Talic Seahorse for my Tupper?

I’m thinking of getting one of these:


I’ve read the reviews, but they all refer to kayaks, and I’d like input from anyone who may have used this for a canoe. It seems like it would be just perfect decor for my dining/living room, where my Tupper spends a little time, and would be useful for getting the canoe off the ground when camping.

Seems like a lot of money for something so simple, but I am not handy and do not have a workshop, etc, so building something really isn’t an option.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

A couple of cheap folding camp
stools will do the trick.

Ditto the camp stools
go to Cabellas.com and search folding camp stool…can get one for $10-$12.

I was just going to say the same
and if the seat portion is not spaced right, just cut it, and sew on some wider or narrower canvas.

You’ll probably end up with a couple for less then $10



I love the Talic Seahorses
and use them to clean/work on our kayaks - they are overpriced in my opinion but work well and tuck away small when not needed. If you buy them, get the 31" tallest ones to save your back.

Or if handy, check out the slings in the PNet classifieds, a neat idea which you can adapt for your canoe, using PVC pipe to make stands - way cheap if purchased from Home Depot etc. We made target stands out of PVC pipe and they work great and are sturdy.

PVC and nylon webbing
works just fine for cheap. I couldn’t see spending the rack company prices for either stands or storage racks, so I made my own and I am certainly no carpenter. If you’re wanting it to look nice in your dining room, use wooden dowels stained to suit. Con someone into drilling the holes for you if you don’t have rudimentary tools.

Agree with the posters
regarding the cheap camp stools, but I have a set of (tall) SeaHorses and they do work well.

Bought them for my QCC-500, and also use them for my Bell Magic. The SeaHorses have supported the Magic while I have been working on numerous seat modifications, so they should work well for the Tupper.

The price still rubs me the wrong way, but I priced out aluminum tubing and considered making my own before I realized that the MSRP simply reflects the cost of doing business.


Thanks, everyone
I just ordered the Seahorses for my Tupper. I talked to the folks at Talic, too, and they said they would work.

Sure will be nice to have my sofa cushions on the sofa when the Tupper is inside.

Go top shelf, sissy

Well, ain’t that purdy!
But it would not stow away as expeditiously as the Seahorses will.

That display stand is from
Wood Song Canoes, a builder of amazingly beautiful boats and paddles.

And if you think the Talics are costly…


Oh yeah,
I’m trying to scrape up a $25,000 deposit for one of their canoes, haha!

Have to admit, looking at that made it easier to splurge on the Talics. Thanks, Jim!

Adorable Vermont Tupper
now resting sassily on Talic Seahorses in my dining room. Very sturdy, and looks so much better than having her slouching on sofa cushions.

The real test:
Is it cat-stable?


I think so,
but I got the 21" height so it wouldn’t have so far to fall.

I have bulldozer cats.
I subsidize their food costs by renting them to Consumer’s Reports to test the stability of things like end tables, low stools, trashcans, and concrete birdbaths. I swear, they can knock ANYTHING over.



Jim, that is funny
Boy cats or girl cats?

I have one of each, and the girl kitty is very dainty and never breaks anything. My big old klutzy Percy knocks over lamps, pushes books off tables, and so on and on.

The Tupper is resting on its gunwales. I think it could be a problem if I left it open side up, because they would surely jump in.

Both female.
The senior one (going on 10 now) is a basic shorthair mongrel, the junior (going on 9) is apparently mostly Maine Coon.

The older one is heavier, and not acrobatic, but she sure packs a lot of kinetic whallop when sh wants to. The MC is actually fairly light underneath all of that fur, but she can jump up on to most any surface she sets her mind to.

Aw cpme on Sissy - turn that Tupper uprigh, throw in a couple of old towels and let them nest!


I have a half MC male.
Biggest and best cat I have ever owned.Full set of claws but never uses them on anything but me when he is losing one of our wrestling matches.

Loves people, doesn’t yowl,never enters the kitchen and lets the dawgs stomp him with no retribution.