Surfski On World Class Beach Break - Video

Amazing waves and rides. I can feel my adrenaline pumping just watching.

Makes me want to pick an Epic 7 or 8 for the remote point or reef breaks. (No way I would try to do this on local beach breaks because of boardies.)



Wow. That’s either top skill or huge balls to get caught inside with 6-10ft swell like that. Good way to break your carbon boat or get drug a loooong way by your leash. Personally I am more careful with my 20lb ski, so I stick to the edge of the break, just outside the surfer lineup.

Personally, I would require a Bow-leash/waist leash setup so that when I come out, the boat immediately weather-vanes straight into the oncoming break. This gives you the best chance for a fast recovery and maybe paddling out of the way before the next swell. Looks like these guys have standard leashes? since their boat is parallel to the wave, I assume so, and thats the worst position to be in at 3:40 (or 3:47 when the guy tries to bail but gets carried over the falls. That is a serious beating)

I know from experience, your boat will carry a long way in whitewater break, dragging you the whole way by your leg. That sucks.

There is a break near me, not nearly as big as this one, but similar. When the swell and tide are just right its quite a blast!

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@sing - I don’t think you’d need to worry about stand up surfers if you used a surf ski. These guys didn’t need to be anywhere near the shoulder of the wave as they were. Those skis have so much speed they can catch waves way away from the steep part that boardies (or wave ski butt surfers, like you) need.

Looked like an interesting vessel at about the 2 minute point. Looked kind of like a long wave ski to me.

I think the bow of that green craft is too narrow and not upturned enough for a waveski. Maybe a 12’7" Wave Witch, although I doubt this CA built would be in Australia.

Here are a couple of “big gun” waveskis for the similarly big waves:

I am interested how the surfskis surf (I am definitely not on “speed” side of the surfski equation.) I found this place nearby and will get a lesson or two and some seat time, either this year (if still available) or next year.


Will have to keep an eye on the used market for one of these:


Not being one who has surfed a surf ski, but watched many (so could be wrong) - it seems if you’ve surfed some sort of low rocker sea kayak, it is that direction away from your wave skis but further. They can catch smaller/less steep bumps than we can do in sea kayaks. Straight down wave surfing, little carving is possible.

Great for downwinding. I’d rather your Sterling for surf breaks.

Special surf skis are designed for lifeguards to use to rescue board surfers and swimmers. They weigh more than other surf skis and have more rocker, so maybe one of those would do?

What I think I am seeing is some directional control, not drastic cutbacks, with the use of the under hull rudder. One or the other paddle blade is skimming across the surface, I suspect, for a bit of bracing rather than directional control. Here is a video of a Wave Witch (wider than a surfski) surfing. The rider is barely using his paddle but rather using his rudder to steer on the wave.

I do like the Sterling and how I can affect long loopy cutbacks with paddle rudders and leans. But, what draws me to the surfski surfing on those waves is the PURE SCREAMING speed that the surfskis are displaying once on the wave. In some of the rides, the surfskis are out running the wave crest with ease.

Anyway, interested in giving it a try.


Or both.

BTW, I LOVE the song choice for the surfski video. I am down with those lyrics!


Flying … He kept the shiny side up…
I was looking for a video where a ski imploded? (lost it’s dimensional integrity), left the guy sitting in a sharp edged bag of carbon fiber is the best way to describe it. I swear I
seen it, but been awhile. Could have been photos

YIKES!!! Would love to know if there were previous stress or damage that could have culiminated with that catastrophe.


For most Australians, and South Africans, that is a normal day in the water. They have grown up with it.

A couple of Australians and South Africans have spent time around the Tampa area and are disparaging of our waters. A four foot swell, storm front, swell is just chop to them.

It is all a matter of perspective and theirs is light years from most of North America.

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Well, along that observation, this would be about where my New England aspiration is with a novice surfski:


I think I found another similar video. It’s like, WOW!!! Pretty amazing that the outcome was not tragic for one or both of them!


Maybe got distracted by an unsolicited offer of help and overlooked tying it to the rack, the it slid off onto the highway.

May be the advantage of owning a plastic boat - no sharp edges if it breaks and a fraction of the cost in lost investment.

Just found this Oscar Chalupsky commentary on big wave surfski:


Recently, I’ve been intrigued/fascinated by surfski videos. This is one of those of a downwind/downwave run with a surfski, outrigger OC1 and (?) foil SUP.


BTW, surfskiers, any thoughts about this deal?