Suffering in Florida

OK folks, this time of year is the time when it’s too damn hot in south florida to do just about anything.

And I know plenty of you are doing cool trips, etc. up north.

I can go out at 6 am but need to get off the water by 10 or so. This is like my winter season for paddling, in a way.

So please, someone, tell me about a cool canoe trip or river or peace of ocean or something.

I’m about to lose what’s left of my mind.


we just had frost two weeks ago

Cry me a river :wink: I’m still wearing my drysuit around here.

it’s just getting reasonable down there.

Agree as a fellow Floridian

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My camping gear is clean and packed away ready for our winter season. If I was to do a trip this summer and head north, it would be the Boundary Waters again. I have many more areas to explore up there. Also the north and south shore of Lake Superior offer great paddling and camping opportunities.

A couple of years ago I visited the west coast and paddled the San Juans and Olympic Peninsula area. But much more pricey than a midwest trip.

Gorgeous places too many to list and to little time to visit them all in one lifetime.

hot here
in the 90s but the ocean is nice and cool mid 70s or so… get a white kayak and start rolling… :wink:

forecast for 101 degrees this Saturday, but the waves will be 4-6’

I like to ride my bike and get a nice heat buzz going…

Unseasonably cool here
I am in western Pennsylvania. I plan on skipping out of work early today (the only good thing about being self-employed) to kayak on a local lake.

I asked my gf if she wanted to come along. She declined; too chilly, rain in the forecast.

Florida, huh? I know people in Gainesville. They tell me they cannot use their pool in the summer, as it is too hot.

I love Florida
but I seriously envy folks in the midwest, northeast and canada this time of year.

I’d love to spend summers there, winters here.

“Cry me a River?”

Yeah, we do that in Florida. We’re temperature snobs. If it’s not 73 degrees with less than 20 percent humidity and a slight breeze coming off the ocean, we’re bitching.


I’m just jealous because I am always cold. Maybe we can trade?

read a good book?
try “Canoe and Camera” and “Paddle and Portage” by Thomas S. Steele, available for free on, both amusing reads about paddling the lakes and rivers of Northern Maine

come up here
and paddle the lakes, Great and small, w. me & my friends in Michigan.

Come up to Grand Marais for symposium on the south shore of Lake Superior:

You will get spectacular paddling, incredible views and all the cool water and cool piney breezes your humid heart desires :smiley:

Then I go your way in winter and we paddle your favorite spots :smiley:

We have had a cool spring and very tentative approach to summer. But I’ll take that over humidity and high temps.

Wore my drysuit one day during each of the last two weekends on Lakes Erie and Huron, got in the water and enjoyed every bit of it. Water temps 59-60 for Erie on South Bass Island, 57-58 for Huron (up by Port Austin on the Thumb). Not complaining - it’s beautiful weather for paddling.

Yep, Up before dawn…
…finish outdoor activities by 10:30…

Nice nap and stay indoors till sunset…

Life is good.

how’s the temp/humidity there in summer?
doing the Au Sable 1st week in August

Heading out
at 1:00 pm today to get thumped around in some 4-5’ surf… yeppie!!

fresh and breezy
humid days are rare. find those more on the west/southwest Michigan area, even then the Lake

offers a cooling breeze.

In high summer day temps low to mid 70s, night temps

high 50s/low 60s… this is just rough range.

There are breeding grounds for skeeters and other insects, so bring your favorite repellant. In other places, near the big lakes, there is often enough breeze coming off the water than we don’t even

use repellants. Inland, in the forest, is different.

“Up North” in Michigan makes for a fine vacation!

Perfect weather in Southern Oregon.

feeling lucky in So Cal
While our deserts get on in the summer it’s pretty nice year around on the ocean with winter air temps in the 50s and summer temps in the low 70s. Now if I could only add in some rough water and maybe some tidal races it would be perfect. Just finished a nice week long crossing/circumnav of Catalina Island – perfect.

You forgot to mention something
about a Margarita or two under the tiki hut!



That’s how you start sunsets… :slight_smile:

or with a Pain Killer…

we aren’t even getting surf
The high pressure that is giving us above average temps here in Central FL has also turned the Atlantic into a lake. I might take my k1 over to the beach this weekend and do portage practice in the ocean. At least the water in the ocean is 78F versus 85F in the St. Johns and 90+ durning the afternoon on the lake that I live on.