Taking your kayak to work

Is it considered bad form to take your kayak to work? Sometimes I’ll just leave it up on my car for months on end out of laziness/for the convenience. But I’ve begun having second thoughts. Not that anyone has said anything, they haven’t. But is it unprofessional?

The car and boat in the picture are not mine, but they’re about the same size, to give you an idea of what we’re talking about. Many thanks in advance.


it is only lame
If you don’t use it. It’s like when you see snow board racks on cars in Tennessee in July. So if you are paddling 3 times a week I say go for it. If not stop being lazy.

Ryan L.

I leave mine…
on my car at work all of the time. I go paddling several times a week and I hate to loose out on time going home, and loading the yak.

If people don’t like it…tuff! My car, my boat, none of their business!

Why would anyone complain?
It’s your car, your boat, your choice. Unless you have to drive clients around, why would it matter?

depends on your line of work

Quite alright
My kayak has gone to work many, many times at

various large companies I’ve contracted employment with.

Why not?
I used to do it all the time.

There is life beyond work after all and it’s none of their buisness what you do when it’s time to punch out.


If you are leaving it in a garage or
cramped and crowdwed lot, I can see where parking in a spot that obstructs pedestian traffic might annoy people, especially if it causes them the need to veer into vehicular lanes.

I’d say it’s cool as long as your spot doesn’t cause visibility or safety issues. You do not want your boss whacking his noggin on your kayak while playing with his phone on his way in Monday morning!

Why not ?
If you leave the cockpit cover off, it makes a good trash receptacle.

that’s one area where canoes are better

People bring their bass boats, ATV, and
golf clubs so why not?

I kayaked to work once…

Locked it to a gate in back of the building.

yak at work
ya why not saves time,usually have all my stuff loaded for the weekend so i can start my 48 hrs. o fun

I do it.
VW Diesel and I don’t notice the gas difference.

Mine is in the pool twice a week and the only concern I have is ice build up inside the boats.

I have never been called a poser.

I don’t drive the car through the car wash.

The down side it it may indicate you have a GPS, Marine Radio and other goodies inside the car that can be sold.

I wouldn’t take any garbage from people without a life.

Watch out it doesn’t get stolen

do it
I have left my Canoe on my car with no complaints. At an open house (meet and greet clients) I put a Company logo on my canoe since I hoped to conn a sponsor-ship out of my boss.

As every one knows every car loos better with a canoe on it! A kayak is possibly just as good.

It is very unfair to the yak
it should be in the water where it belongs.

All the other yaks will shun it as a low working class boat!

Jack L

I don’t see a problem with it, esp for
your line of work. (As long as you know your parking lot is secure.)

If you have open-air parking available, it would be cool but most parking garages have height clearance limits to keep in mind. When I park in the open lot, I can see my kayak from an upper level conference room. It always seems to be eagerly waiting for me.

Kayak is behind the sofa or on the car
The problem with being on the car all summer is the sun. I’m going to be sure to use the protection from the sun stuff on my new kayak.

Sabos in Columbus said the it is best if the kayak has to be stored on the car, that it rest sideways on J style racks, and to always use the Protection (305?) to protect it from the sun.

I park in handicapped parking at work with the kayak on my car during the summers. I also now use a rolling walker to get to and from my car and for getting around the long hallways at work,

The guards and others at work tease me about being ready for a flood. Perhaps parking in my condo complex at night, I should start locking it to my car, especially since I have the new kayak.

It is easy to say don’t worry about what others think of you, they are going to think whatever way they are programmed by their life experience to think.

However I do worry about what people are thinking. Some of the time I think they are thinking, “whos’s that fat old lady with the sciatica and limp driving about with that kayak on her VW”? BTW it doesn’t seem to hurt the MPG of the VW either.

Enjoy your summer.