Suggest a Playful Sea Kayak

Impex Hatteras?

Thanks (n/m)

very ‘turny’ boat - OP

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The baseline for playful sea kayaks IS the Pintail. A number of the boats mentioned in this thread are direct descendants (Romany, Meridian, Zephyr, Avocet). Most of the others were designed with knowledge of the Pintail (and/or its offspring).

So, maybe it would be worthwhile to demo a Pintail and go from there.... ;-)

Having owned both the Romany and the Xcite, think Celia said it best, the Xcite is a reach for it`s name. Just way to much volume for someone 5’10" 180lbs. But fit and finish was head and shoulders above the Romany.

"way to much volume"
Yup, at 6’ and 185 pounds I found the Xcite voluminous. It is much more volume than my Romany or Nordlow. The cockpit was much bigger than my Aquanaut.

It did paddle through clapitos with the aplomb of an Explorer. The hull felt a lot like an Explorer to me - just more responsive. It is not a lively hull like Valley boats and felt more sedate than my Romany.

I’m sure that in truly big conditions the boat shines, but in flat to moderate…

Thanks for posting that, Salty.
George doesn’t get enough credit.


Call Sterling.If they require a fitting,
come on out. Then call me and I’ll take ya out river or sea if the schedule works out. There are folks that drive around hauling sea kayaks for a living, if you pull the trigger. One guy on this board does that, I think. A good boat that fits and does what you want it to do is a hard thing to turn down. I have no connections with them, never even paddled one, but a logistical challenge can be turned into a right good adventure, too.


Mini vans

well im looking forward to get my pinny. havent tried og seen one, but i guess it might be a good teacher.

it could be a nice kayak for rolling too…these days im back in the t165 and i love it.i connect extremely well to it.

Awesome, now connect with Nature.
This or that boat stuff is trivial really. Find one that works for ya and go paddle it and visit cool places and make memories.

I’m looking at the Zephyr
liked it a lot at the demo in Charleston. I am 6 ft and 205. I would like to have a playful responsive plastic boat that I don’t worry about at all. I quit stressing about which name anymore…does it turn and edge in a way I am comfortable with? does it feel good while i paddle it? will I care if I scrape it up?

I think Salty said it best. go make memories…


zephyr is fun
its supernice…hehe

tx - someone gets it '-)
Readily agree about the Avocet - stable and reassuring, Not quite sure how that resolves into a playful boat. But to be fair I think folks in the mid to upper part of the weight range would have a different experience. There is just -0- about the Avocet that made my blood race.

I liked the Avocet LV very much but much prefer my North Shore Shoreline Fuego. Too bad North Shore never had any real distribution stateside… people might be very pleased to discover them.


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Check out Sean Morley in This is the Sea [Edit - TITS 2]. He is paddling an Avocet in the tiderace footage and doing things nobody else there was able to do. I don't know how anybody could see that footage and not think that the Avocet is a first rate boat for play.

contrast pintail with nordlow

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I had a chance to paddle a nordlow this spring and I loved it. Yes, even unloaded. It was 'lively' but also very responsive, and I could hold it on course with the skeg. I think I want one.
Does the pintail have the same characteristics in a shorter, 'turnier' boat?

this one looks playful

you may be in luck if you want one, slushpaddler. Watch and wait.

A few Nordkapp LVs will show up for sale after some paddlers realize that it is too much boat for them (and I ain’t speakin’ about volume Heh).

kayak porn film aside
Sean Morley is of a size, is mucho athletic, and certainly of a skill to make nearly any boat dance.

Thanks for posting that. There can never be enough Sean Morley on film for my eyes :smiley:

Avocet is a great capable seakayak. A really good all rounder. The plastic version is one of the best plastic seakayaks.

The Avocet LV is a different boat, much more lively. Even people bigger than me (who can fit in it) have noticed that.

Kudzu - we are after all answering his request for suggestions - said he demo’d the LV and liked it. So why - if he’s lookin’ for a playboat - would he go up to the bigger standard size?

I’ll leave it at that ')

oh come on!

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I mean, I'd bet sean morley could make a WS tarpon look playful!
Only in my experience, I wasn't particularly impressed with the playfulness of the poly avocet.

Or a Pamlico14
(do we really want to go there, though?)