taking along baby

we have a sixth month old baby and 2 140 pungos with mini and full skirts. we have good protective clothing for our daughter sasha including a wet suit. Any paddlers out there have any tips for kayaking with a baby. We fugure we could use a kelty kangaroo baby carrier for when she’s awake and put her down below with the mini skirt when she’s asleep. We really want to go out in calm ocean waters. What do you think? bays also?. Anybody have any experience with baby in a touring kayak?

Troll (I hope) No message.

I looked at your profile, and I hope

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Peter K is right...

Your profile says your favorite paddling spot is Big Sur. You refer to your two pungo 140's as touring boats... I hope you are not taking your pungos paddling in Big Sur. Unless you are in very protected coastal waters, your boats are unsafe in the ocean. Please don't put your baby in the boat as well. If you live in Monterey County, I would urge you to take some classes at Monterey Bay Kayaks. They are great, and will will give you some idea of how to apporach kayaking with your child, when the time is right.

Good advice Pam!
Around here we start them at about the age of 9-we have currents and not that surf stuff that you guys have!

I 'm sure this is
a troll. Baby below deck? What happens if ya swamp? Wetsuit for a 6 month old? Come on ,get real.

Our daughter is now two,
and we took her out at 6 months. Only we paddle canoes. Setup a nice blanket for her, and she did fine. At 1-1/2 she nestled in between my wifes legs in a Loon from our livery. Had space issues, and it created a high center of gravity so she ended up coming back in my boat.

The pfd seemed to be the biggest problem. Necessary evil. Make sure you have one with a teather and o’*&%# straps on it. Very uncomfy for em, and you are continuously holding them up.

I am not a bigtime safety buff here, but if I had advice to offer (sorry, have to do it), make sure your acquainted with some self rescue / first aid techniques as well. You never know.

Good luck


Never put a child
in a stroller/car seat ect. on the water.

Have you practiced
capsizing, getting the baby out of the kayak, flipping your kayak upright, emptying the water, and re-entering while holding onto baby, boat, and paddle and keeping your baby’s head above water? In 50 degree water, wind, etc.? If not, I wouldn’t recommend it. If yes, I still wouldn’t recommend it.

I’m not so sure
Remember the guy last year who wanted to take his two-year-old to the Apostle Islands? He seemed serious.

Wetsuit for a baby? Gives a double meaning to the term, doesn’t it?

The BEST advice for you is…
GET A BABBY SITTER!!! Jumpin’ Christ on a pogo-stick!! What in the world are you thinking??? Putting a baby below deck…

Paddle easy,


Thats what

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dry hatches are for! I wanna take my 1 yr. old skydiving, already got him a parachute, but need advice. How do I get him to pull the rip cord?

Just get a “baby-back pack” and…
carry it on the front with your chute on the back. THAT, my friend, is a “yuppie” thing…


Paddle easy,


Well there’s a first.
I agree completely with Coffee!

This same screen name
responded to another recent question re: trying to find out if it’s possible to install a second bulkhead in a pungo, so I think she is a real person, seeking our advice.

Southwind Kayak Center
I noticed that you mentioned this Southern California outfitter in another thread. They have an excellent reputation as well, and can get you started with some classes while your child matures.

I don’t normally look at profiles, but…
…I had to on this one.

Since you are a beginner my “very serious” advice

to you is take the wee one to a local pier and toss it off the end into deep water. If the wee one doesn’t come up you know it is to early to take it out in a yak.

If it does come up and swims back to shore, take it home and leave at home and consider yourself lucky

Life is precious, don’t gamble with your little ones.



Help me
I agree with Coffee as well!



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Our babys name is DIXIE.we took her to GA.powers water release at Talluah gorge last weekend she loved it & did just great.Even at the swim we had to make at oceana.oh! yeah she is a sixmonth old also.could not find a wetsuit to fit her.so we let her go in her birthday suit.any way i would suggest some classes on parenting & boating.IT was atight fit in my perception MADNESS! forgot to say dixies my BABY LAB PUP>LOL

Lady - give the kid a chance…don’t even consider doing that…I was raised on the water and my kids were raised on the water - but that is HIGH RISK at best…please don’t do that!!!

Don’t know …

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Don't know if you're for real or not, but if you are for real, and are seriously considering what you say you are, my advice to you is....... "Forget about it"!!!!!!
When my daughter was 6 months old; I was introducing her to a wading pool, with me keeping full time, eyes on. Seemed fairly appropriate for a 6 month old child.


P.S. I alreay know what the water is like in your area; I lived there for over 2 years. Put a 6 month old, in a baby carrier, under a spray skirt, in a Pungo, on the ocean; you gotta be kiddin' !!!!!