St. Paddy's Session

Talking about waves, not ale. (That comes later.) Swells in the 3’ plus are still rolling in from the nor’easter from this past weekend. With intervals of 10-11 seconds, should have been better. But the winds were not cooperating, coming onshore diagonal at 15-20 knots. Still something is better than nothing.

Erin go bragh



We are getting pummeled by rain here several times a week, which makes the run-off and water quality very bad when it’s not blowing. A few days ago we had one storm where we got 6 inches in 36 hours. A few days before it had been 3 inches with 40 mph winds. All that water and wind finally found a weak spot in my roof. Lately San Diego area often does not get 10 inches of rain in a year and we are getting that much almost every week where we live on a ridge. I’ve only made it out a few times in the past several weeks. Hoping to catch some waves Sunday before the next atmospheric river storm.

Lake Michigan is pretty frisky today


Delayed Paddy Days paddle till tomorrow.

Busy eating :laughing:

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Perfect color of kayak for the day!:four_leaf_clover:


I’m heading out early tomorrow morning (3/18/2023) for an overnight trip on the AuSable. It looks we get a winter trip inbetween spring weather.

You are the “forerunner.” What you get, we get 3-5 days later!


Ooh… sorry about roof tho! Reminds me of “Snowmegadom” of 2015. We had over 3’ of snow in little over 24 hours. My shed roof collapsed. I had ice dams on roof, where water from melted snow backed into the roof eaves and then onto our ceilings. PITA to repair the damage. But had several great surf sessions from that storm. Lemonade from a BIG lemon.

Frisky indeed. Looks like fun to me!


As my former colleague from South Boston Irish would say, add a six pack to those spuds and you have a perfect Irish meal. (I admit that we did a bit of drinking after work hours in my younger days in good Irish bar/restaurants … Doyles, Gallaghers, Costello’s…)

Irish for the day,

sing :mage: :rainbow: :beers:

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Local paddle getting to know the new boat. Shared the water with the local HS rowing team. There’s a lot less shouting in kayaking!
St Paddy Paddle

St Paddy Paddle

Then practiced my on-site cleanup procedures before heading home to drop a corned beef into the InstaPot

St Paddy Paddle


The reservoirs are probably still ice.

Bayshore HS?

Hempstead Harbor so either PW or Manhasset. Probably Port. they had 5 boats out.

I thought Bayshore had the only rowing team on Long Island. I heard that when I was watching a Dowling college video. Good there’s more. They must have looked fast.

Drive carefully. NWS issued a winter storm warning: ten inches of snow incoming tonight and tomorrow.


Here’s to paddlin’ and feelin’ good all the time!


I wouldn’t be suprised but we are well upstream of Mio Pond. Paddling Grayling to Parmalee. That rarely ices over & a group from our club did the same trip three weeks ago. The last weekend of February is our usual time for this paddle but I had a family obligation & couldn’t make that trip.

it looks like the heavier snow is up your way. Grayling may get an inch over night and 3 during the day. Downriver, Mio seems to be pretty much out of it.

The wind driving up does bother me though.

Looks like I caught the last of the surfable swells for the forseeable future…

An Irish blessing: May peace and plenty bless your world with a joy that long endures and may all life’s passing seasons bring the best to you and yours.




But spring is two days away.