttle. We would have to assume that all who rode in the same car were non-infectious. Currently, the only individuals who could reasonably say with absolute certainty that they were not would be individuals who had had confirmed covid-19, recovered, and subsequently tested negative. At some point a serologic test will become available to detect those with circulating IgG antibodies who could be considered immune, but that certainly isn’t going to happen in the next few weeks.

I think that individuals who have no symptoms and have had no contact with known cases can be considered very unlikely to harbor the virus, but it is not a certainty. But there might be individuals harboring the virus who remain completely asymptomatic, and there is at least a 4 day incubation period so it is possible that some can be “presymptomatic”. If that risk is considered prohibitive, then we should just cancel the gathering now.

When I mentioned the possibility of a mulit-day downriver trip I assumed that it would require a change of venue to the Eleven Point or the Current.

For me personally the only responsible thing to do is cancel and pray that we can meet up in the Fall. Missouri is finally under a state stay at home order until April 24 but I truly believe that will be extended as they are saying the "peak’ in MO will not be until mid May. There is no way to social distance safely if you shuttle with someone else. At this point I don’t think people should be travelling outside of their home communities. Rob and I are both working and I know neither of us are comfortable leaving our jobs right now as this would be a strain on others that we work with and now is not the time to “vacation”. I am lucky and am working from home but Rob since he is in manufacturing has to go in, his company is considered essential because they make HVAC systems and parts (I know, who knew that was essential). We had a planned trip to do the Eleven Point this coming weekend over Easter but since it isn’t in our home community we will not be going, even though it is close enough that we don’t have to come in connect with anyone, it’s still not the responsible thing to do. And I know folks in the rural communities really are not looking for visitors in their towns right now as they don’t have the medical facilities like the cities do, and I respect their wishes. I pray that you all stay safe and healthy. Hopefully we’ll be able to gather in the fall.

:cry: Maybe fall then… Anyone been in touch with Pat2, YakJack, Boyscout, theBob, etc? I don’t use facebook and such so I wouldn’t know if folks here are in constant contact, or occasional, or what… but they maybe should be told lest they make a trip for nothing.

This trip was only posted here so I would assume anyone that was interested would look here for any updates. So I think we are good.

Everyone stay safe!

Sounds like everyone is still healthy but stuck at or near home for the duration - “non-essential” travel has been prohibited here in Alaska, our largest regional airline has shut down and filed for Chapter 11 protection, and, of course, the US/Canada border is closed. I won’t be traveling to Missouri this spring. I HOPE travel will be possible in September/October and Pulltite campground will be open - and I would like to see my kids sometime this year.

Me too. Seeing my kids is top priority. They are all in the NYC area working in some facet of EMS or cleaning services. They don’t live there but were sent there. I could never travel knowing that any of them are super exposed and could get sick simply from viral load anyway.