So, I’ve decided to get a tattoo! Problem is, I can’t find any pic’s to use as a sample. I am thinking a kayak paddle on my ankle…clean & simple. Any suggestions?

Greenland, Euro, or Wing?
Best not change your allegiance. Them tattoos don’t wash off.

Tattoo ink
Supposedly (according to NPR) there is an ink that will disapear when flashed with a laser.

Good luck!

…can always cut the leg/arm off… :wink:

How about crossed kayak paddles?
One GP and one Euro.

I remember when I was a kid and we…
went to the circus and saw the freaks in the side show.

There was the tatttooed lady

Need I say more !!!

Jack L

I Never Got a Tatto
In case my body ended up some place where it was not supposed to be…

Better yet
get a canoe paddle. And skip the tattoo…

If you want a tattoo, I like the old sailors tattoos. I hear they would get a chicken tattood on one foot, and a pig due to some superstition.

Myself, I prefer scars over tattoos. The ones you earn through hard work and an adventurous life are a constant reminder of the sacrifices you made to get where you are now. The ones someone gave you with a broken beer bottle remind you not to be a dumbass in the wrong places. Tattoos someone gave you just remind you either of the money you spent to get it, or the time you spent in prison.

I read some stuff by Bob Roll that said the same thing. Basically ‘real bikers get enough red badges of courage naturally. No need to buy any.’

Tattoos are art…
…just like any other form of art. Get whatever makes you happy. I think a paddle of some kind would be cool, find a good artist to draw one for you. I can reccomend someone if you contact me.

I have my share of tatts
and for the second one i planned was to draw it myself. I did that and it was as a canoe paddle with flames coming off of it. I took it to the artist and he thought it looked like a liquor bottle on fire. So, lesson learned, take your time and get a second opinion.

For that tattoo i ened up getting a picture of a red canoe with crossed paddles and some moving water under the boat. I have never really been happy with it 30 years later.

I think tatoos are great
Oddly, I’ve never gotten one. Indecision on what to get.

I think this image could be kind of cool as a tattoo. Lot’s of history to discuss surrounding the Aleutian design. And easy enough to make your own history with one, and have a great time doing it.

You’ll get tatooed better on the
Paddlers Place Discussion Board.

Straight lines are kinda boring

Got a great tatoo when I was in
California last summer. But then, most people would call it “open heart surgery”!

Real expensive too. 'Bout $250,000!

Kind of like the prostitute that got …
operated on for appendix.

By mistake they sewed up the wrong hole, and now she is making money on the side!

Jack L

For the offer. It seems from the replies, tattoos are not too popular on this board :wink:

I would be happy to receive your suggestion. I am in Ontario, Canada- but with the web & all, that shouldn’t be a problem.


Would look like a cotton swab
Are you prepared for a lifetime of people asking why you have a q-tip tatted on your ankle? Go big or go home.

I’ve thought the paddler pendant from the P-net store would make a cool tat.

Tattoo’s on ladies is a generational thing. My wife has a couple including our grandson’s name tattoed on her ankle. My daughter and DIL have them too.

Jack, that was bad.