Taking along musical instruments

I’m new to canoeing and wonder if anyone takes along a guitar or other musical instruments when you canoe camp.

Do you use a dry bag?



I play an old Martin …

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....... acustic but have never taken it to camp in a canoe ......... but I don't see why you couldn't do it especially if there will be others there to jamb with , that would be fun around the camp fire ......... if you do take an instrument along , probably best to protect from rain or water damage while exposed ........ using a large plastic bag over the case though might cause excessive moisture to build up inside the bag (not good) , especially if in the Sun , so that's something think about also ......... no one I camp with plays guitar or other , but if they did I would consider bringing mine !!

I used to play trumpet
but it seemed a bit foolish to bring it along on a canoe trip. So I switched to harmonicas and recorders, which are small and easy to pack.


Here is a solution

Only $2500


We were camping a spot when another group pulled up and asked if they could share our camp. A few hours later one of the guys pulls out a 7ft Australian didgeridoo out of the bottom of the canoe! It was pretty neat sitting around the campfire listening to that.

I don’t
I go for the natural sounds and any instrument is intrusive. Especially for those across the water.

Natural enough for you?

Martin backpacker
in a garbage bag in a drybag. Love it. I got the nylon, wish I’d gotten the steel strings. Gotta admit, it’s a funky little guy that takes some getting used to, but it’s pretty nice to have around at the end of the day.

Last year at Pymatuning Lake
in the early afternoon, a guy camped across the road pulled out a set of bagpipes and started wailing.

Nightswimmer, attempting to nap after a late night of alcohol poisoning and an early morning paddle was not amused. Good thing that firearms are not allowed in campgrounds.


I own a Martin Backpacker too. I don’t always take it along though. Yes, it is a funky little guitar. It will not sound as pretty as a full-size acoustic, but it is quite portable.

A regular acoustic guitar can be played comfortably just about anywhere without a strap. The Backpacker, however, pretty much requires that you remember to bring along a strap. Its odd shape just doesn’t lend itself to sitting comfortably upon your lap without one.

Harmonicas rock!


I have a concert sized Lanakai Uke that I take along. Very easy to fit in a dry bag inside a hatch. I have a very cheap 3/4 size classical guitar I’ve taken on boat trips. Most of my guitars are worth too much to risk getting wet. I’d suggest you buy a beater in case it does end up swimming.

That Mr.Tygart in the link was …

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....... Slim Pickens , he always had a great part in the western movies !! ....... he did a great job of his final scene in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid / Knockin on Heavens Door (Dylan)..

I usually have one or Native American flutes with me. Haven’t had a complaint yet. I hope my friends would tell me if it bothers them…

campfire guitars
No way would I take a nice guitar like a Martin along camping. My camping guitar is a $40 plywood 3/4 size body. Out at the campfire, it sounds great. Anywhere else it sounds like junk.

Gosh Jim
What’s the El Kabong rating on a carbon fiber guitar?

I agree
if it can be heard beyond YOUR campsite, leave it at home.

I bring along my cello
on kayak trips.

I sort of treat her …
… like the beautiful ol gal she is , bought her new in 71 and used to be a lot harder on her but she’s worn it all so well and plays her heart out for me still …

What if your camp …
… is in a Bluegrass festival gathering from all over the country where everyone with an instrument gathers in small groups of 10-15 and plays way into the night ?? … but I understand what you are saying trilliumlake , about being polite and considerate not making unreasonable noise in a public camp site , at least at night when many prefer it all settled down and fading out into bliss …

that’s not true!
I always see you schlepping that Grand Piano and I tell you what, you ain’t bad painist either :slight_smile: