Tell Me About Pungos

Kathy saw a Pungo 12 at Santa Cruz and she really likes the phase 3 seating. It is really comfortable?

She doesn’t ever do whitewater or ocean trips, so why not?

I heard lots of good things about them here. I never really thought about them much myself.

My first reaction was that a Pungo 14 would be lots faster, but this will be a third boat that needs to go in the pickup truck bed, so maybe the 12 would be better.

I know Pam has one and it has room for a puppy. Can you take a small child in it? Sierra lakes are small, but often very cold…

you can take a small child with you. I’ve owned a p140 and my duaghter who was about 60 lbs sat in front of me - not to mention a couple days worth of camping gear and fishing gear. The 140 is a good deal faster than the 120. I think there is a $50 difference in the msrp - well worth it in my opinion.

I put mine in the back of my pickup.

All Both of Them
I have the Pungo 120, my wife has the 100. We couldn’t be happier with them, very user friendly, can carry a lot of gear if you like to camp, and will also carry both of my 3 year old grandsons at the same time.

loved it…
Pungo classic 12 was my first boat. loved it. stable and easy to paddle. the phase 3 was fantastic, easy on your back.

paddled 1
for a while ,but no extended test paddle. They seem to have lots of space and track well. I know Longshadow seems to relly like his.

we like the classic
We have 2 of the classics (120 size). Our first yaks, but we have been very pleased. Stable on lakes, rivers and some protected coastal paddling. Haven’t tried with kids (ours are in college), but the dog fit in fine.

I can’t talk to comparative speed, but know that we can easily maintain a 3.8-4mph rate for a goodly time. I have been on some club paddles and held my own with others.

The phase 3 seats were the deal clincher—very very comfy, and easy to lay back for a little snooze.

I have one.
I have a pungo 140. I’ve had it for a year. I love it. It is fast and stable. I use it for fishing and exploring. The seat is very comfortable.

Don’t know about the 120 but…
I got to paddle a 140 extensively last summer. Boat is miles faster than my America. I was able to keep pace with a group from ADK with ease. Boat tracks really well (maby a little too well if you intend on doing twisty creeks and streams) I liked the seat. ('course the seats in the older americas were plastic…and nothing but so anything might be better). I wasn’t as crazy about the maneuvering ability (compard to the america) but for a recreational boat the 140 is a find! If the 120 is anywhere near it you’ll be happy.

Get the Pungo and GET a DOG!!

another happy 140 owner
Ditto all of the above, plus-I can push it to 6 mph in a sprint, but I got smoked by Yak-a-Lou in a Walden Scout zig-zagging the marsh mazes of South Louisiana. It really wants to go staight. The flexibility of the phase III is great, but the botton seat could use some extra padding if you’re going to be in the seat for anything over 3 hours or so (timing on your behind may vary). It’s fun to be able to cover some distance so effortlessly and still be able to haul stuff and pull your knees up or hang your legs off the side if you want. If you ever turn over however, think “small canoe recovery”.

Does the p140 have 2 bulkheads? Are the two storage areas dry?

phase 3 is good
Phase 3 is as good as they say, the lazy boy of the yakking world.

If you think you might need the space I would say go for the 140. The weight is not much more than the 120/100.

I have hauled the 140 in the back of a regular 8ft pickup bed with he tailgate down no problem. I have a short bed pickup and have used a bed extender to carry these boats no problem. I usually use a yakima rack system though.

One rear bulkhead. Mine is dry, but it’s never really been tested outside of some rain and paddle drips. There’s a small football size ball of foam for floatation in the front, which I supplement with an air bag.

two 120’s
my wife and I both have 2003 pungo 120’s. We couldn’t be happier with them. The new phase 3 seat is great, real comfy. very stable fairly fast. we mostly paddle lakes,slooow rivers, bay

marsh’s . I just wish it had two bulk heads. If you get 1 or 2 make sure you get float bags for the bow. The cockpit is very big and can take alot of water. Good luck.


Why don’t I bring mine to Del Valle
and let Kathy paddle it? I just put hull raisers on my car, so I think I can carry two boats. Or if she prefers, maybe sometime when the two of you come to Santa Cruz, we can try Loch Lomond as a group, and maybe have a picnic at the little island, and she can paddle the pungo there. She could test paddle a 140 at Kayak Connection.

The 140 will be faster, but the 120 will probably be fast enough for most of the things you do together, and would probably be compatible with the Mars for day tours. I would think it would be a really nice boat for fishing.

I tried hard not to like the darn thing when I bought it, because at the time, I wanted my next boat to be a touring yak. However, it has turned out to be a more enjoyable paddle for me than the scupper, and honestly, I am sure it is easier to paddle faster, when that is called for. The seat is comfy and there’s plenty of storage. I can stand in mine.

How small of a child? I would think they would fit easy enough, but paddling may present some difficulties. I prefer for Angus to be sitting down when actually moving (not for stability reasons, but just so I can move my paddles!

Just let me know if she wants to try mine, and will figure something out:)

BTW, if you two add a pungo to your fleet, I expect to see you add a dog to your family for dog paddling in all those lakes the two of you like!

Pungo vs. Pamlico?
I’m not into yakking, but my son and his sweetheart are interested in getting into sea kayaking eventually. Both very fit, slender, 40ish. Looking at the WS website, they don’t picture the Pamlico series. What’s the diff between those and the Pungos?


And another ? re Phase 3…
…One of the main reasons I canoe is that I can no longer sit for long periods in one position. Does Phase 3 mitigate the problem somewhat? Could a person

change postures easily on the water?


I think the pungos and pamlicos
are more like a canoe in many ways, that they are a kayak, except for where they sit in the water. The pamlincos are supposed to be a little better in really shallow water, and the pungos track better due to the built in keel in the hull design. I have had my pungo in several inches of water without a problem. I weigh around 135 and my dog weighs a little over 25 pounds. I have carried probably as much as 20-30 pounds of gear as well, without having any trouble getting through shallow water.

BTW 'Cuda, it’s way easier to portage a small sink or rec boat short distances than it is an SOT. I have loaned my pungo to people taking camping trips with dogs. You and Kathy could take it to the Sierras and see if it works for you.


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It would be really great to let Kathy try one before we buy, if you can bring an extra to Del Valle!

I learned a hard lesson buying the Venus without a test.

Kathy's granddaughter is maybe 50-60 pounds right now. We are going to give the Venus to Kathy's daughter who is only about 100#, and maybe Kathy's granddaughter will use it when she is a little older.

Kathy's daughter is getting married soon, and I may get my new step son a kayak for a wedding present so they have a pair. He is always ready for a kayak fishing trip, so I could have a another kayak fishing buddy in the family. I think he would prefer a SOT, as he also like trips on the ocean at Capitola with me.

Ours leaks
Bought a 140 last spring. The rear bulkhead leaks. But otherwise my wife is very happy with it.

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