Suggestions for back bands

I need some help. I have a Current Design Slipstream. I hate its back band so would like to replace it. I have tried finding one on the internet to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions for a back band that gives good support but doesn’t pinch (between the fiberglass bucket seat and the back band)?


Might try immersion research back band
go to their site and check it out. It is very different than the one you have, shows you a highly regarded altrnative.

This is such an individual thing, hard to know what exactly is causing problem and the remedy. I personally went nuts with my CD back band only to evolve in my position in the boat, how I paddle and with less slouching, installatin of hip and thigh pads, put the original back in and now love it!!! Go figure!

NSI anatomical backband, you’ll find it on the net.


WW Style Backband…
tend to be on the less deep side and doesn’t extend beyond the coaming. This means it isn’t in the way as much with rescues.

Immerision research and Bombergear backbands will work. I replaced with Bombergear on three boats. It works for me. But you have take care to rinse out the mental cam to ensure that rust doen’t build up if you are a saltwater paddler. I think IR uses a ratchet system. I tend to have problems operating these (releasing). THese also need rinsing. My tendency is to go simple with most gear.


Make your own.
I use a 4 inch sheet of plastic padded with ethafoam and covered with neoprene in my Nordkapp. Works great.

is great. That’s what I do these days but I have the extra nylon straps, minicell, pieces of plastic, tools, etc. that will make a DIY easier than for most.


SnapDragon WW band
I ditched the horrible backrest on my CD Squall and had the seller install a SnapDragon WW backband (it is low profile). I liked it so much that when I built my wood kayak, I installed the same model of backband in it. It is easy to adjust and comfortable.

Buckles are nylon/plastic/Delrin/whatever…not metal. No rust.

Price was about $40, I think.

Try NRS…
… NRS makes good products, and are reasonable in price. I have seen them list a Back band on-line, and in their catalog.

Check them out!

1. Ratchets. Makes snugging up the back band easy and relaxing it to get in and out is also easy.

2. Low profile. Makes laying on the back deck easier and still provides support where you need it.

3. Quality padding.

4. Easy to install.

IR backbands satisfy these criteria and I am pleased with mine in my Eddyline Falcon. Others will also work but I have no experience with them.

Didn’t really like my Immersion Research Flex Capacitor. Put it on my CD Sirocco and its not very comfortable.

IR Reggie 2.0
or the smaller WW style from NSI. Similar size.

Very happy with my Reggie. This model comes up a lot when this question is asked (regularly - check archives).

Nsi and IR will make up a saltwater
backband for you using stainless rivets. No extra charge just have you dealer ask and be patient

back bands i like
Bomber Gear or snap dragon.

IR in salt
Had mine almost 2 years - pretty much all salt water paddling - and they get wet every time (and not always rinsed after).

Nothing will rust except one pin in each buckle. These show only very minor surface rust so far. This happened early on and has not progressed. All SS would be nicer - but I suspect I’ll wear something else out before those pins give. Might order all SS on future items - but it’s not critical from what I’ve seen so far.

I’ve replaced the backband on both my older Necky and NKD Romany with Imersion Research racheting style backbands and have been more than satisfied.


IR Flex Capacitor
I like the IR Flex Capacitor that I put in my WW boat, and plan to put one in the sea kayak that I am building.

IR, Bomber Gear, Voyageur, etc.

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There are several good backbands on the market, but I would advise against ratchets in a sea kayak for several reasons:

- They simply aren't necessary. I can honestly say that once I've set up a backband and made the initial adjustments, I have never needed to adjust it on the water. Ratchets are superfluous.

- They don't fit well in many sea kayaks, since unlike whitewater boats, they're not designed for ratchet straps. Yeah, you can make them fit in many cases, but it's an unnecessary hassle.

- They tend to hold the backband exactly where you DON'T want it when re-entering the boat. With ratchet straps, you're more likely to end up sitting on the backband, which is a major hassle.

- The ratchets are often unreliable when used in salt water. They corrode and/or become salt encrusted and either no longer adjust or they slip constantly. Also, if you twist up the straps when doing re-entries, they will eventually break.

- They're heavy. Yeah, it's just a few extra ounces, but if you don't need it, why bother with it?

Webbing straps are a better bet in sea kayaks. IR back bands have ratchets and webbing straps, so you can skip the ratchets or remove them. You can also special order backbands without them.

advise against ratchets?

“- …Ratchets are superfluous.”

While I agree up to a point - as I rarely adjust mine - the ratchets were VERY useful getting things dialed in - and again when I moved my seat. I can adjust in precise increments - equal on both sides - with one hand - while seated in the kayak on the water. They also do not stretch when wet - or slip in their buckles. I wouldn’t call that superfluous.

“- They don’t fit well in many sea kayaks…”

As much outfitting as you do, and as well as you do it - I find it hard to believe you would have any trouble with this. There is nothing about the ratchet bands that makes them any harder to install. Many give you several options.

“- They tend to hold the backband exactly where you DON’T want it when re-entering the boat. With ratchet straps, you’re more likely to end up sitting on the backband, which is a major hassle.”

Again - an outfitting issue. My IR stays put EXTREMELY well. Ratchet straps to seat posts - web straps to seat bottom - and bungees to coaming. Adjustable fore/aft and up/down. It’s attached at 6 points - where’ it gonna go?

“- The ratchets are often unreliable when used in salt water. They corrode and/or become salt encrusted and either no longer adjust or they slip constantly. Also, if you twist up the straps when doing re-entries, they will eventually break”

Only one pin in the mechanism on mine can corrode - and couldn’t jam anything or cause slippage without total failure. Two years in salt and not even close to any significant corrosion. Strap twisting? Again, and installation/outfitting issue. It can only twist if you’ve left it free to do so. The ratchet straps on my IR are much more resistant to twisting than web straps.

“- They’re heavy. Yeah, it’s just a few extra ounces, but if you don’t need it, why bother with it?”

Why? Because the weight is mostly in the neo cover and strong plastic core - and these give the comfort and support that is really what makes these worth their price. The ratchet hardware is minimal and weights very little.

Not posted to be contentious - your opinion is your own. It simply doesn’t agree with my own experience/use of the IR band.

maybe not a problem with touring kayaks. I have one it a white water boat. Maybe more torque involved but I have the ratchets released. Really not great when you need tight control in conditions.


i built one out of foam off the back
bulkhead that is pretty great. ugly as sin, but it works.

I am not against the backband ratchet, but if you can custom fit the kayak for you, why not. email me if you want pics.