Swallow tailed Kites

Usually I use this time of year to use sighting of them to help me get get out and paddle.

This is the time when you can go out and sweat while sitting in the shade at 0800(8 AM) but even then the humidity is heavy enough that that sweat can’t cool you.

I haven’t seen any out there, but I got home and found out why.

Five or six of them have been circling my house and the sound of them has made me think that they might be nesting across the pond.

I still want to kayak, but am enticed by the sound of the swallow tails, who I only heard in North Florida. To have them nest near my house is enough of a treat that ( if I believed ) would be blessing.


When I started kayaking, swans would appear in the area starting around September. They made the most amazing wooshing sound as the flew overhead with the long graceful wing strokes.

I heard they were considered invasive and too destructive to the ecosystem, so the Swan Squad apparently disrupted the nest by shaking the eggs so the adult would continue to sit. My grand kids will never witness that graceful beauty and gentle sound!!!

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I love swans but they go after my dog :dog:

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Is your dog trying to lick them or eat them?

He sits under the table on the dock in Hallstatt while we eat and the swan thinks he will get the table scraps so they are direct competitors.:slight_smile:

Then when you least expect it the swan honks and hisses and stands on his hind legs and goes for the poor little pup with his big open beak.

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Is this the bird thread now?

This was in our yard in Washington and the other one was on Amelia Island where my in laws live now.

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I had to look that one up

Yes, it transitioned. Sitting in my brother’s yard yesterday, he pointed out three large owls. I believe its a pair with an offspring.

You could teach your dog to drop food to the swan, but then you might end up with a swan that expects handouts from cute dogs.

Swallow tailed Kites are a favorite of mine.


Do they dive bomb the water for fish?

What are those birds that sailors usually see when they get close to land, I forget?

Swallowtails are the most beautiful and graceful birds , imo. I sometimes see them at the coast.

Pelicans perhaps?

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is about an Albatross. I don’t know how they catch their food though.

Pelicans are dive bombers.

I have never seen a Swallow tailed Kite need the shore, I always see them inshore. They are bug eaters, but get water by skimming it


They primarily eat insects and small critters like frogs and lizards. They don’t eat fish that I am aware of. You are probably thinking of Terns with many species having forked tails, and they do dive for fish. They do look similar to the Swallow-tailed Kite.

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Frigate birds are large dark sea birds, also with forked tails. They feed mostly offshore.


That’s the one I was thinking they remind me of!

Agree its possibly Albatross, but more commonly I think it’s your household variety of Sea Gull.

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They are beautiful birds, and incredible flyers.

My grandfather was the oldest person to get his commercial rating pilots license and he had those Jonathan Livingston Seagull books at his house.

I was thinking the other day I should read it.

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I read it when it was published. I was in college at the time. As I recall it was about a philosophy of independence.

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